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So you decided to become a real estate appraiser, that’s great! But first you must fulfill the qualifying assessment courses. This is the prerequisite for being licensed as a trainee appraiser in most states.

Online Appraisal Classes

But with so many educational institutions out there, which one should you choose? I did extensive research and believe McKissock Learning would be a great learning center to take your real estate appraisal courses. Top 7 Reasons Why I Like The Real Estate Courses Offered By McKissock Learning

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You certainly don’t want to waste hours studying and paying the tuition fee for a course that the assessment board doesn’t even recognise. For a class credit to count towards the qualifying education requirement, it must be administered by an approved education provider.

I checked many assessment board official websites, I saw that McKissock Learning is listed as an approved education provider in most states. 2) Company size, infrastructure and history

To avoid unforeseen administration problems, I prefer education providers with long teaching experience. McKissock has a long history of providing assessment education. They were one of the pioneers in this field starting in the early 1990s.

When I read on McKissock’s team profile, they have a large team of over 200 employees in the company. With so many support staff I’m sure they can provide the support you need.

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With its advanced IT infrastructure, students can take their courses online anytime and anything at their convenience. This can definitely save a lot of unnecessary travel time.

Many students have trouble focusing in a traditional classroom setting after a certain period of time. McKissock online courses can give you the flexibility to read the course content at a different time.

I contacted a certified home appraiser from Michigan. He said he enjoyed the classes and signed up for 28 hours of CE to renew his license. But the next day, he accepted two appraisal assignments averaging $475 each.

Since these are online courses, it gives him the flexibility to take them after work. 3) Specializes in teaching in the property industry

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Although there are other assessment education providers, many of them also diversified their focus and resources into other industries.

The professions in the property industry have become more complex and heavily regulated. It is important that an education provider can constantly keep up to date with all the new rule and regulation changes, and knows the industry extremely well.

McKissock Learning specializes in offering online courses to students who want to start their careers in the real estate industry. For example, they have qualifying training for valuers, property sales, home inspectors and surveyors, all of which are nicely correlated to the property industry.

This laser-focused business model should give them a competitive edge over other learning institutions. 4) Instructors with actual assessment experience

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A person can remember all the recipes to make a dish, but without the actual kitchen experience, they can never teach you how to be a good cook.

Being a real estate appraiser involves a ton of hands-on work, you need someone with actual appraisal experience to lecture you. Otherwise, the course material may be too theoretical and not applicable in the real world of work.

The McKissock instructors are not only good teachers, but they also have many years of experience in professional assessment. This includes expertise in assessment for both residential and commercial property.

I spoke with a real estate appraiser in Pennsylvania. He had a great time taking classes from instructors Dan Bradley and Wally Czekalski.

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I am sure you will benefit from their real-world assessment experience, which can help you excel in your career.5) Wide range of courses

When choosing an education provider, I don’t like to go through the hassle of taking courses from different learning centers. This would only complicate the administrative process and end up making more requests for the transcripts at license registration.

McKissock has a wide selection of qualified appraisal courses. As long as your state board has no restrictions on online classes, they basically have every course you need to get all of your appraiser licenses. This includes the licenses to become an apprentice appraiser, licensed residential appraiser, certified residential appraiser and certified general appraiser.

Not only do they have all the pre-license classes, but they also have continuing education courses to fulfill your license renewal in the future. 6) Tuition

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As for the price of the courses, I see it ranging from a low of $200/course to a high of $780/course. Generally, the more course material involved, the higher the tuition.

I think the price is reasonable. To illustrate our view, let’s do the math. I see it is a course with 15 hours of educational content and the price is $209.95. When you split the price of the hours of course materials, you pay only $14 for each hour of course content.

Of course, only you can say whether this is a good investment for your career or not. But the average appraisal fee for a residential property can easily be $400 to $500 these days. So the fee you get from just working on 1 to 2 assessments can already be enough to cover a course. 7) Student satisfaction

At the time of writing this post, McKissock received a whopping 474,316 reviews. Of which over 87% were positive comments. This education provider had an outstanding 4.3 stars out of 5.

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A student from Colorado said the lessons were very clear and the real-life examples were helpful. The classes helped refresh her memory of important appraisal rules and changing regulations. This gives her peace of mind that her work is always up to date.

Another appraiser from Connecticut stated that the courses had greatly improved his knowledge and now he is much more confident in accepting assignments that he would not have felt comfortable with before.

Click here to read more student reviews (**) Don’t forget the discount code “NYNC35”. Terms and conditions may apply. Here are some of my McKissock finds

I created a poll about an online professional group for appraisers. I asked members how they would rate McKissock based on their experience taking their assessment courses.

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Although this is a small sample with only 37 respondents, the result is very similar to the rating shown on the McKissock website.

I also spoke directly to several appraisers. Many expressed that the course design is user-friendly, easy to navigate and had all the necessary information. Online education can be very beneficial at times and they like the webinars.

Some students have taken their courses since the Live Class days and continue to show satisfaction with the program. The Bottom Line

Finding the right training provider is the first step to success in your real estate appraisal career. When choosing one, it is important to consider various factors such as company size, infrastructure, instructor experience, course selection, and most importantly, the satisfaction of the existing students.

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Based on all of the above criteria, I think McKissock Learning would be an excellent choice. If you want to find out more, just follow this link. (**)

When you land on their website, you can select the “state” you want to get your license from and see course availability.

I hope you find this post helpful and wish you all a successful career in the real estate appraisal industry.

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Disclaimer: The information in this post is for general information only and is not intended to provide any advice. They are subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed to be error-free. For complete and accurate details, please contact the assessment board in your state.

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