Online Boxing Classes Uk
Online Boxing Classes Uk

Online Boxing Classes Uk

Online Boxing Classes Uk – TIB® is an innovative and unique boxing training formula that revolves around the use of technical boxing exercises and training, allowing participants of all levels to learn, develop and refine boxing skills and abilities.

These drills and workouts also improve coordination, strength, speed, balance agility and increase mental performance, and were developed by our founder and International Amateur Boxing Champion Carlos ‘Special One’ Moreno.

Online Boxing Classes Uk

The unique aspect of this training program is that it applies a wide variety of new and old school boxing training exercises and techniques. Through TIB® we help our clients understand the importance of learning good techniques and applying this technique during training. Through our unique technical exercises, we reinforce proper punching through careful repetition and concentration, which will help you refine your movements and improve your technique and fitness.

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IBXT® will see you practice a variety of other exercises alongside boxing. With our unique IBXT® training you can expect a much stiffer challenge where you will not only learn boxing but cross-train with kettle bells, battle ropes, dumbbells, sprints, skipping and more! All exercises from IBXT® are designed to help you improve specific aspects of your fitness related to your boxing performance such as speed, agility, strength, power, coordination, etc. This makes you fitter, faster and stronger, which in turn translates directly into improving your boxing ability as all exercises are specific to eliminating your weaknesses and building on your strengths.

FIGHT CAMP participants will be given the opportunity to participate as a competitor in our exhibition shows so if you want to be a contender, train hard.

We now offer boxing classes for kids at our Dalston branch and will soon be rolling it out to our other branches.

This class is suitable for children aged 5 to 17, and the participants will be separated and assigned training according to the age group they fit into, which are 5-8 years, 8-12 years and 12-17 years.

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This class will teach them boxing skills and keep them active with fun and interactive workouts based on our popular TIB and IBXT boxing workouts.

Parents will be asked to agree to our child protection policy and will be required to sign permission for their children to train with our instructor.

All participants will be required to wear boxing pads which can be purchased at the gym for £12.50 and other equipment will be provided.

Suitable boxing hand wraps will be required for this class, which you can buy from our studio for £15.

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Please note that you must attend all classes booked. If you need to cancel a session you must do so with 5 hours notice or you will be charged a late cancellation fee of £8.

If you are on a trial membership you must still give 24 hours notice to cancel lessons otherwise you may be charged a late cancellation fee of £4 and/or lose your membership.

Please note that all services purchased have an expiration date, including lessons, PT sessions, gift cards, trial services, memberships and all of our services.

Please note the expiration dates of any services you purchase as we have a strict no refund policy for expired services. The academy courses (online or face-to-face) are designed to give extensive knowledge to any personal trainer, boxing, sports trainer, or martial arts trainer, so that they can teach their client/fighter optimal and safe boxing technique or any boxer who wants to fine-tune his boxing skill. Each boxing technique is legally divided into several videos, so you get a detailed understanding of each element.

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It is important to understand how a boxer’s body works, to enable the delivery of great effective sessions to make you stand out as one of the best in the industry, so that you can build a successful business. Alternatively, you may want to make sure your boxing skill is the best it can be so you can improve your boxing game.

® Round 1 and Round 2 courses not only train you how to thoroughly understand boxing and break down each technique, we teach you about injury prevention for both boxer and trainer, the correct way to train boxing technique and hold pads, and how to endlessly develop combinations. Courses cover in-depth anatomy and physiology, mental training, joint health, strength and conditioning exercises to help maintain client/boxer/coach strength, communication skills and how to design group and one-on-one sessions. Alongside, you will receive a comprehensive online book covering every aspect of the course. Each technique in the book will be accompanied by links to additional technical videos. It gives you brilliant resources after the course to help make you an even better coach.

® BOXING FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: We also run an ONLINE BOXING FUNDAMENTALS COURSE, covering how to punch effectively, defend yourself and move efficiently around the ring. This is a non-CPD course, so you won’t get a certified pad holder certificate like you do on the Round 1 and 2 courses, but it will fine tune your boxing skill to be the best it can be.

We give you vital information on how to get the best out of any client or boxer you train or simply have more knowledge for your training. All students will also have free access to CPD courses at Active IQ Skills Center and a discounted rate with CIMSPA professional membership plus discounts on all courses at Study Active and Fibodo. See partners page for details.

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Online Courses: Below is information about online courses. We also operate round 1, round 2 ONLINE courses and a basic ONLINE boxing course.

Live courses: For information on LIVE/face-to-face courses ® Round 1 and Round 2 as well, please click here.

You can purchase cycle 1 and cycle 2 courses together at a discounted price (both online or face-to-face).

Round 1 and Round 2 are approved by ACTIVE IQ, CIMPSA and the British Control Board. You will receive 10 CPD points upon passing the course.

Boxing Fitness Certification Live & Online Course

Monthly membership is available for ongoing information from all aspects of boxing training to interviews, and technical breakdowns of fights, monthly downloads of boxing programs and weights.

A comprehensive guide to boxing from history, anatomy/physiology, injury prevention, boxing technique to the correct way to train and hold pads. This is an excellent course for anyone who wants to teach proper boxing skills including footwork and combinations. Once completed and passed you will receive an accredited certification from our respective governing bodies needed to teach excellent boxing sessions to anyone. Over 60 technical boxing videos.

A more advanced guide to boxing. This is an excellent course for anyone wanting to teach more advanced punch pad work with clients. You will gain a deeper understanding of more advanced boxing techniques and training including defensive boxing work, body striking and advanced footwork. Once completed and passed you will receive an accredited qualification from our respective governing bodies, required to teach more advanced boxing sessions. Over 80 technical boxing videos.

Learn the basics of boxing technique with Team ®. Access over 45 detailed training videos to improve your boxing game. This course covers punches, defensive work and footwork, along with a boxing training program, combination exercises and warm-ups. Note: This course does not include how to hold pads

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With over a decade of experience as a professional athlete in one of the toughest sports in the world, Cathy now uses her expertise to develop the mental and physical strength of her clients. She also provides requested commentary to international media outlets on a variety of health, fitness and wellness topics. Kathy has been at the forefront of women’s boxing and works with passion and determination to educate people about the beauty of the sport. Kathy was fortunate to find Adam Booth as a coach throughout her professional boxing career, and was mentored and mentored by him for 8 years. As a professional boxer, she reached the top of her field, won titles in English and Europe and was ranked third in the world. Before receiving her professional boxing license, she fought in over 25 kickboxing competitions, winning two British titles. Kathy has also earned the nickname “The Soul Coach”, thanks to her long-term interest in the close relationship between mental and physical well-being – leading to her unique combination of physical training and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). She has written columns for Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Runner’s World – and has appeared in The Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Financial Times, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Elle, Cosmopolitan, “Harper’s Bazaar”, “Friendship”, “Women”. Fitness, and zest. Cathy brings more than 24 years of fighting and training experience to this ® course.

Greg grew up in a competitive martial arts family, learning and competing in full contact sports from a young age. He traveled the world to develop his knowledge and training skills in the arts of Judo, Aikido and Muay Thai, in addition to boxing. now a

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