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Microsoft Excel Classes Online – Microsoft Excel Online Beginner’s Guide Everything you need to create and collaborate with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets online

Excel is synonymous with spreadsheets, and for good reason. Decades after the original Macintosh was introduced, Excel remains the most powerful spreadsheet application. It’s not just a desktop app anymore. Today, If you are using Windows, Mac, iOS You can use Excel on Android and even on the web.

Microsoft Excel Classes Online

This last version is probably the most interesting. Microsoft Excel Online is free; Functions of the online version of Excel; Includes charting tools and other things you’d expect from a spreadsheet. Like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel Online lets you collaborate with others in real time, collect answers to an online survey, and crunch numbers with Excel functions. Most importantly, Excel Online now lets you connect your spreadsheet to other web apps to collect data and start automated workflows—because it syncs with traditional Microsoft Excel. You can use the Online version to automate any spreadsheet.

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If you’ve used Excel for years, switching to a web app can be scary. do not worry. In this guide, We’ll guide you through everything you need to get your spreadsheets in the cloud. So you can collect and collaborate on data and still use Excel on your desktop.

Microsoft Excel Online—along with Microsoft’s other Office Online apps—is a new addition to the traditional Office suite you’ve used for years. Typically, You can buy a copy of Office for a few hundred dollars and install it on your computer. Office was sold for several years with the first version of Excel for the Macintosh in 1986. Microsoft Office is ubiquitous, Word, Its suite of apps, including Excel and PowerPoint, are documents, It’s the same with spreadsheets and presentations—they; Standard business apps in most industries.

Microsoft Excel Online is a free version of Excel that runs in your browser. It’s a companion app to Excel designed to help you view and edit your Excel spreadsheets online. However, It includes full spreadsheets that support almost every Excel function, and chart and survey tools to help you collect and visualize data. Better than Google Sheets for working with existing Excel files or sharing spreadsheets with other Excel users, it’s free and the cheapest way to use Excel.

If you don’t have more than 5GB of files in OneDrive, Microsoft’s online file storage, you can use all of Excel Online’s features for free. Or if you still want a copy of Office installed on your computer, The best option today is to sign up for Office 365, which gives you the latest versions of Office for your computer along with file sharing on OneDrive. You can store all your files in OneDrive; Then you can edit Office files online with Office Online. With the current Business versions of Office 365: You can use Microsoft Excel Online integrations to connect your spreadsheets to your favorite apps.

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No matter which account you have, you can use all of Office Online, including Excel Online. So let’s dive in!

Need to make presentations? How to make a presentation Check out our companion guide to PowerPoint Online to collaborate with your team and present them all from your browser for free.

There are two easy ways to open Microsoft Excel Online: Go to and click the Excel link to create a new spreadsheet; Or, open OneDrive and click on a spreadsheet you’ve saved online (we’ll see how to move your spreadsheets to OneDrive later.)

If you open Excel Online from; You’ll see a variety of ways to start a new spreadsheet, along with a list of recently opened spreadsheets on the left. Click a template or blank grid option to start a new spreadsheet.

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Tip Want a faster way to open Excel Online? Bookmark to launch with one click. Or install Microsoft’s Office Online Chrome extension for one-click access to Microsoft Excel Online and every other Office Online app.

Alternatively, if you open a spreadsheet from OneDrive or the Recents list, Excel will open it in the online viewer first. Click the Edit Workbook button and choose Edit in Browser to open the spreadsheet in Excel Online. If you have Excel installed on your computer, You can choose Editing in Excel to open the spreadsheet in traditional Excel, and save changes instead when you’re done making changes to the web if you want.

Microsoft Excel Online is just what you’d expect. Organize your data into rows and columns with tools and features included in the Office ribbon toolbar. At the bottom right, A standard Excel status bar is added with quick sums and averages of the cells you select.

Click in a cell and type to start entering data into your spreadsheet. or formulas; Paste data from your computer or other spreadsheet files with standard options to paste values ​​or formatting.

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Click the toolbar buttons at the top to change the formatting. fonts, colors You can adjust text alignment and number formats or choose to wrap text and merge cells. Right-click to insert rows—or click the Insert button at the top for more detailed options. There are also sorting and searching tools to keep your data organized.

You should be able to quickly find the tools you need through the toolbars. or, Click the search box at the top and type—Excel Online includes a handy tool to help you find the tool you need with your search. You’ll find Excel’s documentation to help you learn how to use each tool.

Excel 2016 includes 471 functions, including 11 new functions added to this version (51 functions added in 2013 and 57 functions added in 2010)—all in the Excel Web App.

There are only 411 functions listed in the Functions menu of the Excel Web App; But it actually supports all but 3 built-in Excel functions:

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. Everything else is supported. Although the function is not shown in the auto-complete dropdown, Once you install it correctly, it still works.

Followed by your function name. Excel will automatically fill in the function name to accept the suggested function—press the Tab key to accept the suggested function—and then give you suggestions about what data you should enter in the function. or, You can view the included functions by clicking the fx button below the toolbar.

Like other versions of Excel, you can click cells to add them to your function. In addition, Once you’ve added an action to a cell, select it and drag it down to add the action to all the other cells you’ve selected.

For a faster way to add actions, the sum average Click the down arrow next to the AutoSum button to count or find the max/min numbers in a range. If you only need a glance at the data. Select a range of numbers and the bottom right toolbar will show you the sum, Averages and counts will be displayed automatically.

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Once you’ve entered data into your spreadsheet and crunched your numbers with actions; It’s time to bring it to life with charts. Excel Online includes a wide range of tables—and most of the tools you need to customize their appearance.

Select the data you want to visualize; Then click the Insert menu and select one of the table formats you want. Excel will automatically generate the chart—and if you don’t like it, click one of the other chart types on the new Chart tab.

Then the title of your chart; Legends and labels are customizable. Just select the menu option for what you want; You can add text and customize where it’s displayed.

Unfortunately, There are no layout or color options for charts in Excel Online. If you want something different from the original colors. Start your charts using one of the included Excel templates; Your charts will pick up the colors from that template. Alternatively, open your spreadsheet in Excel on your computer to change the design—then save it, and the changes will also appear in Excel Online.

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Or, You may need an easier way to sort data. For that, Excel’s Tables is the tool you need.

Select the data you want to sort and click the Format Table button on the main toolbar. Then sort each column. You can filter for specific items (say, filter all items that contain the text “device”) or use a number filter to find items that are equal to or greater than or less than average. 10 items in that column. Or you can add custom filters to find the exact data you want.

Pivot Tables, which provide more powerful ways to view and organize data in Excel for Mac and Windows; 2-dimensional tables are also included. They cannot be created in Microsoft Excel Online, but if they have been inserted into a spreadsheet. You can view them in Excel Online.

With your spreadsheets online, Excel can run in the background even when your computer is turned off.

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