Online Burlesque Classes
Online Burlesque Classes

Online Burlesque Classes

Online Burlesque Classes – Hi! Josephine here. Principal of the Arabesque Burlesque Academy. Welcome to our world of spanks and sparkles! Let’s start with a simple question. How are you enjoying your burlesque class?

Our video library is stocked with more than FIVE THIRTY different classes given by many teachers in French and English.

Online Burlesque Classes

You can choose a burlesque fitness class or learn a choreography step by step and prepare a show for your lover!

St Century Burlesque — Arabesque Burlesque

Your first month FREE! Sign up for our Vimeo channel and get the first month for $0. If the link doesn’t work for you, simply use the code “Top50Rocks” to apply the discount. Remember that you must sign up with your credit card (not PayPal) to take advantage of this promotion!

I started following your classes a few days ago and what fascinates me the most is that I can laugh at myself. Being able to stop the seriousness and that it’s okay to do things in exotic and over the top ways! So a big thank you!

I just finished this course and absolutely loved it. This is exactly the type of movement/stretch/wellness class I was looking for and am so glad I signed up. Thanks for teaching!

My ass didn’t think that shimming for so long could make me sweat so much and hurt so much?? I LOVE your video on demand channel <3

Empowerment In Heels Powered By Miss Marquez

The drop-in classes are perfect for beginners or people with variable schedules. For this session, Drop-in Classes will be offered BOTH in the studio when possible (limited spaces with social distancing, 12 spaces per week available and must be reserved in advance!) and Live Online (using Zoom).

Never tried a drop-in course? Now is your time to explore. Your first drop-in course is only $10!

Please dress in stretchy workout clothes and either bring indoor shoes to dance in or be prepared to dance barefoot.

For our winter 2021 session, we are offering a range of specialty workshops every Monday evening through January and February! From makeup to costumes to movement… we’re inspired!

Ready, Steady, Shimmy

Please register and prepay online with a credit card if you would like to reserve one of our 12 in-studio spaces.

Cancel your participation in the class (by phone or email) at least 1 hour before the start of your class and you can reschedule your registration for a later time. Payments cannot be refunded.

Due to limited space in the studio and high demand (particularly during the social distancing measures in place), you must cancel your paid reservation at least 12 hours before the start of the class in order to use your purchased class at a later date. Any cancellations less than 12 hours in advance will be charged to your account as if you had attended the course. Reservations canceled more than 12 hours before the class starts will keep the credit for that class in your account, ready to be used anytime before the payment option expires.

Find out the latest workshop details and schedule, then purchase a package that includes more than one workshop. Great deals when you buy more than one workshop! Just like you, the burlesque world is constantly growing and changing. It expresses our cultural changes and your personal developments.

I’m A 40 Year Old Mum Of Four But Feel Sexier Than Ever Doing Online Burlesque Shows And Classes’

At the Academy of Burlesque we encourage you to create what feels right for you: the music, the moves, the outfit, the personality.

Be who you want A cheeky seductress. A cheeky kitty. A cowpoke with a penchant for rope play.

You can be sexy and wild and defiant and wild. They can be shy, cheeky, weird, or weird (we love weird).

The crowd is yours. They appreciate every inch of your flesh and delight in every drop of your creativity.

Pussy Magic Burlesque — Gaea Lady

Video modules are shared at registration to allow students to work at their own pace. Regular coaching calls with the Academy staff support your progress and keep you motivated!

From Aristotle to Inga, we’ll trace burlesque’s rough beginnings to its dodgy heyday and keep you up to date on the resurgence of neo-burlesque!

Character makes the performer! You define your name and backstory, creating an alter ego that you can slip on like a rhinestone glove.

Nude, scene, burletta – whatever you call it, this is where it gets down to business! You’ll craft your performance in this action-packed module with music, story, and a dazzling conclusion!

Scots Mum Runs Burlesque Classes Online To Help With Mental Health After Suffering Breakdown In Lockdown

Striptease techniques are tricky and tempting! In this module we will learn how to bump, grind, shimmy & shake as well as exfoliate and reveal like an excellent ecdysiast!

