Online Catholic Classes
Online Catholic Classes

Online Catholic Classes

Online Catholic Classes – Confirmation is one of the seven sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ and continued in the Catholic Church founded by him. The sacrament of Confirmation confirms and complements the graces received by the soul in the sacrament of Baptism. As the Roman Catechism teaches, “a baptized person anointed with holy chrism by the bishop, with the solemn words accompanying them … becomes stronger with a new power and thus becomes the perfect soldier of Christ.” Confirmation is not only the “completion” of religious education, as is unfortunately often the case in our time. Confirmation makes a Catholic a soldier of Christ who is called to live, defend and spread the Faith among others. Nobody is ever too old to confirm!

A confirmation class is a series of classes that Catholics have before they can receive the sacrament of confirmation from a Catholic bishop or priest. Since confirmation requires a Catholic to know and believe at least the fundamental truths of the Catholic religion, anyone studying for confirmation must understand all the fundamental truths. There are encyclopaedias worth knowing about the Catholic faith. However, this level of knowledge is not required for confirmation. A basic understanding of the Catholic faith and its confession in word and deed are required.

Online Catholic Classes

Confirmation is usually given around 8th grade or 10th grade in some places. But there is a growing tendency towards a greater conformation closer to communion. In fact, in the Catholic Byzantine tradition, Baptism and Confirmation are taken together and it is only later that the child can receive his First Holy Communion. Since 1995, only 12 dioceses in the United States have transferred Confirmation to the second-class level. And adults who hide in the Catholic faith receive the sacrament of Confirmation at all ages. By God’s grace, it is never too late!

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Typically, Catholic confirmation classes are one year. Some places require two years of preparation. Confirmation classes are often taken in eighth grades of Catholic education. However, there are confirmation classes for all ages – younger children, adolescents and even adults. offers a flexible online Acknowledgment Preparation Course that you can complete at your own pace. Most students will easily complete our course in just a few months as it is conveniently online and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our courses are still complete and faithfully Catholic. All students who complete our courses receive a certificate of completion

Catholic classes explain the theological significance of Confirmation. Students learn about the role of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation, why Christ our Lord instituted Confirmation, what are the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and recall the Church’s teachings on morality, divine revelation, Scripture, the Church, and more. Confirmation students also learn about the rite of Confirmation and their role in the ceremony, learn about the importance of choosing a Confirmation name, and choose a sponsor for their Confirmation. A confirmation Catholic should know all the basic teachings and prayers of the Church. And anyone who prepares for Confirmation must be a practicing and devoted Catholic.

Only a validly ordained Catholic priest or bishop may administer the sacraments. But it is possible to study and meet the educational requirement for online confirmation. We serve everyone (children, teenagers and adults) through our courses. provides comprehensive and complete sacramental preparation – the teaching that must occur before a priest allows someone to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. After completing the online preparation course, you will still need to have your local Catholic parish administer the Sacrament to you.

Yes! is a leading provider of online self-study courses that have been helping individuals (both adults and children) learn the sacraments since 2004. After you complete our affordable sacramental preparation course, your account will be reviewed to ensure you have passed all required training materials. Upon review and successful completion of their studies, students will receive a Certificate. This certificate can be presented to the priest and parish to show the progress of our Confirmation Preparation classes. Please use the link below to find the specific degree program you need to earn our Certificate of Completion. To be Catholic, you must fully profess the Catholic faith, be united in the sacraments, and follow the Church’s teachings (e.g., commandments) and Church commandments. Although you must receive the sacraments physically from a Catholic priest before an adult can become a Catholic, preparatory classes are required. is proud to offer convenient and affordable RCIA online lessons to help you meet this important educational requirement.

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RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. This is the process by which non-Catholics enter the Catholic faith. To become a Catholic, one must understand the teaching of the Church, believe in these teachings, and be a baptized Catholic. Those who are not baptized will study the teaching of the Catholic Church through the RCIA and complete their journey by receiving Baptism into the Church. Those who have been baptized as Protestants will study the teachings of the Catholic Faith at RCIA and complete their journey with priestly admission to the Church, which may include conditional baptism and confession of the Catholic faith.

RCIA requires not only academic preparation, but also commitment to the teaching of the Church. You must be willing to live an authentic Catholic life and try to follow our Lord and live a holy life. Our course will help you learn what the Church teaches and help you to live our joy in the Catholic life in practice.

RCIA classes usually begin in parishes each fall and end before Easter, the baptism that takes place during the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. However, due to scheduling conflicts, special educational needs, demanding schedules and work, and other life concerns, not all people can reserve time for the study of the Faith through formal RCIA classes that meet at specific times each week.

Has developed the best-selling adult online faith formation course that has served hundreds of converts since its launch in 2010. Mass and Sacraments, Articles of the Creed, Christian Morals, Ten Commandments, and Prayer.

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Absolutely! The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself and the only true Church – beyond which there can be no salvation. If you are considering an RCIA, you are taking an extremely important step for your own salvation, and we are happy to do so and are here to help you with your faith formation. There is nothing more important to your salvation than receiving the sacraments and living in a state of grace!

“Whoever loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever loves a son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for me will find it ”(words of our Lord Jesus Christ taken from Matthew 10: 37-39).

Even when conversion seems difficult and the uncertainty remains, nothing is more important to your salvation than being a faithful, practicing Catholic. Despite the challenges you may face from friends, family, or coworkers, conversion is worth it. And RCIA is where the journey begins.

Put your salvation first, and “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (see Matthew 6:33). But know that – no matter what – you are not alone and whole hosts of Catholics are willing to receive you so that we can be united together in the same faith and in the same sacraments, as we hope that one day in heaven we will also be united with all the Catholic saints who came before us. All dioceses require couples to complete marriage preparation courses. Holy marriage is a lifelong commitment and a sacrament. Since it is a sacrament, it actually grants God’s grace to spouses. For this reason, and because it is irrevocable, Catholic couples need to be prepared before getting married. These activities are often called pre-cana classes.

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Pre Cana classes are marriage preparation classes for couples preparing to receive the sacrament of marriage. Catholic marriage preparation classes are called “pre cana” classes in reference to the city of Cana, where our Lord performed His first public miracle at a wedding at Cana.

Catholic marriage preparation classes, such as those offered by, focus on marriage as a sacrament, not a regular civil ceremony. Classes cover the purpose of marriage, the responsibilities of husbands and wives, the importance of Catholic vows, the teaching of the Church by Fr.

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