Online Cycling Classes

Online Cycling Classes – The modern spin class has gone through many different iterations. What started in the dimly lit back room of your local gym has turned into a luxury boutique experience, thanks to studios like SoulCycle and Flywheel. And now, you can reap the same benefits that required trekking to the studio from the comfort of your living room through at-home spin class apps.

Over the past few years, digital offerings have exploded in the fitness world, and Spin Studios has kept up with the times by launching their own apps and online experiences. Now that WFH and social distancing have become the new norm for many, dozens of trainers have taken their offerings – for free – to Instagram, Facebook Live and even dedicated apps. So grab your indoor bike and your phone or tablet and get ready to tap back with spin class apps that feel like the real deal.

Online Cycling Classes

When Peloton launched its home spin bike in 2014, it became easier than ever to get a pro-grade cycling class in your living room. But thanks to its app (which launched in 2018), users can now access workouts without dropping $2,295 on a bike. The app can be accessed from any phone or tablet and comes complete with live and on-demand spin, running and strength-training workouts. One big advantage of Peloton? Its dedicated community, which will keep you motivated in every ride.

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Equinox released its first-ever digital app Equinox+ (formerly known as “Variis”) in March, 2020, giving people the option to bring SoulCycle into their own living room for the first time. The app includes 30- and 45-minute spin classes from SoulCycle trainers around the country, as well as workouts from Precision Run, strength training sessions led by Equinox trainers, as well as yoga, meditation and recovery classes. The app is available to Equinox members for $40/month.

When Akin Ackman was forced to close his AARMY studio due to Covid-19, he immediately brought his popular spin classes online via Instagram Live. His workouts are known for their high-intensity and expert-level choreography and are not for the faint of heart. Now, you can access an array of workouts from various fitness trainers and coaches through the AARMY app. From bootcamp style sessions designed to push your body to its peak, to athlete-level bicycle rides, there’s something for everyone. Above all, fans love the supportive atmosphere and inspirational messaging that the app prides itself on.

When its studios closed for quarantine, CycleBar brought its offerings online through the CycleBar Go app. You can engage in full-screen video directly from your phone or tablet for an immersive, immersive experience. You get access to hundreds of workouts based on your personal fitness goals. For example, you can take a spin to boost performance or go on a ride that targets your upper and lower body.

CardioCast (formerly known as “CycleCast”) first hit the scene in 2015 and has been a go-to for spin-enthusiasts ever since. It offers 25-, 30- and 45-minute cycling workouts led by world-class coaches. The app has since expanded and offers sessions for running, biking, rowing and more. The app syncs with your Apple Health or Google Fit data, so you can keep track of your rides and performance over time. Plus, it’s packed with pre-installed music to get you grooving and sweating.

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If you want your indoor spin session to feel like an outdoor ride (or at least, a gamified version of an outdoor ride), Zwift has you covered. There are over 1,000 different immersive rides that take you through the streets of places like New York City, the Swiss Alps and Mayan ruins, and you can follow training plans designed by instructors or just take a casual spin on your own. . There are also over 200 live events every day, so you can race against them

When it comes to different spin workouts, the Studio Sweat on Demand app is a veritable buffet for those looking to break a sweat. It gives you the option to use any bike, stream to your television or smart device and download spin sessions a la carte. You can also work out your full body with HIIT and yoga sessions. However, if you want unlimited access to the best workouts classes and exercises, a monthly membership will only cost you $20.

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The best online cycling classes to kick your workout into high gear peloton is our pick for the best online cycling classes.

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Briana Bain, DPT, PT, is a physical therapist based in Virginia Beach. She works as a physical therapist at Adler Therapy Group and a BodyPump instructor at OneLife Fitness.

We independently research, test, review and recommend the best products. Healthcare professionals review articles for medical accuracy. Learn more about our process. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission. / Design by Amelia Manley With up-tempo music, sleek interiors and top-of-the-line spin bikes, cycling classes have encouraged millions to pedal through heart-pumping and challenging routines. But with more bikes available at competitive prices, as well as reliable trainers to stabilize your equipment, building your own spin studio in the comfort of home is becoming a popular option. With streams of on-demand and live-stream classes available at the touch of a button, you’ll never miss a workout. Here, we’ve compiled the best online cycling classes for all budgets, styles and goals. 6 Best Online Cycling Classes of 2022 Best: Best for Community: Cyclebar Best Type: Studio Sweat OnDemand Best for All Levels: LES Mills Best Experience on Demand: SoulCycle on Equinox+ for Solo Riders Best: Cardiocast Best: Peloton Pele Sign Now Why We Picked It: We Peloton was chosen as the best cycling class for its overall value. Customers experience affordable luxury with its first class classes. Both live streams and on-demand videos are shot with the latest technology for a polished, in-studio experience. Pros: Live classes and a wide selection of on-demand workouts suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists Affordable monthly payment options for Peloton Bikes: All-access membership costs extra for Peloton Bikes There is a separate price for add-on equipment High-tech, a pioneer in the home workout market Cycling and Bike pelotons have risen in popularity among fitness enthusiasts. The brand’s immersive workouts are designed to empower consumers through each session while building a community of like-minded fans. Although you can cycle through Peloton workouts with your favorite indoor bike, the full Peloton experience requires a specific brand of bike, with an estimated delivery time of four to eight weeks. A basic bike without extra equipment costs about $1,495 with a down payment of about $38 per month and a 30-day at-home trial and 12-month limited warranty. It costs more for add-ons like cycling shoes, weights and heart monitor straps. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase a one-month Peloton All-Access subscription for about $39 per month to stream class content. But with 24-hour access to live classes—with a DJ to inspire everyone—many feel the price tag is worth it. Whether it’s a 20-minute ’80s rock ride or a 45-minute HIIT and hills class, there’s a workout for every day of the week. If live classes aren’t your jam, Peloton offers access to more than 4,000 on-demand rides for every level, length and fitness goal. There are “intimidation-free” rides for beginners to get into cycling, as well as pro-cyclist classes for experts. Beyond this, Peloton offers a dynamic range of classes led by top instructors, including strength, yoga, running, stretching and meditation, which cost around $13.

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