Millinery Classes Online

Millinery Classes Online

Millinery Classes Online – Lina Stein has united the male and female worlds under one hat and has combined a selection of HATTING & MILLINERY techniques to create a new kind of headgear! Don’t hesitate….come and see which way to go!!

Using one basic crown block, a flat wooden deck with plenty of steam and plenty of elbow pomade, you will learn to turn your beautiful hair into a hat style with sound and magic capable of captivating the world everywhere!! The look will be as cool as Trilby or as fluffy as Fedora. In addition to the intellectual and sophisticated look of the hat, it can also be as tough as an Akubra and tango as a Goucho..! This bundle includes a FREE classic hat liner session too! What does it contain?

Millinery Classes Online

When your place is secured, you will receive an email with a confirmation, a Zoom invitation, instructions on how to use Zoom, a list of materials and equipment needed for the workshop as well as workshop preparation instructions.

Introduction To Millinery Short Course

Please note: Fedora AUS/NZ classes are held on different dates to be announced. To book, select your date and TIMEZONE from the drop-down list below. Please check time and dates on Worldtime Buddy Previously I wrote about “Millinery in the Time of Coronavirus” and talked about some opportunities to learn hats online.

This might not be a great time to be a hat maker, but it is a great time to learn new skills in hat making.

Currently, many hat makers and other hat factory websites offer online training – with more on the way. Here’s a sample of what’s there: Hat Academy

This site has been around for several years and it’s great! You can purchase a complete package or courses on specific techniques and materials only.

Online Millinery Courses

I bought 6 courses. All were wonderful. I have more on my wish list. Since the courses are pre-registered, you can watch whenever it’s convenient for you. Re-watch as necessary.

Check the time zone! Some courses are offered at 6am in Melbourne, Australia, late evening in the UK and 4pm. In the United States, others are equivalent to 3 or 4 a.m. (East Coast of the United States). No thank you!

Brenda and her husband, Doug, did a great job recruiting coaches and delivering these lessons. They’re offered at a very reasonable price too: AUD$65.

I wanted to have more than one, but it so happened that I didn’t sign up for one until I took Foss N Feathers just yesterday! The course teacher was Carol Maher, who also teaches at the Hat Academy.

Why I Love Being A Nanapreneur

It was a great class, and I learned a lot! The second course of the course has already been sold out. There are currently slots open in session three, though.

Feathered headdress after learning the technique from Carol Maher. I need more training of course, but I’m very happy with this first try!

I learned from Lina in person at Millinery Meet-Up in 2018, and this spring in her “mini-sinamation” online tutorial class. It is another great teacher who offers Zoom lessons online.

Another teacher also offers courses at Hat Academy. It now also has a website – – to host a mix of pre-recorded and live online lessons.

Millinery Lessons Book Hat Tactics Making Hats Pattern

Louise offers multiple courses at Hat Academy. And I had the pleasure of learning her sinamay techniques at Millinery Meet-Up in 2018. She is a great teacher.

In addition to her many courses at Hat Academy, she’s been gearing up to teach online classes through Zoom as well, teasing upcoming shows for her followers and asking what courses (and time zones) people are interested in.

Kristen Silverman designs and manufactures hats under the Silverhill Creative Millinery label. They specialize in vintage-inspired hats for everyday modern wear. Kristen is also a singer and actress. Ignite your creativity and feel confident to be led by Louise MacDonald, who has over 30 years of teaching experience.

Create Buntal Boater without using blocks. When you venture into the world of who, the assembly of a collection of good blocks happens over time. In the absence of an extensive block set, the ability to craft and create a variety of hat shapes is a bonus.

How To Learn Millinery

In this 3 part workshop, you will make a boat style hat and headband support for tilt and perfect fit. You will learn two very useful techniques: creating a structured hat without the use of blocks and the supportive band underneath, which can be adapted to any hat you want to lift, tilt and fit over the head. In the end, participants will aim to make a boat with pants without trim with a support band for the desired positioning.

