Online Breakdance Classes

Online Breakdance Classes

Online Breakdance Classes – Due to COVID guidelines and restrictions currently in place in Bucks and Montgomery counties, the FDA will offer virtual Zoom dance classes in June and July. Dancers and teachers were able to keep dancing together over the summer, which wasn’t what we wanted!

Registration is done monthly, and classes with enough dancers registered will run that month. Be sure to sign up. Find out how many dancers will be in each class.

Online Breakdance Classes

Please mail all tuition fees to the studio. Also, if anyone knows about vacations, etc., I would be happy to accommodate your schedule regarding tuition fees. We are constantly monitoring the COVID situation and will update everyone once it is acceptable and safe for all FDA staff and dancers to return to physical studios!

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The Freestyle Dance Academy is regularly voted Best of Bucks County Dance in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. /contemporary, tap, etc. FDA provides professional dance staff with quality dance education to the communities of Warrington, Chalfont and Doylestown. The Freestyle Dance Academy is a place for both recreational dancers and serious pre-pro her dancers, offering students a variety of classes her tracks and opportunities based on their personal interest in dance. increase.

This entry was posted in freestyle dance news, local, rescheduling and closures, uncategorized and tagged ballet, bboy, best dance studio, best of bucks, best of bucks county, bgirl, breakdance, bucks County, Chalfont, Contemporary, Dance, Dance Classes, Dance Studios, Dancers, Doylestown, Freestyle, Freestyle Dance Academy, Hip Hop, Jazz, Kids, Montgomery County, Registration, Summer, Tap, Teens, Toddlers, Warrington. After Ronnie Avaldonado’s breakdance studio closed for more than 70 days during the statewide coronavirus shutdown, Distrct Arts isn’t just open to the public. it is thriving.

In 2008, the dancer known as Bboy Ronnie and his dance his group Super Cr3w won their second season.

On MTV. He is also a Red Bull BC One All-Star in his own right, taking his number one spot at the 2007 competition in South Africa.

Best Hip Hop Dance Classes In Nyc For Adults Of All Levels

Today Abaldonado competes with many breakdance crews (Full Force, Super Cr3w, 7 Commandoz, SuperWockeez) and for the past 12 years the B-Boy has taught kids of all ages how to best breakdance. rice field.

Abaldonado first launched his studio, District His Arts, in his Tropicana Avenue shopping center in the same East that housed the now-defunct Liberace Museum. Since opening in 2012, Distrct Arts has moved across Tropicana to Fort Apache in the West Valley, but nothing has managed to prepare Avardonado for 2020.

In March, Distrct Arts was closed for more than his two months as the city went into lockdown due to his COVID-19. Abaldonado has moved all of his studio’s programming online and continues to offer virtual classes, even holding Zoom workshops and his online contests.

“During the pandemic, we were feeding local students,” he says. He created a “Red Bull-sponsored summer break where he created camps and collaborated with other dance studios across America.”

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Students could use the content for free, allowing Breakers to learn from the best B-Boys and B-Boys around the world.

Distrct Arts reopened to the public in May, but limited capacity and added social distancing guidelines so students could once again practice breaking inside a physical studio. “We have been able to bring students back in comfort,” Avardonado said, adding that online classes will continue to be available for those who are immunocompromised or who want to limit interaction during the pandemic.

In addition to breaking, Distrct Arts also offers youth ballet and jazz dance classes, yoga, his hourly studio rentals for instructors and choreographers, and more. It’s also where Super Cr3w rehearses and the choreographers of Mariah Carey and Britney Spears are known to drop by.

Coming to the studio, he says, offers a more dynamic experience than what students and dancers can get online. “It’s a more intimate energy, and motivation varies greatly from individual to individual. You can directly feel what the movement looks like.”

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Avardonado said his students are looking to further hone their skills after spending most of 2020 at his home. With the Summer Olympics set to take place in Paris in 2024, it could be the first year that breakdancing is considered an official Olympic sport.

“Everyone really wants to practice and improve their game,” he says. “The Olympics are just around the corner. We are trying to mentally prepare [students] for the future World Games.”

Ultimately, Abaldonado said, Distrct Arts is about community, from teaching young people to providing a space for dancers of all backgrounds to express themselves. We try to support the community in the best possible way,” he said. “We know many studios are closed, so we’re trying to reach out to anyone willing to join us.”


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Hip Hop Dance Classes |Experience Hip Hop |Discover How to Dance to the Rhythm|Boost Your Self-Esteem and Learn to Dance With Confidence! Book Your Class Now. Homeschool online programs are available. We also host workshop events, school functions and birthday parties. Learn today.

*Depending on the weather, some sessions will take place at public parks Pershing Field Park and Van Vorst Park in Jersey City, NJ.

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Adult Sessions: In adult classes, participants learn how to dance to the beats and rhythms of Hip Hop girlfriend music in a non-judgmental environment. Participants can dance to build self-esteem, get off on the floor, and learn the moves you’ve always wanted to do… building strength fitness and the confidence to do it.

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Kid’s Sessions: Children’s classes teach children how to find beats and dance to the sounds of hip-hop and funk. Learn how to get down safely to the ground and be able to organize your movements through basic steps and movements, also known as breakdancing. Performance/competition opportunities are available to intensive students throughout the year.

Learnings and Conditions Bboy Bgirl power moves and freezes including headspins, air flares, freezes, UFOs, crickets, spins, double leg flares, handstands, 90’s, halos, pinwheels and more

All Ages Hip Hop Dance Fitness & Toning Bboying, Bgirling, Breaking, Rocking aka Breakdancing “Classes” & “Lessons” *ask* Parent & child classes

Works from November 2009 to 2022. Nothing But Knowledge, LLC. NBK201.COM is currently active as BBOY BGIRL LIFESTYLE

Youth Hip Hop

*All “music” used on our pages, video clips, facilities and in our presence is under fair use for the purpose of listening to us or learning through dance. The music we use to dance is intended for self-knowledge self-education about how to move to sound in a certain way, be it breaking, bowing, or bi-girling. We do not claim music or sell music.

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Adult Sessions: In adult classes, participants learn how to dance to the beats and rhythms of Hip Hop girlfriend music in a non-judgmental environment. Participants will be able to build self-esteem through dance, get “down” on the floor, and learn the moves you’ve always wanted to do… building the strength, fitness, and confidence to make it happen.

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Kid’s Sessions: Children’s classes teach children how to find beats and dance to the sounds of hip-hop and funk. You can learn how to get down to the ground safely and organize your movements through breaking, also known as breakdancing

Zoom class options:

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