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Mixology Classes Online – Fancy cocktail making doesn’t have to be intimate—obviously. Personally, I’ve always been a little nervous about making cocktails for my guests, which is why your girlfriend loves a good ready-to-drink cocktail. BUT I want to improve my mixology skills so I found a bunch of online mixology classes that I want to try and thought I’d share the list with you.

This mixology masterclass consists of three 90-minute sessions starting in May, led by expert Brooklyn bartender Matt Levy. It’s built around the holy trinity of whiskey, gin and vodka (along with delicious non-alcoholic recommendations) and each class focuses on the unique properties of one of these spirits and teaches you three masterful methods for turning them into creative cocktails: built, shaken and mixed.

Mixology Classes Online

Eventually you should be able to comfortably make a quality Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic and Salty Dog. It sounds intense, but what a great way to jump in.

Mixology Mastery: Online Mixology Course

This is another date-specific virtual cocktail class starting in June with three 60-minute class sessions with instructor Tori Pratt, a cocktail expert and entrepreneur whose recipe research inspired her pre-Prohibition cocktail syrups, which you’ll use in class .

During this class we will learn how to make the ultimate Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Sparkling French 75, Pomegranate Egg Roll, and Gin & Tonic. Plus how to use bar tools like a pro, create beautiful garnishes and how to come up with your signature cocktails.

This class sounds like so much fun and the perfect way to send off a Wednesday night once a month all summer long.

Smoky cocktails are hot (pun intended 😉) in fancy cocktail bars and with this cocktail master class you can start making them at home!

Historical Mixology: The American Cocktail Through Time With Derek Brown

Book a class with Brooklyn-based master mixologist Matt Levy for a live cocktail smoking class. Matt carefully selected three drinks to complement the flavors of the set. He’ll show you how to give each one its own unique, smoky dimension, while explaining how he creates balanced flavors in both the alcohol and non-proof versions of his recipes.

Amy K will teach you how to make three craft cocktails with our flavored simple syrup set: Cucumber Chili Margarita, Cherry Manhattan, Grapefruit Basil.

This virtual cocktail class is part of the MasterClass curriculum. I watched it a few years ago and learned so much – especially to “beat” the mint before putting it in the drink – and I think it’s time to watch it again. Teachers are so different from each other and have completely unique attitudes. Watching the two side by side making cocktails is so informative.

During the class you are taught the basics of cocktail making, from developing your palate to building a home bar. Learn how to mix the perfectly balanced drink for every occasion and mood – and become your friends’ new favorite bartender.

Byo Black History Mixology Class

I highly recommend this one. Plus, there are so many great skills and teachers on MasterClass, it’s the perfect platform to join when you’re eager to learn new things.

I hope you enjoy this list! Please note that if you decide to purchase any of these items using the links provided, we may collect a small portion of the sale. Cheers to making the best cocktails this summer!

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Our online classes follow a similar structure to our award-winning physical classes, which we’ve been running for over a decade. Your learned host will start by giving you some basic techniques, before taking you through a series of classic cocktails – giving and receiving feedback as we go. All this will be rounded off with a cocktail making competition, ensuring the experience is as relatable as possible.

Date Night Mixology Class Nyc. Fun Things To Do For Couples Nyc

We deliver all professional kit and ingredients individually boxed, straight to your door. All you need to provide is ice.

To get started, first decide whether you want to join a public class or, if there are six or more of you, set up your own private class. Choose from our range of different menus and class variants to customize your virtual teaching experience to best suit your tastes.

All the necessary equipment and ingredients are delivered directly to your door a few days before. The package also includes instructions on how to set up your bar station and how to make your own ice at home, which you should ideally do in advance.

On the day of your online class, we will send you a Zoom meeting invitation that will include a “waiting room”. Once everyone has checked in, your host will start the masterclass.

Corporate Mixology Workshops & Activities New York

Each of our interactive online mixology classes lasts approximately 30 minutes – 2 hours depending on the option you choose.

Your virtual host will walk around the group to make sure you’re all set, before introducing some of the key concepts behind cocktail making. Pour the pre-made reception cocktail into a glass with ice to enjoy during the introduction to class.

After everyone is set up, your host will walk you through each drink one at a time while guests try to recreate them as closely as possible before drinking. Between each cocktail, your host will go around each participant to get feedback on how their creation went. We have class options to make two, three or even four cocktails.

To round off your class, each bar will then go up against the others and get 8 minutes to produce their own cocktail creation, using the ‘mystery ingredients’ we include in your package, as well as any decorations you can find around your house.

Love Potion No. 9: Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Items you will need from the kitchen are a small knife and a small to medium sized cutting board. These are just ideal sizes – if you only have a meat cleaver and a tree trunk, these will still work.

Buy cocktail making vouchers now! Not sure when you want to join us? Shopping for someone else? Get yourself a gift voucher, redeemable at any of our public classes, held at our flagship location two days a week, 52 weeks a year. You’ll receive a beautifully presented voucher in the post and there’s also a PDF voucher option for digital download if you’re short on time! Buy Now (Instant Digital Download)

VIRTUAL COCKTAIL CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE! Inspired by the lockdown era, our virtual classes provide an environment where we can be social despite the distances between us. Learn to make cocktails from the comfort of your own home. Professional equipment and high quality ingredients delivered directly to your door, anywhere in the world. Classes are delivered on the Zoom platform as standard, with other options available! Click here to learn more.

The first step on your journey to an online mixology class is choosing the type of class that works best for you or your group.

Best Online Cocktail Making Classes

Our rotating selection of public appointment classes, held every Friday and Saturday evening from 6.30pm, are great for individuals, couples and smaller groups of five or less. You’ll join a group of like-minded people from around the world, with no more than 20 of you online at any one time, ensuring everyone gets a say!

We also offer our private lessons to larger groups of six or more. These classes allow for a much greater degree of customization in terms of beverage and menu choices, as well as flexibility in terms of timing. Get in touch with one of our team if you’d like to guide us privately, and they’ll tell you about your options.

Next, it’s our turn. When you make a booking with us – whether you’re taking a public or private class – we’ll take care of assembling your boxes and delivering them to you, wherever you are in the world.

A few days before the scheduled class, you will receive a box containing all the equipment and ingredients you need for the upcoming class. To date we’ve shipped our boxes nationwide as well as internationally, so if you’re not currently in the UK, don’t be put off.

Virtual Mixology And In Person Cocktail Classes


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