Norwegian Online Classes
Norwegian Online Classes

Norwegian Online Classes

Norwegian Online Classes – What works best with basic Norwegian is if you already have Norwegian books (e.g. På Vei) followed by those with listening problems. If you don’t already have it, I’ll give you the material.

It is also best to follow the book at this level. The most common material is “Stein På Stein”. As in the second half of the main Norwegian, more emphasis is placed on verbal communication. You also get free text corrections with the lessons.

Norwegian Online Classes

By the time you reach this level, you already know Norwegian grammar and pronunciation. Then it’s good to follow the Her På Berget book or use the schedule without the book. Here we discuss current events.

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First, there are two groups of students who study without a useful book. First, you have to prepare for a test, for example Norskprove or Bergenstest. The second is at a higher level and students who like to use articles and authentic voices from Norwegian media.

* You can cancel the lesson up to 12 hours in advance. Fees for late cancellations are 1/2 the cost of the class.

* Payments may be made after several lessons. It can also be done with a Norwegian bank, Paypal or a Brazilian bank.

*Payment information will be sent after the first class – so you don’t need to think about it beforehand.

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* It is recommended to work hard, especially at the beginning. If you double your effort, the learning process will go twice as fast.

* Learn grammar and learn basic structures by writing and/or memorizing. Of course, you will get enough training in oral communication in the classes.

*Teacher’s instruction is a guide only. Of course, you can use the lessons for any type of study you like.

1. Yes, you can have more than 1 student in a class. The price remains the same. In my experience, it can be helpful if you both start from scratch. However, you will quickly progress to different levels of difficulty in different areas of the language.

Introduction To Old Norse

2. Yes, you can set a specific time each week. It’s actually easy for both of us.

3. The most common questions are how many classes to have. week. Usually 2 classes are good and 1 class is too little. However, one class may be enough if you read a lot between classes and have audio to listen to.

5. I do not give discounts for voice or use platforms other than Skype. The discount for individual classes is already cheaper.

6. My availability varies from season to season. I follow European time and have classes from 13:00 to 23:00, Norwegian time. To check availability – Check Calendar.

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7. If you have more questions or want to know more about the class schedule before booking a class, we can have a 30 minute (free) Skype meeting.

For inquiries, use the email below. I would be grateful if you could include your previous knowledge of the Norwegian language (if any). Learn Norwegian with an officially approved online course! This course effectively teaches you the basics of the Norwegian language, and you have all the freedom and flexibility you need to complete the course and the hours you need at your own pace.

Norwegian language courses are designed for adults who want to learn to speak, understand and use Norwegian, but offer flexibility in their studies.

The curriculum will start your journey to master the Norwegian language. Our goal is to help you develop practical conversation skills so you can use the language effectively and effortlessly.

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Simple Online combines the best of both worlds! With the flexibility of our Fast Track instructor and our free-to-play program, we offer you a course that anyone can participate in!

We conduct online classes in a virtual classroom to supplement self-study materials on our online platform. These include conversational exercises and open-ended topics.

An online Norwegian course will closely track your online study time and you can study as much as you want! If you need to complete the required 250 hours, you can do so here.

This course is a comprehensive self-study program that covers all aspects of Norwegian from beginner to advanced level (A2). You complete up to 12 hours of study time per week, including virtual classroom sessions.

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All students in this course are invited to join our virtual classroom sessions. These are hosted by experienced tutors and will provide interview practice and language preparation. Virtual classrooms are offered daily. Attendance of at least 2 x 45-minute virtual classroom sessions per week is required to count study hours from your coursework. See schedule.

Competence offers online language training for older immigrants by Norgeto. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate showing the total number of hours you have completed with us. You can use this certificate to apply to the UDI for permanent residence or citizenship. You can also use the certificate on job applications.

This course is for foreign immigrants who need to learn Norwegian and take the required 250 or 550 hours of language training.

Payment for this course is a monthly subscription, which means you pay every month. Your monthly payment will be automatically deducted from your card until you cancel or suspend your subscription. You can do this at any time from your membership page.

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Simply Online live classes are flexible and available almost every day. Focusing lessons on your desired skills or interests is a great way to get a more lively language experience.

Do you want to improve your Norwegian and expand your network in Norway? Join our social events, designed to give you the opportunity to speak and practice Norwegian with other people and have fun! It’s completely free and easy to register online and in our language centers.

Learn languages ​​easily and effectively. Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions or concerns! Learn basic Norwegian language skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening in this online course.

This is an introductory Norwegian course and does not take into account previous experience with Norway. The course will provide you with the tools to use

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As a listener, speaker, reader and writer in everyday situations related to daily events, food, weather, sports, clothing, health, likes/dislikes and travel. Authentic cultural materials are used wherever possible to enhance your understanding of the culture, attitudes and beliefs of the Norwegian people and their language.

The two main goals of this course are to increase your knowledge of the Norwegian language and to strengthen your ability to appreciate, interpret and communicate Norwegian in a global context. Specific Learning Outcomes for Learning:

Students take this course for 3 to 9 months from the enrollment period. You can work at your own pace and complete classes on your own schedule, submitting three assignments per week to make up the grade. This course has 22 lessons, including 5 tests using ProctorU Auto and 1 oral test with the teacher. You’ll work through the required readings, watch instructor videos, do homework, and complete quizzes and tests. Lesson Topics:

You can enroll anytime and you have 3-9 months to complete this online course. College credits you earn will be credited to your transcript during the semester you enroll.

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You can take this online course at your own pace. Some students thrive in this environment, while other students may struggle with setting their own deadlines. If you have previously successfully completed an independent study or correspondence course, you may be eligible to enroll at any time. Still not sure? Take our online quiz anytime to determine if online courses are right for you.

Enroll Online Anytime Complete your college degree with top-level communications, social sciences, or general studies programs. You can take classes 100% online by enrolling in courses anytime. Explore the apps

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As a student with us, you have daily access to live lessons in a virtual classroom, live broadcasts from traditional classrooms, recordings of past classes, and tons of online exercises you can do whenever you want. You can also take a placement test in a few weeks.

Learn Norwegian Online

Practice your Norwegian skills with other students under the guidance of an inspiring course instructor.

Online classes are instructor-led web conferences where students join from anywhere

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