My Friend Got Into A Car Accident
My Friend Got Into A Car Accident

My Friend Got Into A Car Accident

My Friend Got Into A Car Accident – Alex Hobbs, 19, flipped his Ford Fiesta off the road in the early hours after hitting a traffic light.

A teenager got a friend to hit him in the face with a frying pan in a bid to convince police his car had been stolen after he hit it, a court heard.

My Friend Got Into A Car Accident

Alex Hobbs, 19, flipped his Ford Fiesta off the road in the early hours of the morning after hitting a traffic light.

Teenager Got Best Friend To Hit Him In Face With Frying Pan To Cover Up Car Crash

Hobbs, of Peterborough, Cambs, was appointed as a registered carer and officers visited the home but it was empty.

Later that day Hobbs called the police to report that he had been attacked and had his car stolen earlier that morning.

The police visited him to take a statement about the alleged robbery, but noticed that he was losing his memory.

Officers visited him again later that day, but this time Hobbs admitted that he was driving his car at the time of the accident, and confirmed that the theft story was a lie.

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He told the officer that he got his friend to hit him in the face with a pan to injure him and make his story of the robbery more believable.

However, he added that he stayed in the area and called the police before officers took him home.

Further investigation was conducted and Hobbs, who had no prior convictions, was served with a summons charging him with perverting the course of justice and fraud by false representation.

He pleaded guilty to fraud and another count of wasting police time at Cambridge Crown Court on Thursday, May 21.

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DC Paddy Reeve, who investigated, said: “Hobbs’ desire to flee the scene of the accident meant that an innocent person could have been arrested simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Having his friend deliberately hit him in the face with a frying pan to cause injury shows how far Hobbs was willing to go along with his lies.

“Hobbs apparently lied to the police and his insurance company to get a successful insurance claim.

“There is no reason for this behavior and wasting the police’s time in such a way. I am glad that justice has been found for him.”

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Hobbs was sentenced to a 12-month community order and ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work.

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My car was hit by another which caused significant damage but the insurance adjuster is still trying to claim me for the depreciation. Image: iStock

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My car was hit by another car causing significant damage (around €18,500 in repairs). Someone acknowledged all the faults and the car was fixed.

However, my question has to do with compensation for depreciation. The other party’s insurance only offers €1,500 in depreciation compensation while he says, technically, they don’t have to pay anything at all. My car costs €45,000-€50,000.

I believe that the damage caused has reduced the value of my car by more than €1,500 when it comes time to sell or trade it. From research and seeking external expert advice, the reimbursement of the reduced value is usually 10-20 percent, which is about €1, 874-€3, 748.

The cost of repairs is about 40 percent of the car’s value, which is huge. The acceptable amount would be to meet in the middle, which is 15 percent, I believe (€ 2, 811).

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The third party insurer has said that this is their final offer and, if I don’t agree with it, to bring it to the financial services ombudsman. However, the ombudsman said that since I am not a customer of the insurance company (being a third party), they cannot process my complaint.

My preference is to avoid the legal route because of the time and expense involved and seek compensation that is fair and acceptable to both parties.

Ah, the rigors of insurance. In part, they are not blessed with fame, in part, I suspect, because of a serious problem with transparency.

The subject of compensation for diminution of value is not an area that is frequently broached in this column, and I must admit that I did not go over it fully before your letter. It comes under other names as well, often called diminished value compensation.

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However, as a theory, it certainly makes sense. While it’s great that the insurance company has your car back together, the fact that it’s been in a serious accident will undoubtedly affect its resale value.

You are in a precarious position here. Through no fault of your own, your car was involved in an accident that required €20,000 worth of repairs. Even after the repair, you will be out of pocket for a long time when you go to trade in the car.

This is where a diminished value claim comes into play. The idea is that it should pay to cover you for the difference in the value of the car before the accident and its value after it has been completely repaired after the accident. However, incongruously for me, it is not actually calculated against the actual value of the car but as a percentage of the repair cost (before VAT is added).

You want the insurance company to stand by what you understand to be industry practice in covering you to some extent for the inevitable depreciation of your vehicle.

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But, as you’ve discovered, you’re in no-man’s land when it comes to asking for what you consider fair compensation.

Having spoken to people in the industry, it is clear that the rules for such diminished value claims can vary greatly from country to country. But, in Ireland, they confirm the general impression you got – that such compensation is generally calculated at 10-20 percent.

However, this depends on several factors – mainly the insurance involved and, seriously in your case, the age of the car.

In fact, the older the car, the lower the minimum insurance value. Worse, once they are past four or five years, insurers may not accept the claim at all.

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This seems to be evident in your case, where you say the insurer has told you that, technically, they don’t have to pay you anything at all under this heading.

I can see why you are talking about this. It’s clear from the costs involved here that your car is no ordinary saloon or garden but at the high end of the market. The fact that it is five years does not change the fact that it is a valuable asset. You say it has a sales value close to € 50,000. It is unreasonable to think that the history of being involved in a bad accident may knock 10 percent of this – close to € 5,000.

Insurers are bound by the Central Bank’s consumer protection code, which regulates them, to ensure that any offer they make to settle a claim is fair, takes into account all relevant factors and represents its best estimate of the agent’s reasonable right.

In general, where a person disputes the assessment of their insurer, the way is available to them – once they have completed the internal appeal system of the company – is the defender of financial services and pensions but, as you are not you found, this is only available where the dispute is between the individual and their insurance company – not third parties like you, even if the insurer represents the person who caused your damage.

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