Online Criminal Justice Classes
Online Criminal Justice Classes

Online Criminal Justice Classes

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The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from LSU Alexandria offers students a solid knowledge base in the criminal justice system, as well as a wide range of electives, including management courses, forensics, crime scene investigation, private and industrial security, and corrections management. . The program is 100% complete and offers a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of crime control in relation to adult and juvenile justice. Students will learn to solve problems and work effectively with other criminal justice professionals and citizens and to communicate orally and in writing in a criminal justice context.

Online Criminal Justice Classes

Save Time and Money – Apply your past military and law enforcement education to earn credit for a BS in Criminal Justice through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Graduate Certificate In Criminal Justice

On average, students complete the program in four years and pursue careers in areas such as protective services, law and corrections, security management, court administration and social work.

Our experienced faculty are dedicated to providing the highest quality education in an affordable format. These are the same faculty that teach on-campus courses and are actively engaged in helping students succeed.

The final cost of this program will be determined after all transfer credits have been evaluated. You can transfer up to 90 credits for this program.

Cost and fees per credit hour may vary. Exact fees may vary by program. Please consult an Enrollment Coach for the final program cost.

Facts About Earning A Criminal Justice Degree Online

Note: General Education Science requirement – Students must take six hours of biology and three hours of physical science, or six hours of physical science (in a single discipline) and three hours of biology.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice prepares individuals for careers in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, juvenile justice administration, and private sector security.

The affordable BS in Criminal Justice helps students build their resume with an accredited, senior degree. Courses are flexibly formatted and taught by experienced criminal justice practitioners. On average, students can finish the degree in four years. The diploma they receive will also be the same as on-campus LSUA graduates. After graduation, students can find entry-level positions in protective services, law and corrections, security, court administration and social work. The comprehensive source of crime statistics can be used to support the work of law enforcement leaders and criminal justice professionals.

Why do some people become victims of crime while others do not? Why do criminals target specific victims? How does the criminal justice system treat victims?

Marine Corps Veteran Dennys Castellon Earns Bachelor Of Arts In Criminal Justice Degree To Continue Mission To Protect And Serve

Understanding the answers to these questions is an essential part of any job involving criminal justice, criminology and law enforcement. Careers in these fields require knowledge not only about crime and criminals, but also about how crime affects victims.

Master’s students in the Criminal Justice online degree program at Walden University explore the topic of victimization through courses such as CRJS 6203 – Victimology. In the online course, students learn about victim tendencies, characteristics and behaviors, and also examine victims’ interactions with offenders and the criminal justice system. Students in the master’s program also learn about key resources used by criminal justice professionals to understand crime and victimization, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.

Each year, UCR produces reports on nationwide crime statistics based on crime data from more than 18,000 cities, universities and colleges, county, state, tribe and federal law enforcement agencies.

These nationwide crime statistics are very useful in the day-to-day work of criminologists, law enforcement executives, and other criminal justice professionals. The Uniform Crime Report is also a valuable tool for sociologists, legislators, urban planners, the media, researchers, and criminal justice students and others who need reliable data to do their jobs effectively.

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To learn more about the Uniform Crime Reporting Program and its role in the criminal justice system, read with Walden’s online students:

The Uniform Crime Report (UCR), launched in 1929, shows the amount of crime known to police in a year. Police departments nationwide submit monthly law enforcement reports to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding crimes reported to them or otherwise known to them. The FBI then compiles this data and publishes a report each year called “Crime in the United States” detailing crime that occurred in the United States throughout the year. This report contains information on eight crimes known as Part I index crimes: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, theft, theft-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Arrest data are included in World War II, which includes an additional 21 crime categories. Departmental offenses are also listed in the report.

The UCR is a valuable data source for learning about crime and victimization. Because over 97% of the population is represented by agencies participating in the UCR program, it provides an estimate of the total amount of crime nearly all Americans suffer. It presents the crime count for counties, states, cities, towns, tribal law enforcement areas, colleges and universities. It does this annually so that crime trends for the country and these geographic units can be determined. Another benefit of the UCR is the reporting of criminal characteristics. It includes demographic information about the detainees and some information such as the place and time of the crimes.

Despite these advantages, it does not provide detailed information about crime victims. Also important to consider, the UCR only includes information about crimes reported to or known to the police. In this way, not all crimes that occur are represented, especially as crime victims often do not report their grievances to the police, as discussed briefly. Another limitation of the UCR as a crime data source is that Part I index crimes do not cover a wide variety of crimes that occur, such as simple assault and sexual assault other than rape, and federal crimes are not counted. Also, it uses the UCR hierarchy rule. If more than one Part I offense occurs within the same incident report, law enforcement will only count the highest offense in the reporting process. These exceptions also contribute to the UCR’s underestimation of the scope of the crime. The accuracy of UCR data is also affected by law enforcement’s willingness to participate in the program and their ability to do so by reporting all crimes they are aware of to the FBI.

Most Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degrees 2022

However, the UCR can be used to paint a picture of a crime in the United States. In 2015, police became aware of 1,197,704 violent crimes and 7,993,631 property crimes. According to UCR data, the most common crime is theft-theft. Qualified assaults are the most common violent crimes, although they outnumber burglary thefts.

If you are interested in learning more, an online criminal justice master’s program may be a great fit for you.

By earning a master’s in Criminal Justice online, you can gain the skills and expertise needed to advance your career as a leader in criminal justice. A master’s degree can also increase your salary. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, master’s degree holders earn 20% more in average weekly earnings than those with bachelor’s degrees.

In addition to the master’s in Criminal Justice program, Walden’s online degree programs in criminal justice include the Master’s in Criminal Justice Leadership and Enforcement Management, as well as undergraduate and doctoral programs. Grow your career opportunities and make a bigger difference in your community by furthering your online criminal justice education. Start studying for your master’s degree today.

Criminal Justice Degrees

Walden University is an accredited institution that offers an MA in Criminal Justice and an MA in Criminal Justice Leadership and Senior Management degree programs online. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life. We were founded in 1905 and have long had a commitment to reaching our students wherever they are. While our beautiful campus is on the outskirts of western North Carolina, our students are from all over the world.

It offers a student-centered program of study designed to address growing local, national, international law enforcement and homeland security concerns, based on current law enforcement, societal and political demands of criminal justice officers. Courses offered by the Civil Service Department will prepare students for a level.

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