Online Childbirth Education Classes Free

Online Childbirth Education Classes Free

Online Childbirth Education Classes Free – Our midwife Heather Shelley along with Rachel Moise have created one of the best online childbirth classes out there. We want you to get the best childbirth education on your schedule in whatever setting is most convenient or convenient.

The online childbirth course is called The Might Mama Movement and we encourage you to take this course to prepare you for your upcoming experience.

Online Childbirth Education Classes Free

Detailed and practical training from childbirth experts. We teach you everything you need to know and do to give birth almost painlessly.

Labor Pain Coping Technique

While you’re going through the course, if any questions come up, you can come to our live Q&A sessions and get all your questions answered!

Read hundreds of positive and inspiring birth stories, ask all your questions and get positive and encouraging feedback from our amazing Mighty Mamas, and make friends with other mighty moms going through their birth journey. This group is better than all the free groups out there!

The bulk of the course is in video format, but this written guidebook summarizes the most important elements of the course so that if you want to review content or brush up on something, you won’t necessarily have to go back to watch the videos again (although many moms go through the videos several times).

Keep it handy during labor! It reminds you what to expect and what to do at each stage of labor. Your birth partner will especially want to have this on hand because it will remind him or her what they are supposed to be doing!

Birthing Classes: How And Where To Find The Best Childbirth Classes

This course is available to anyone regardless of who or where you chose to welcome your newborn into this world.

This class is highly recommended for every Birthing Your Way client. Because the course was co-created with Heather Shelley, it will best prepare you for your birth experience on the way.

We are here to help you learn how to prepare for birth and what to do during labor to minimize pain, your fears will be replaced with confidence and even excitement as you go into labor. Welcome to the online childbirth class of: Learn the signs and stages of labor, explore ways to manage your pain, discover the keys to a positive birth and much more. lets start!

Decide where you want to give birth and who you want there to guide you. Also learn how to recognize that labor has started and what it might feel like.

Outstanding Seattle & Virtual Childbirth Classes

Learn more about the basics of childbirth, how long it usually lasts, and the most common ways to give birth. (3 minutes)

A doctor, midwife, or both can provide prenatal care and deliver your baby. Get the information you need to confidently choose the right therapist for you. (5 minutes)

Explore the pros and cons of giving birth in a hospital, birth center or at home. (3 minutes)

Learn how a birth coach can help you during labor. A doula does not deliver your baby. She is there to give you and your partner personal support. (4 minutes)

Birthing Classes Near Me: The Best In Person Childbirth Classes

Monitor what happens to your body during labor as you progress from contractions to pushing and welcoming your baby into the world.

During labor, your body moves your baby down and out. Your cervix also changes to prepare for birth. (1 minute)

Early labor begins the first and longest stage of labor, which lasts until it’s time to push. (5 minutes)

After your baby is born, you will deliver the placenta. This is the short and last stage of labor. (1 minute)

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You can deal with labor pains with natural approaches, medical options, or a combination. It’s good to know about your options, even ones you don’t intend to use. You may change your mind when you are actually in labor. Many women do.

During labor, your body moves your baby down and out. Your cervix also changes to prepare for birth. (3 minutes)

More than 4 out of 5 women use painkillers during labor. Whether you plan to use medication or not, it’s good to know your options. (3 minutes)

Breathing is a simple but effective natural way to help manage labor pain by helping you relax or distract yourself. (3 minutes)

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Massage is a natural way to relieve labor pains. Learn techniques such as the “double hip press” and back press. (6 minutes)

Whether soaking in the tub or showering, water is a natural way to ease labor pain. (1 minute)

Medical interventions may be necessary at birth. Learning about them ahead of time can help ease your anxiety if they happen.

Fetal monitoring monitors your baby’s heart rate to make sure the pattern is normal. (3 minutes)

Amazing Free Online Childbirth Class: All The Information Plus Fits In Your Schedule

In an assisted birth, your midwife uses a vacuum or forceps to help pull your baby out. (2 minutes)

Explore the choices you need to make before your baby is born and prepare for what happens right after birth.

After birth, your baby will undergo a health checkup that includes routine and optional tests and treatments. (2 minutes)

Even if breastfeeding is natural, it can still be complicated. Here’s how to get your baby off to a good start. (3 minutes)

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Hear about the benefits of having your newborn stay with you in your room instead of the nursery. (1 minute)

Cord blood is collected after your baby’s umbilical cord is cut. It can be a private banker, contribute to a public bank, or throw away. (2 minutes)

In some birth settings, your partner can cut the umbilical cord. Here’s what to expect if you choose this option. (1 minute)

Being ready to get out the door and knowing where you’re going to give birth can ease anxiety when the big day arrives. Don’t forget to also take some time for yourself beforehand.

Clark Regional Medical Center To Offer Childbirth Education Classes

Avoid surprises by finding out in advance what your insurance does and won’t cover for you and your newborn. (1 minute)

Things to check off the pre-shipment checklist include packing the bag, planning the route and installing a car seat. (2 minutes)

Hear why it’s a good time to call for help, practice breathing and spend quality time with loved ones or alone. (2 minutes)

Parents look back and talk about what happened during labor and birth and what they might have done differently.

Home Page Virtual Birth Classes

One mom shares what happened when she gave birth and what she might have done differently. (2 minutes)

One mom shares what happened when she gave birth and what she might have done differently. (3 minutes)

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Expectant parents may look for an online course to know how to prepare for their work experience. What should new moms and dads look for in a classroom? We’ll talk about the benefits of an online childbirth preparation class, who teaches them, what they should cover and when to take one!

Hi, I’m Hilary – the pregnancy nurse ⚕️ 👩. I’ve been a nurse since 1997 and have 20 years of OB nursing experience, I’m also the curly head behind curl pulling and the online prenatal class for couples. 🩺​ I have helped thousands of mothers go through labor and I know how important a prenatal class can be in your pregnancy journey.

Online Childbirth Classes Pros And Cons

Having taught classes at my own hospital, I can tell you what you really need in a childbirth class to feel as prepared as you can be.

Yes, the gold standard was a hospital class, but even before we all stayed at home, online childbirth classes started to become more and more popular. Pregnant women are now allowed to take classes at their own pace (and watch them again as needed).

In fact, I used to teach childbirth classes at the hospital where I worked. I quickly realized that Tuesdays at 18:00 are not for them (or me). We were all tired, often couples couldn’t

Being there – and there was no way for them to review what I said without a lot of notes (which were hard to take as the couples were starving at that stage of the day).

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Many women find an online platform one of the best ways to take childbirth classes. A big bonus

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