Nevada Online Real Estate Classes
Nevada Online Real Estate Classes

Nevada Online Real Estate Classes

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Are you ready to check out the best real estate schools in Nevada? We’ve compiled a list of our top picks so you can find the school to start your real estate career. We’ve already reviewed the schools on our list for quality of instruction, user experience, cost, and more.

Nevada Online Real Estate Classes

To get started in real estate in Nevada, you must complete 120 hours of licensure courses. We’ve taken the grunt work out of choosing a Nevada real estate school so you’re one step closer to your exciting new career path.

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Before you choose an approved school from our list, remember that your real estate education doesn’t stop at your licensure course. To remain a real estate agent in Nevada, you must complete continuing education to renew your license, both in the first year as a licensed agent and every two years thereafter.

To help you find the school that’s right for you, we’ve broken down the types of course packages Nevada real estate schools offer. Below we share what you need to know about the courses available to potential and licensed real estate agents in Nevada.

To begin your real estate career in Nevada, you must complete 120 hours of coursework for licensure. The courses are divided into 90 hours of real estate principles and law and 30 hours of real estate contract and agency. The pre-licensing course packages on our list offer features such as exam preparation, instructor support, and career resources.

You will need some dedicated study time to feel confident about taking your Nevada licensing exam. Fortunately, Nevada real estate schools offer many exam preparation materials. The CE Shop  offers their Exam Prep Edge  with their three top tier packages and they even offer a free 5 day trial.

Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing Courses

In Nevada, you must complete 30 hours of post-licensing courses within the first year of becoming a real estate agent. Real Estate School of Nevada offers post-licensing courses, making them a one-stop shop for the first few years of your career.

After your first year as a real estate agent, you will enter a two-year renewal cycle where you must complete 36 hours of CE courses. Complete these required hours to renew your license every two years. Only 18 of the 36 hours can be completed online, and The CE Shop offers continuing education (CE) that you can complete online from the comfort of home.

You will be attending your real estate education in Nevada every two years, so it is important to choose a reliable school that you trust. Let’s review our list of top schools so you can choose the school that suits you.

Real Estate Express is a veteran in the online learning field, so you can be sure you’re getting top-quality instruction and features. The school has been in existence for 25 years, and they have served more than 520,000 students. They operate in 36 states, and their instructors are real estate, brokerage and property management professionals.

Online Las Vegas Real Estate School

BEST FEATURE: Our favorite feature is the great organization and ease of use of Real Estate Express. You can find everything you need on their online platform, from extra quizzes to flashcards. The course is structured in easy-to-understand chunks, making learning the material a breeze.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Real Estate Express specializes in self-paced online learning, so you won’t find live stream or in-class instruction options on their Nevada site. For those who prefer the accountability of a scheduled class, you may want to check out the Real Estate School of Nevada.

BOTTOM LINE: Real Estate Express offers comprehensive learning packages and fair pricing. You get what you pay for, with extra features and a platform that’s easy to navigate on any device you own.

The CE Shop’s name refers to its emphasis on providing continuing education, so it’s no wonder this school received our top vote for career resources. The CE Shop keeps your real estate journey in mind and creates packages that include your long-term career goals. Their materials are expertly designed and have high student satisfaction and pass rates.

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The CE Shop is the only school on our list that allows you to test their courses and features before you buy. Visit their website today!

The CE Shop has four affordable packages that range from the course only to a premium package that includes your post-license.

BEST FEATURE: We love that The CE Shop is thinking about your real estate career after you pass your licensing exam. They know that a commission-based career can feel complicated at first, so they’ve designed construction company courses that address everything you’ll want to know as you begin your new career in Nevada.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: You need to have some study skills and motivation on your side to get through a course that is 100% at your own pace. Unfortunately, The CE Shop does not offer live instructor support via Q&A sessions or live webinars. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out Real Estate Express and their packages.

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BOTTOM LINE: If you’re ​​​​looking for a self-paced online program and you’re excited about what’s to come after your licensing exam, you won’t be disappointed with The CE Shop’s carefully crafted courses.

Kaplanis a trusted school in the online learning arena with expert real estate instructors at the helm of their programs. In addition to online courses, Kaplan also offers its prelicensing courses as a home study program. Some students prefer the combination of online and textbook-based learning, so Kaplan provides.

Kaplan offers live online interactive study groups so you can join a group of prospective real estate agents who are going through the same process as you. The study groups are guided webinars, so you cover every part of the material you might be sitting on. Plus, you’ll connect with like-minded professionals for further resources for your career.

BEST FEATURE: Our favorite feature about Kaplan’s online packages are the online interactive study groups. This option is perfect for people who learn best when they are with other students, but still want the flexibility and convenience of learning at home.

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ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Kaplan’s pre-license packages could use a few more features, especially when you stack them up against the other schools on our list. We would like to see Kaplan offer some more exam preparation materials.

BOTTOM LINE: Choose Kaplan if you are looking for an online course, but are also looking for the benefits of group learning.

, you will run in Real Estate School of Nevada. They offer by far the most training options on our list. Real Estate School of Nevada (RESN) is the longest running local real estate school in the state and is conveniently located in Las Vegas.

Real Estate School of Nevada offers four different packages to accommodate students and online-only students who prefer in-person instruction.

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BEST FEATURE: We love how the Real Estate School of Nevada courses are designed. Each course includes short instructional videos that break down each concept into easy-to-learn parts. Plus, you get eBooks, practice exams, and quizzes at the end of each chapter. We also can’t leave out the job opportunities they offer once you’ve passed your licensing exam. They will connect you with hiring brokers and available positions in the area.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Since RESN offers post-licensure and continuing education, it would be great to see them offer packages that already include your post-licensure requirements. It would help to make them a one-stop shop for your real estate needs, especially if they offer a discount on bundled courses.

BOTTOM LINE: Real Estate School of Nevada is a veteran Las Vegas school with thoughtfully designed course materials. Their packages are a deal packed with great features, especially perfect for students who want in-person classes.

Do you have more questions? We’ve got you covered. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about Nevada real estate schools below. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, please help us out and let us know in the comment area below. We are always eager to hear from you!

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First, complete your 120-hour prelicensing course online or in person. You must be 18 years of age or older, live in the US and have a high school diploma. Once you’re done, you’ll need to apply for your licensing exam through the Nevada Real Estate Board. You must obtain a fingerprint criminal record and pass the licensing exam.

Once you pass, you will be eligible to apply for your Nevada real estate salesperson license and find a broker to work under.

You can choose an online real estate school to complete the 120-hour prelicensing course, and you can apply online for your licensing exam and your real estate license. You will need to take your state licensing exam in person at a PSI testing center.

It costs an average of $730 to get your Nevada real estate license. The most important cost variable is your course for licensure. You’ll save money if you keep your package simple, but you can also save money if you include features like exam preparation the first time and don’t have to retake the license exam. In addition to the course, there are a few fees you need to pay before you can start:

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It can take as little as a month and a

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