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Online Classes In Psychology

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Best Online Courses And Resources To Boost Mental Health Awareness

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12 online courses that can help you improve your mental health during the pandemic – from Yale’s free course on positive psychology to articles and drawing tips.

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As we navigate another month of the COVID-19 pandemic – causing loss, isolation and deep uncertainty for many – you are not alone if your mental health has been significantly impacted.

Just like physical health, everyone has mental health – regardless of whether they have a mental illness. And just like understanding your body, finding coping strategies that work for you is far from a one-size-fits-all experience.

That’s why an accessible mental health education can be so beneficial. Resources and expert knowledge about important areas of mental health – such as resilience, sleep, or mental health at work – can be broken down into things that students can apply to their own experiences. It is our hope that the courses below, taught by experts in their fields, can bring a better understanding of mental health on an individual level.

Used in the treatment setting of mental health professionals. If you’re looking for treatment, we hope that Insider’s resources on how to find a doctor, nearly all online treatment providers, and Insider’s Health Reference Library of medically reviewed resources on identifying and treating various mental health conditions can be important.

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Health Sciences is an online version of Yale’s most popular course on campus: Psychology and Health. Adaptation to the Internet of education has destroyed the Internet – and many, including Insider Reviews’ Mara Leighton, are leaving behind real facts about the use and abuse of happiness in our daily lives. day.

According to the syllabus, the course revolves around five main ideas: Common misconceptions about happiness; why are our expectations so bad; how we can overcome our prejudices; things that really make us happy, and putting strategies in place. Each concept is presented in a low-pressure, low-stakes format that allows students to measure without judgment whether the values ​​from the course actually contribute to their perception of happiness.

More than 3.2 million people have subscribed to The Science of Well-Being, and it has maintained a 4.9 rating from nearly 25,000 reviewers. The course is free for anyone to check out, and an additional $49 will include a set of materials and a certificate of completion. Our course review explains what you can expect by enrolling in detail, and our interview with Professor Laurie Santos explains exactly why the course is fun, and how you can feel good about it how now.

Uncertainty is, unfortunately, the word of the hour these days – and it’s natural for levels of uncertainty to ebb and flow as the pandemic progresses. Typically included in the Positive Psychology Specialization at the University of Pennsylvania, this is a special COVID-19 version of Dr. Karen Reivich of Resilience Skills.

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There are four main elements included in the curriculum: Self-esteem and confidence; coping skills (strategies to increase confidence and resilience); manage anxiety and increase positive emotions such as gratitude; and strengthen people’s power and strengthen relationships. In other words, the course presents research on resilience in a simple way, allowing students to apply strategies such as gratitude in their daily lives.

Dr. Karen Reivich is Director of Volunteer Training Services within the university’s Center for Positive Psychology, and Dr. Reivich is supported by a 4.9 course rating. About

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