Building on her courses, Contemporary Cockades (available from Hat Academy), Ribbon Beret and Ribbon Halo, delivered via Zoom, Louise Macdonald will expand your inventory by demonstrating more ribbon folding techniques and applying them to other materials to create beautiful motifs and contemporary headpieces.

Learn how to prepare and handle parallelepiped straws to produce contemporary organic head covers without the use of mass. This cool technology produces a unique flowing cut that frees you from the confines of hat block. At the end of the session, you will receive instructions on how to prepare, sculpt, straighten, strengthen and finish your unique headdress.

Pontal mats are one of Louise MacDonald’s favorite materials. Offers 3 online courses at HatAcademy that show you how to create structured hat shapes without blocks. In this live stream course, you’ll learn how to prepare, assemble, and sculpt to create more organic hats and headpieces from a pontalum mat. Being handmade, your piece will be unique to the creator. Channel the sculptor in you and enjoy the wonders of mini mats.

Sinamay Twist Headband

Drawing on her knowledge of 1920s ribbon motifs, Louise MacDonald reveals clever techniques for twisting and folding the ribbon to cover a pre-blocked button-up hat. The result is a cool, modern headpiece that matches the seasons. You’ll learn how to prepare, measure, fold, set, and transfer treated tape into a 3D hat shape, before stitching it into position – effective in plain or striped tape.

Create an intricate seasonal halo headpiece in this two-and-a-half hour live stream course. Louise MacDonald draws on 30 years of experience (read more) to teach you how to achieve traditional tape folding technology and apply it to contemporary “on-trend” design. No specialized equipment is required, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Louise MacDonald started her career making hats for the BBC series The House of Elliot (read more). That gave her a taste of the beautiful 1920s strip doors. In this livestream workshop, she’ll share her love for ribbon edges. Learn draping and folding techniques to create a selection of embellishments that can be applied to hats, headbands, and shawls for a vintage or more contemporary look.

Create yourself a gorgeous woven ribbon headpiece in the professional studio of hat maker Louise Macdonald. Based in the iconic Nicholas Building in the heart of Melbourne, Louise will guide you through folding, pinning and sewing the ribbon creating a high headband to enhance your wardrobe.

Hat Atelier Kits

This is a common refrain heard by Louise MacDonald, a Melbourne hat maker. Come and learn how to find the perfect hat for you. Face shape, hairstyle, height, personality, and occasion: they all have an impact on how best you look.

In this 1 hour presentation, Louise will help you navigate your way and have loads of fun in a great experience! You’ll leave knowing what kind of hats work for you!

Does your hat look tired? crushed? pale? Have you ever bought a beautiful piece that needs refurbishment after being worn for so many years? Do you have a sad vintage hat that needs a new life?

We need to think about how we can repair, reuse and recycle to make fashion more sustainable. Louise MacDonald will show you how to bring your hat back to life.

Sahar Freemantle, London, Uk

Bring a felt or straw hat to the evening show at Louise McDonald’s studio in central Melbourne where she’ll talk about some basic first aid you can apply to your hat to give it new life.

Learn how to clean, repair, or restore the look of your old hat to get it back on your head! Get some ideas for repacking. You will be amazed at what is possible! It’s a chance to get creative, share ideas, learn some tips and tricks, and have some fun.

Learn traditional techniques while making a turban. She will block and strengthen the base of the hat, then shape and fold it to make a delicate flowing turban of a shiny silk cloak.

Learn how to make hats and hats from a pant rug using flat pattern technique and a sewing machine. These stylish hats are easy to put on and can be dressed up or down for everyday wear. In this two-day course, you will get the chance to create two hats.

Millinery Classes & Events Online

The saucer hat fits any face shape and can be cut in a variety of ways to reflect the wearer’s personal style. Learn how to work with the basic pants material to create this

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