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Welcome! At The Forgotten Circus School in London we believe in taking the fun and games of circus skills and aerial performances and making them accessible to everyone – opening up a new world of meditation, gravity defying aerial acrobatics lessons and circus performance classes. By creating a safe and friendly environment that emphasizes community, personal development and learning with our circus training courses, we can offer what is truly one of the best circus and flight training in the UK.

Online Circus Classes

The Forgotten Circus is one to experience and experience for yourself, so get out from under the world and join the Forgotten Family in the fantasy world today!

Circus Performer: How The Industry Has Adapted Amid The Pandemic

COVID19 Update: We are finally open to the public for our regular courses! All classes can be accessed through our online catalog here. Find out more about how booking with us works here. Our hands-on classes will continue to be held online via Zoom. We are still following the Covid-19 guidelines in order to keep everyone on our site as safe as possible, so please make sure you have read the information below before accessing in the studio.Exploratory/Recreational Circus Juventas’ exploratory/recreational programming is aiming to invite. children explore and discover their passion in circus arts. Our safe and caring environment develops the skills and specifics of our different activities, and has the fun of participating in great performances – including The classroom does not work for children who like to participate differently. Recommended for students ages 6-21 and available to all beginners, this program includes basic training in all five arts as well as our Circus Experience and Aerial Techniques classes .

Intermediate/Preparatory Our intermediate/preparatory curriculum is for students who are ready for the next step in developing their confidence, agility and exceptional performance skills. Cross-training and other targeted courses are designed to allow children to work at a higher level, including training that expands, expands and expands their skills in preparation for participation in our show at the end of the summer.

Advanced/Premier Circus Juventas’ advanced students are a very advanced group of students, and are the ones who asked to be part of our Summer Show Cast. The artists are involved in a large, theatrical performance that leads to more than twenty performances in August. Every year, the show is chosen to show a special group of the best actors, with a story complete with a movie. Because of the combination of performance in drama and storytelling, these students are often the ones who are trained at the highest level in their extracurricular activities. for CJ acting and dancing, demonstrating their ability to create character and interpret emotion. This group trains every year and is expected to exemplify the passion, the willingness to reach the ultimate circus training (either at Circus Juventas or beyond), and the understanding of training for young people in schools.

Send us a short message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or to respond immediately, please call us at 651-699-8229.Classes Booking & Pricing Wellbeing Venue Hire Photography Aerial Rig Hire London Photography Studio Work with us Blog

Professional Training Programs

The coronavirus makes us very difficult. If you are on this page, then you probably feel the pain of our favorite circus school closing their doors and the incredible feeling of being underground for too long.

We couldn’t see our chosen family or see each other for 4 months. Honestly, it’s bad! I miss my weekly classes with people who have become some of my friends.

Forgotten Circus has organized online classes to help us all stay connected and prepare us for our (soon) return to school in August. I’m so happy, I could cry!! However, there are many fitness instructors who offer free classes on Instagram and elsewhere, so how does it progress, and through all the lessons?

Since January 2019, I have been learning jet hoop and jet silks, every week… faith. So as soon as these online classes started, I jumped right into them.

Aerial Silks Classes

Now I’m sure there are a lot of free online options, however, these free online courses are versatile.

They are not designed specifically with your discipline in mind. Do you want to train ‘legs, bums and tums’ with a stranger on Instagram? Someone who is oblivious to the fact that you are a flight attendant, and is only interested in certain parts of your body? Or do you want to train with a circus expert, who has created an exercise program designed and developed to train specific muscles and areas that will improve your general training metal? It’s really a no-brainer!

Well, let’s be honest. How many of us have said we were going to work at home, but then made excuses why we didn’t train that night.? I have… many times before.

It’s hard to concentrate all the time when you have to be alone at home. Even if you have a subscription to exercise online through a fitness app, it’s still hard to commit to exercise.

Taking The Circus To School: How Kids Benefit From Learning Trapeze, Juggling And Unicycle In Gym Class

This is why classes with Forgotten Circus School are so good. You don’t feel like you’re working alone. You get to get up to speed with everyone before the class, just like you would in a regular in-person class, and the personal trainers just shine as you work through the sessions.

Don’t believe me? Sign up for a class with Ollie and try not to laugh or be laughed at by him. It is impossible. You feel like you’re back in space with everyone, letting your heart out, during the 1 hour zoom call.

This is great, and something you can’t do with a pre-recorded workout video or a personal trainer who has hosted an online HIIT workout for a group. a different group of people.

Your instructor encourages you to ask them questions before, during and after class. They want to know how you want to work, what you think you need to improve and what is most important to you.

Ladd Miami Circus Arts Center

These professionals have been there since the beginning of your training – they have seen you grow into the artist you are now. Of course, they will want to help you improve in any way they can.

And if you’re new to Forgotten Circus, don’t be shy. They are the most welcoming people I have ever met… Join the class and see for yourself how much they want to see you improve!

Lockdown sent me into limbo. I was furloughed so instead of leading the very busy lifestyle that I always had, I was with all the days to write. I need some routine, especially exercise!

This is where online courses help. I have always done it again, I don’t think I’m in limbo anymore, and if I’m honest, I think I have something to look forward to.

Upcoming Events — The Circus Project

Maybe this is a little strange now that we can create the relationship “bubble” with other families, but who here has been a little lonely when the UK has gone about the lock and key?

I know I have – I’m FaceTiming people left, right and center because I need to talk to other people.

Online classes are the perfect opportunity to meet your favorite people or, if you’re new to circus school, meet new friends!

It allows you to stop isolating yourself – maybe it’s the first time in a day that you can talk to another human being. So my advice is to jump at this opportunity to meet people… especially people who will welcome you into one of the best, most accepting communities in the world .

Aerial Silks Beginner In Portland, Or

So if you haven’t already, check out the Forgotten Circus School online schedule and book yourself a room or class!

Meet new people, invest in yourself and improve your body by focusing on conditioning and flexibility. Have a laugh and enjoy some of the funnest classroom environments around.

I promise you, you will not be disappointed, these classes are very valuable – and when the school can open again, come and see us in person. We will all welcome you with open arms! Our goal is to celebrate each student’s physical journey by providing them with a safe and positive environment to reach their goals. We believe that by empowering the body to do the impossible, empowering the mind to do the impossible.

Because of the close contact with what we do at Cirque School, we will still require all staff and students to be vaccinated to attend school. Safety is always our top priority – both in the air and on the ground. Thank you for your continued support of Cirque School, you are what makes it possible

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