Online Cooking Classes Gift

Online Cooking Classes Gift – A fully interactive online Indian cooking session is a great way to learn cooking tips, cook together and make the distance fade away.

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Online Cooking Classes Gift

Cost: CHF 40 or $45 per device per person or CHF 20 for an additional person on the same device.

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Online virtual Indian cooking classes are the easiest and best way to learn and cook a simple Indian dish in your own kitchen and for your family.

STEP 1  Get a technician  : For us to come to your place, all you need is a mobile phone or tablet or a laptop with a microphone, camera and internet connection.

STEP 2 a List: We will send you a list of ingredients. You will need to purchase them in advance for the virtual Indian cooking class.

STEP 3 Kitchen: Join the video call via the link. Once connected, I’ll guide you through the class as I show you Indian cooking techniques. The end result is home-cooked Indian food.

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The proceeds from the bookings go to the Feeding India project, a charity dedicated to supporting underprivileged families in India.

After the cooking session, you will be sent the recipes and the recorded video of the class to refer to at any time.

If you want someone to walk you through every step of cooking Indian food at home without the guesswork and serving your family a homemade Indian delicacy, join me on the other side of the screen.

Just send a message and we’ll be happy to arrange a personalized virtual cooking session for you. Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite person? Whether vegan or not, your recipient will love spending time with cookbook author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and making her delicious recipes.

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In both cases, your recipient can choose which class they would like to enjoy, so don’t delay. Give a friend a gift card to one of our NEXT LIVE cooking classes or any of our on-demand classes. We have so many to choose from!

RECIPIENT NOTIFICATION: Your confirmation email will provide you with options for how you would like your recipient to be notified of your special gift. You can let us know yourself, or we can tell you. Either way, you’ll receive a graphic (like one of the samples below) that you can print or save as a jpg so you have something physical to hand or email to them.

Each cooking class is fully interactive. While I’m demonstrating, you can chime in with comments, questions, and ooohs and ahhhs the whole time. Not only does this increase the connection between students, both my assistant and I see your questions and make sure we answer them all.

Upon completing your registration, you will receive your confirmation email, which includes the link to our Zoom class, along with information and recipes. Each class is official once a minimum number of places are filled, at which point the recipes appear in the document. My goal is to have the recipes available at least 5 days before the class to give you enough time to order/buy ingredients, if you decide to cook.

An Online Cooking School From Sur La Table

While I love seeing my students’ faces, using video during live class is optional. NOTE: Even if you choose to show your video, for class recordings, which are released to the general public as on-demand classes, NO ONE’s video is shown except mine.

We do our best to prepare you in advance so that you are ready when class starts. If you have any problems during the class, my assistant is there to help you. Sometimes it’s a user-side problem, and when there’s a problem on my side, we do our best to mitigate it right away. One of the advantages of live classes is that they are real time, meaning it is a live stream. Sometimes technical issues are out of our control, but so far, we’ve never had any real issues that detracted from the purpose of the class.

Absolutely! Unless something goes horribly wrong (and it rarely does), every class is recorded and students receive the class recording within 2 days of the live class.

Although I send a reminder email a couple of days before our class, I encourage you to add the class to your calendar as soon as you register.

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Some students love being able to cook; some students love to just watch. It’s up to you how you want to enjoy the class.

You can decide in advance which dishes you want to cook. You can choose to cook just one of the dishes or all of them. Whatever you decide, I suggest you have your mise en place ready. That is, have all the ingredients measured and prepared as much as possible. (Mise en place is a French culinary phrase meaning “everything in its place”).

Ultimately, what we take away is based on what we give, so I encourage you to be present and engaged in class. But for my part, if you know me, you know that I am passionate about many things and I can’t help but bring my love of food, history, language, animals, cinema, literature and gastronomic tradition to every class. . My goal is for you to leave with a richer understanding of food, cooking and eating than before you arrived. Plus, you’ll get helpful step-by-step instructions for each dish I’m demonstrating and a clear, up-close look at all the ingredients and procedures. The best thing is that I make mistakes too, and you see them live in real time. This is how we learn more.

I’m happy to say that many students are regulars and repeat students, and you will no doubt meet some fabulous people when you attend these classes. I encourage engagement and follow-up, including posting photos, questions and comments on our private Facebook page. Many friends and family members join from different cities and then share a virtual meal with each other once the class is over. (This makes my heart sing.) So yes, despite being online the classes encourage connection.

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I have found that 90 minutes is the ideal amount of time to spend in a virtual class. Give us time to settle in and so you can ask questions throughout without feeling rushed. It also gives us time to enjoy the occasional extra cocktail from our resident mixologist (my lovely husband), but we like to honor your time and keep classes to 90 minutes.

What if I sign up for a class but can’t post it? Do I still have the video?

Absolutely! Once you are registered and the class is available, you are officially enrolled. That means the recipes, resources, video recording, and even the chat transcript are all for you. You will receive a follow-up email whether you are in the live class or not.

Because the cost of the classes includes exclusive recipes and resources, as well as the live/video class, once a class is officially a course and you have access to the recipes, it cannot be refunded. However, if the class does not reach the minimum enrollment limit and I cancel the class, you have the option of getting a full refund or switching to another class. (This is one of the reasons I don’t share recipes until I know we’ve reached the minimum threshold.)

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After the live class ends and students can enjoy in real time, each class becomes an on-demand class so others can enjoy the recipes, resources, and video recording. Most live classes convert to on-demand classes within 2 days.

No animal products are ever used in my recipes, so yes, all classes are vegan / plant-based, meaning nothing comes from an animal. I’ve written three cookbooks (The Joy of Vegan Baking, The Vegan Table, and Color Me Vegan) and two lifestyle books (Vegan’s Daily Companion and The 30-Day Vegan Challenge), which also include recipes. I’m also always testing and developing new recipes (as well as tweaking and refining old ones) to make sure students get the best, clearest and easiest to follow, qualities that have become a trademark in my work.

While living with compassion and awareness is not about being perfect, and while some students may not have access to the same bulk stores and package-free ingredients as I do, I make an effort in my classes to use (and promote) the least number of of packaging and plastics. as possible, that’s why many of my recipes and menus are about how to cook and bake at home and from scratch!

My classes cover a wide variety, and your suggestions are always welcome: *Different types of cuisine (Italian, Thai, Asian, Mexican, etc.) *Particular ways of cooking and eating (quick and easy, without oil, for

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