Everyone’s favorite glittery piece! This is where glitter meets the glue gun! But more than glittery bits, we’ll learn the tried-and-true techniques of quick-release costumes – the tricky tips that will only make bits flap when you want them to!

Sexy is super serious. Y/K! It’s totally fun and totally funny! The very definition of ‘burlesque’ is making fun of something – and in this module we’ll learn how to hit with seriously witty humor.

Even the finest costume and most exquisite performer can fail without a glittering stage presence! We’ll perfect facial expressions, prime our energy for the audience’s ecstasy, and learn how to project an aura of absolute confidence (even when we’re scared!).

Seyyide Sultan: Belly Dance Artist In Boston

Whether or not you perform at the end of this module, you’ll be ready to take the stage! You’ll understand your artistic process, have an arsenal of information on how live theater works, AND you’ll be chock-full of all the basics of performing arts you need to communicate confidently with a technical team and come across like a true professional!

When you take Burlesque 101, you’ll become part of an exclusive group of sparkling, up-and-coming burlesque starlets on our private Facebook community: The Sparkle Bunny Club!

Deluxe students receive live group coaching with academy staff and join Indigo’s private FB group! (Cohorts are planned to hone and refine your appearance!)

**All group coaching sessions take place via Zoom and are recorded! Don’t worry if you have to miss the group calls, you can still see the recordings later!

Frills, Feathers, And Phone Screens: How Burlesque Is Thriving Online

I’m Indigo Blue and I’m passionate about burlesque and transformation. For the last 20 years I have dedicated my life to teaching, performing, breathing and thinking about burlesque. And in that time I’ve had the honor and opportunity to share the magic of burlesque with thousands of people.

I’ve seen incredible transformations – and what never ceases to amaze me is how powerful burlesque is. With a little idea, a little time and some glitter, you can change your life!

I love working with beginners – people who have little to no experience of burlesque, some of whom have never been on stage before… EVER.

I love that by learning how to take an idea and turn it into a really stage-worthy storyline, the students learn a lot more about themselves than they ever thought possible.

Online Burlesque & Body Confidence

As we work together, you’ll gain confidence, have sooo much fun, and learn to love and appreciate the parts of your body you haven’t even looked at since 2008!

I am so excited to meet you, work with you and support you on your burlesque journey.

Miss Indigo Blue was named to 21’st Century Burlesque’s Top 50 Burlesque Performers for 10 Years.

Moscato Extatique “The Them Fatale of Burlesque” is the Duchess of the Noire Pageant 2020! They are classically trained dancers and award winning choreographers from Seattle, WA. Moscato is a quarter of the Best Troupe award-winning Mod Carousel and dancer for House of Verlaine and BenDeLaCreme. You are the first non-binary person to be inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame as Miss Exotic World! Basically they are THE CAT’S PAJAMAS.

Online Dancehall Classes

INGA is Miss Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2018. Since joining Seattle’s burlesque community in 2005, Inga has performed worldwide and is currently a cast member of The Atomic Bombshells and a dancer for BenDeLaCreme. In addition to her Miss Exotic World 2018 title, INGA was crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas 2011 at Viva Las Vegas. She continues to tour and perform nationally and internationally.

That little voice in your head? The one who tells you that you just have to try? That you want to do something nice for yourself? That you want joy, confidence, and yes, applause?

At the Academy of Burlesque, we believe fun is sexy. And we know the world is waiting for you.

So if a part of you is thinking, “One day I’ll have a chance to break free…and really be myself,”

Miss Maple Rose — Fan Dance Technique (adv Level) At Maison Burlesque

Claim your crowd and get ready to shine, dear. Because we’ve been providing expert support to hundreds of aspiring burlesquers for 17 years. And now we are here for YOU.

I learned a lot from burlesque. It opened my mind… I don’t know how a six week course did it, but it worked. (So ​​thank you!)

You don’t have to be perfect! It made such a difference being who I am and being accepted for it. It was a huge transformation!

When I finally went to class, it was exciting! It made me more confident. I only wish I had started earlier

Online Street Dance Classes & Lessons

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