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Nova Classes Online

Nova Classes Online – This is required when sign-in is selected and/or you are not logged into your NSU email on the same browser.

If Enter Secure is used to sign in instead of “Sign-in”, you have already completed this step.

Nova Classes Online

Step2 Enter your password, verify your email is correct, then click Next, follow the instructions and complete the remanding process accordingly.

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You will be taken to the registration page, (if not done before, you must read and accept the Student Enrollment Agreement Form (SEA) to register, click the link here to see the steps)

FYI If a desired position is not listed, it has not yet been made available for registration, contact your program office for more information on term availability.

After selecting a position you will be taken to the Add/Drop worksheet. Use one of the 2 options to complete the worksheet

Type CRNs for the courses you want in the enter box, click +Add another CRN to add multiple CRNs at once. When you’re done add to the summary, click Submit at the bottom right.

Renegade (nova Online #2)

* Please note: CRNs are usually 4- or 5-digit numbers. They do not precede a subject. Example: For the course TECH 1110, “1110” is not the CRN for the course. Enter one 5-digit CRN per box.

If you receive the error: “Course is not within the date range for part of the term” it usually means that registration for this course has been closed. You may need to contact your academic advisor for assistance.

If you are unable to register for your classes or complete a course drop online, you can use

If you experience any technical issues during the registration process, please call the Shark IT Contact Center at 954-262-4357.a. Name – Enter your current, full legal name using uppercase and lowercase letters. If you reapply and your name changes, you will not be able to enter the new name. Enter your previous name and contact the Student Services Center to change it after submitting your application.

Student Tech Tips

C Social Security Number – You are not required to provide your Social Security Number, but it is highly recommended. If not, access to many services will be limited, tax reporting information will not be available, and financial aid is required.

E College you are planning to attend – Select the college you are planning to attend. (eg Northern Virginia Community College for NOVA)

F Types of Classes You Will Enroll in – Select CREDIT Career if you plan to enroll in classes for which you will receive college credit. Choose a non-credit career (workforce development) if you plan to enroll in non-credit or workforce development classes for which you will earn continuing education units or no college credit.

I Have you previously attended, applied for admission to, or been employed at any Virginia Community College – If you have previously attended, applied for admission to, or been employed at a Virginia Community College, you have a current student ID.

The Nova Studio

K If you are a new student and have never been affiliated with any Virginia community college, select No.

A Mailing Address – Enter the street number and name on the first line. Enter the apartment number on the second line. Do not add both a street address and a PO Box.

C You have lived in Virginia for the past 12 months – select yes or no. If not, select the state or country of your previous residence.

D Email Address – If you do not have an email address, leave it blank. If you have one, enter it.

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For Ethnicity, Gender, Citizenship, Primary Language, and Military Status, select the appropriate values. Non-U.S. Citizens must provide immigration documents regarding their status to the Student Services Center.

Note: Department of Defense Overseas High Schools can be selected from the State drop-down under the High School Lookup Armed Forces.

If you want to pursue a degree, certificate or diploma, select a plan from the drop-down box. If you are currently in high school or homeschooled, you may not choose a plan to graduate at this time. Select the option ‘I am not currently planning to pursue a degree’.

If you do not intend to pursue a degree, certificate, or diploma, select a reason for taking the class. If you are currently in high school or homeschooled, you must choose one of these options for dual enrollment: 041 (high school and college credit), 042 (college credit or homeschool only), 043 (both dual credit and college credit) or 04A ( Adult Alternative Secondary Schools for students over 21 years of age).

Welcome To Nova Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment Student Orientation Ppt Download

Apply – This will take you to the Residency Determination Questionnaire, which will determine if you are eligible for in-state or out-of-state tuition. All Virginia residents and non-residents must complete a Domicile Determination Questionnaire.

What to do if you are unable to submit the online application or you receive some error messages while trying to apply using the online application?

Your next step after applying as a new student is to attend New Student Orientation (NSO). At NSO you will be advised, register for classes and get other important information such as available student resources, your student ID and parking permit. Northern Virginia Community College has been offering distance learning opportunities to students for over 40 years through NOVA. Classes offer students the opportunity to take the same courses taught on campus in a hands-on learning format. We offer classes in more than 50 academic disciplines, and NOVA’s more than 30 academic degree and certificate programs can be completed. More than 20,000 students take classes through NOVA each year.

The instructional design team works with NOVA faculty to create successful teaching and learning experiences based on research-based best practices. The instructional design team provides comprehensive support for the creation, refinement and delivery of quality courses.

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Librarians also collaborate with faculty to develop course-specific content that is embedded in many courses and includes live and recorded webinars, discussion forums, and video tutorials. Librarians also serve as virtual sources for guidance and instruction on research, citation, copyright, and other library-related topics.

NOVA faculty have access to a variety of training and resources, including the Virtual Professional Development Center, a comprehensive professional development space that is the go-to place for resources that help teachers use technology in teaching.

A growing number of our classes are using high-quality, openly licensed educational materials, eliminating the need to purchase textbooks. NOVA received the 2014 WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award from the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, which recognizes colleges, universities and institutions that apply exceptionally creative, technology-based solutions to contemporary challenges in higher education. NOVA received the award for its innovative OER-based collaborative degree project, a comprehensive approach to addressing access, affordability and student success through the use of open educational resources. Studies show that students who receive college credit while still in high school. Likely to graduate and continue their education beyond high school.

Dual enrollment is an enrichment opportunity that allows high school/home schooled students to earn college credit for courses taken through NOVA while enrolled in high school. As a dual-enrolled student, you are enrolled in both high school (or home school) and NOVA.

About Nova Online

NOVA’s dual enrollment program is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment and Partnerships (NACEP). NOVA is the only institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia to hold this distinction.

High school juniors and seniors or home-school equivalents are eligible to participate in dual enrollment classes. To take these courses you must demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics.

The VCCS policy allows colleges to consider exceptional freshman and sophomore students who demonstrate readiness for college-level courses through the colleges’ established institutional policies. Each underclass student will be considered on a case-by-case basis. See the Enrollment Section or the Dual Enrollment Handbook for specific information.

Dual enrollment can give students the opportunity to advance their education by enrolling in college courses early. This allows students to progress toward their next educational goal without having to wait until high school graduation. Studies show that students who earn college credits while in high school are more likely to graduate from high school and continue their formal education.

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Students can take dual enrollment classes at the NOVA campus, NOVA online, or at certain high schools.

What People Are Saying About Dual Enrollment “NOVA’s DE has been the cornerstone of my son’s rapid academic progress and, more importantly, his sense of self as a capable contributing member of society. NOVA courses challenged him to succeed in high school, beyond high school. —Arlington parent “My son is double majoring in electrical engineering and computer engineering, with a minor in mathematics. All of this was made possible for him by the 31 dual enrollment credits he received from NOVA, most of which he successfully transferred to Virginia Tech. His three AP classes (AP/BC Calculus, AP Computer Science, and AP Physics) helped him start his 2nd semester as a sophomore at Virginia Tech with 45 credits. That translates directly into three semesters of tuition, fees, and housing costs. —Arlington Parent Student Spotlight Nova Southeastern University strongly supports teaching and learning as well as enhancing student engagement, achievement, and academics.

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