Online Civil Engineering Classes
Online Civil Engineering Classes

Online Civil Engineering Classes

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Online Civil Engineering Classes

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Civil Engineer Resume: Examples & Writing Guide (+template)

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Cheapest Online Civil Engineering Degree

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Civil engineering involves the construction and maintenance of large structures such as roads and bridges. The field dates back to the mid-19th century, when military engineers began to apply their skills to civilian purposes. Today, civil engineers work on a variety of construction projects that involve the interaction of people and the environment.

Exploring The Civil Engineer Career

Typical job duties include investigating the relationship between materials, structures and the environment. Civil engineers require advanced mathematical, analytical and scientific skills. They also have to collaborate with engineers from other fields, as well as with architects who prepare the initial designs.

Students who earn the best civil engineering degrees online build the academic foundation necessary to enter the field. Associate degrees in civil engineering introduce learners to field-specific topics while satisfying general education requirements.

Civil engineers lead the construction of structures that interact with the natural environment. Jobs often involve public works projects such as bridges, roads and dams.

An associate degree in civil engineering takes about two years to complete, while bachelor’s programs typically take about four years. Associate degree holders can usually earn a bachelor’s degree in two additional years of study.

Online Engineering, Construction, & Safety Degrees

Few schools offer online civil engineering degrees. However, many colleges and universities offer online civil engineering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Architects design buildings and structures and work mainly in offices. Construction engineers analyze architects’ drawings, select materials, and oversee the entire construction process.

When looking for the cheapest civil engineering program, online learners often choose associate degree programs. Associate degrees generally cost less than bachelor’s degrees because they require about half the credits. Degree seekers often save money by earning an associate’s degree before moving on to a bachelor’s program. Many community colleges charge cheaper per-credit tuition rates than four-year schools.

Students often receive tuition discounts by choosing public public schools. However, some public colleges and universities charge full in-state tuition rates to online students, regardless of residency. Students who earn the best civil engineering degrees online can also save money on housing, meal plans, and transportation. Degree-seekers can also reduce childcare costs by studying online, and many schools exempt distance learners from university fees.

How To Do A Civil Engineering Course Online?

Students earning the best civil engineering degrees online are preparing for entry-level civil engineering positions. Civil engineers generally require at least a bachelor’s degree. These specialists manage construction projects, analyze maps and reports, and select building materials. Civil engineers often work alongside government officials, engineers from other disciplines, and community stakeholders.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that between 2019 and 2029, the employment of civil engineers will increase by 2 percent. Civil engineers earn an average annual salary of $87,060, which is much higher than the average annual salary for all occupations.

Civil engineers can advance their careers with a master’s degree. Individuals can also become more competitive in the job market by becoming state-issued licensure or certified by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Entry-level civil engineers do not need a state license. However, experienced professionals often obtain a license to advance. Each state has unique licensing requirements.

Civil Engineering Online Courses

In California, the Board of Professional Engineers, Surveyors, and Geologists regulates state licensing. Candidates must first obtain a master’s degree, three years of professional experience, and certification as an engineer in education (EIT). A passing exam score is required to obtain the EIT credential. EIT holders then complete one of seven pathways to become a licensed professional engineer. Engineers renew their license every two years.

Like many states, California participates in a licensing reciprocity system. Engineers licensed in other states can submit their license and exam results to apply for a California license. Candidates seeking reciprocity licensure must also pass an exam covering state laws and regulations.

Colleges and universities offering online civil engineering programs should have regional and national accreditation. The US Department of Education mandates accrediting agencies to evaluate the academic quality of high schools. Regional accreditation is the oldest and most prestigious type of institutional accreditation. National accreditation by the Distance Learning Accreditation Commission means that the school’s online students achieve the same learning outcomes as university students.

The best online civil engineering programs also have programmatic accreditation from the Engineering and Technology Accreditation Council, which accredits undergraduate and graduate engineering programs.

The Ultimate Civil Fe Review Course

Learners who want to earn the best civil engineering degrees online complete general education requirements and core courses. General education courses provide transferable skills graduates can apply to roles in a wide range of industries. Core classes include topics such as subdivision planning, public works inspection and testing, and non-technical civil engineering skills. Degree seekers prepare for entry-level positions and advanced studies.

The sample curriculum below contains several classes common to civil engineering programs. However, courses are available

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