Online Citizenship Classes
Online Citizenship Classes

Online Citizenship Classes

Online Citizenship Classes – With a 26% increase in the number of immigrants applying for naturalization, * and long waiting lists for US citizenship classes, the need for more immigrant services was evident. To address this need, the California State Library, the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center worked together to answer the question:

Thanks to the insight and experience of this partnership, an exciting free course for US citizenship immigrants is available on the USA Learns website. The USA Learns Citizenship course is a comprehensive free online course and a natural extension of the free English courses already available at USA Learns.

Online Citizenship Classes

In the new USA Learns Citizenship course, students use a mix of engaging, high-quality multimedia activities to learn skills needed for the naturalization process and interview. Units include citizenship eligibility, benefits, rights and responsibilities, finding legal help when needed, avoiding immigration fraud, and preparing for the N-400 oral review and English and civics tests in the naturalization interview.

Program Highlight: Citizenship Classes For Adult Immigrants » Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement

While much has been made of the 100 citizenship questions, experienced citizenship teachers and USCIS staff confirmed that for many candidates, reviewing the N-400 application is actually the most difficult part of the interview. During the interview, candidates must recognize the vocabulary in the officer’s questions that may be considered legal and unusual even by native speakers. Also, officers may phrase questions in different ways with complex grammatical structures. It’s no surprise, then, that USA Learns Citizenship’s most unique and well-received unit is devoted to reviewing the N-400 application during the naturalization interview, a topic rarely covered elsewhere.

USA Learns Citizenship helps candidates prepare for the initial meeting with the USCIS officer and the N-400 review in the following ways:

Of course, an important part of any civics class is helping students learn the 100 Civics Questions. To make the answers meaningful and not just a rote exercise, USA Learns Citizenship has grouped the questions into 15 themed lessons, placing each question in the context of US history or a government organization. 120 key words and concepts from the questions are presented with color images, definitions and sample sentences. During each lesson, the answers to the questions are integrated into the story and presented with beautiful animations, USCIS videos or readings. Activities always follow to test content knowledge.

Answering the officer’s question is the ultimate self-assessment tool. USCIS civil practice test videos are creatively incorporated into USA Learns speaking tools. Students first practice their pronunciation of possible answers and later answer the USCIS officer’s questions face-to-face.

Citizenship Test Preparation Classes (5 Sessions)

Practice reading and writing tests are included in each of the Citizenship lessons. Students record themselves reading a text containing USCIS reading vocabulary words. They can always repeat and try to improve their pronunciation. Preparation for the written test is by dictating sentences using the USCIS written vocabulary. Students receive feedback on each letter printed.

The USA Learns website is ideal for non-traditional learning environments such as library classes or tutoring, immigration reception centers or adult centers, and of course for the independent homeschooler. Adult education citizenship teachers and librarians will find the site to be enhanced and aligns well with their current curriculum. To access a new course, visit and register as a student using a unique email address. Check it out and spread the word about this exciting new and free tool.

Want to learn more about USA Learns or the USA Learns Citizenship course? Please contact Andrea Willis with project questions or email email [email protected] for technical support.

The USA Learns Citizenship course was supported in part by the US Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, which is administered by the State Librarian in California. Content developed in partnership with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and the New Americans Campaign with support from the Grove Foundation. Major content development, programming, and multimedia work was completed by SCOE’s Internet and Media Services Department.

Digital Citizenship Course Intro

Evelyn Phelan, M.A. TESL is an ESL consultant specializing in instructional design and curriculum writing. He has been designing multimedia tools for use by ESL students and teachers for over 30 years. Evelyn is the lead writer and instructional designer for USA Learns courses.

Previous post Connect, relax and refocus. Using Technology to Alleviate Language Learner Anxiety Next Post Innovations in English. learning English through digital literacy and community engagement This year, the Roseville Adult Learning Center is leading a citizenship class. This class will prepare you for the English and civics skills needed to pass the naturalization test and become a US citizen.

Becoming a citizen has a range of advantages. Citizens can vote, have a passport and have a homeland. This course helps people become citizens by preparing them for the naturalization test.

The instructor for this course is Rebecca Jarvis. Rebecca wants to dispel the illusion that this test is impossible. “A lot of people who have been in the US for a while feel like they can’t get through,” he says. But he disagrees. “You can pass this test… You just need more support and more practice.” And according to Rebecca, this class is a great opportunity to get that support.

Free Online Citizenship Class

This class is open to everyone. However, ideal candidates will be approaching their five-year U.S. residency mark…Students approaching this mark will be closer to meeting eligibility requirements for citizenship. This lesson is designed for English beginners, but students of any level of English can benefit.

To prepare for the naturalization test, the class covers the three main topics of the exam. These sections are geography, history, and government. US capitals and territories, early US history, and the three branches of government are some of the topics covered in these sections. Karen students in the classroom will have additional resources in Karen to help them learn. In addition, this class will focus on strengthening English skills through reading aloud and dictation.

The naturalization test is a personal interview. It assesses the applicant’s English proficiency and civics. Applicants must be able to read and write 1 out of 3 sentences correctly in English. Additionally, the USCIS officer will judge speaking ability based on interview performance. During the interview, they will be asked up to 10 civil questions. To pass the test, you have to answer 6 of them correctly.

Above: Naturalization ceremony in early 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic. At the top of the page. KOM ESL class leader in partnership with Roseville Adult Learning Center filmed in early 2020. Photo credit: Joe Campbell.

New Online Citizenship Class

A person becomes eligible for citizenship after living in the US for five years or being married to a US citizen for three years. You are not eligible if you have committed a crime.

This course will run from 20 October to 6 May on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14:00 to 16:00. Due to safety concerns related to COVID-19, the course will be conducted via Zoom. Geography, History and Administration will be the three strands of this course. Each will run for approximately seven weeks. The passages are as follows:

For the purposes of the naturalization test, it is best to take all three sections. However, you can pick and choose which segments you would like to participate in. To register, contact Rebecca Jarvis at [email protected] or 651-604-3553.

The Roseville Adult Learning Center (RALC) offers many different programs for adults, including English classes that range from low-beginning to advanced conversation. The center also hosts our Apprenticeship and Manufacturing Training Program designed to help people start careers in the trades. At the moment, all classes are held via Zoom.

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The Roseville Adult Learning Center is located in the Fairview Community Center building at 1910 County Road B West in Roseville. Be sure to call before you come in, as the building is currently under construction. You can contact Rebecca Jarvis at [email protected] or 651-604-3553.

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