Masjid Nabawi Quran Classes Online Free
Masjid Nabawi Quran Classes Online Free

Masjid Nabawi Quran Classes Online Free

Masjid Nabawi Quran Classes Online Free – Welcome to the Madina Institute Women’s Online Program! We are proud to guide you on a journey that, by the grace and permission of Allah, will help bring immeasurable benefits and blessings to you and even to those around you! Learning to read the Qur’an in the original Arabic language as it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, will transform you internally and externally!

Tajwid is the Arabic word for the Islamic science of learning to pronounce every letter and sound in the Quran correctly. Among other things, you will learn to produce sounds, correct common mistakes, start and end a statement.

Masjid Nabawi Quran Classes Online Free

Hafiza Mariam Zekeria memorized the entire Qur’an in Saudi Arabia and has also received a specialized Ijaza (teaching license) to teach the Qur’an from the world-renowned scholar, Qari Shaykh Muhammad Safar Al-Madani, who is the former Imam of Masjid al-Quba in Madina. al-Munawwara.

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This course takes you from any level and is meant to build and improve your skills.

The course starts the week of September 8 and lasts 9 weeks. Each week you have two 1-hour classes. The courses are organized in ZOOM.

Every student must have a computer or tablet with a working microphone and webcam. This course is live and interactive! When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) moved to Medina, everyone hoped that the Prophet would stay with them. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that Allah commanded the camel, and wherever it stopped, He would stay there. The land where the camel stopped belonged to two orphan brothers, Suhail and Sahl. It had date trees, a resting place for herds of cattle, and graves of polytheists. The Prophet arranged

– The structure of the Prophet’s mosque includes a land area of ​​approximately 50 x 49 meters. He (PBUH) built it facing Jerusalem, which was the Qibla of the Muslims at the time.

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He dug the bottom and used palm fronds for the roof and trunks of the palm trees. The Prophet also designed his mosque with three trances. Behind the mosque was “

” or “The Transitie of Grace. In contrast, the other was “Jibril’s trance”, a passage favored by the Prophet himself (PBUH). To the east of the Masjid, two small huts, He (PBUH) ordered homes to be built for His two wives, Aisha and Sauda.

“. In that area, the poor Companions used to spend the night. Moreover, As-Suffah had a positive influence because it represents kindness and care, which were the basic teachings of Islam. It was a resting place for travelers.

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When the direction of the Qibla changed towards Mecca, He (PBUH) ordered the ring mosque to face south again. Thus, the reconstruction of the mosque was done twice during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet. The first at the time of moving and the second 7 years later.

Later every year it was found that the number of pilgrims coming to Medina was increasing and to accommodate everyone, Hazrat Usman paid for the expansion of the mosque and it was increased to 50×50 meters. Its height was increased to 11.5 feet.

The Prophet’s Mosque holds immense importance among Muslims and is the second largest mosque in the world after Masjid al-Haram.

“Whoever performs forty salahs in my masjid, without a single salah from the masjid, for him will be granted exemption from the fire of hell and exemption from punishment, and he will remain free from hypocrisy.”

The Great Mosque Of Mecca

The mosque was not only a place of worship for Muslims, but also an institution of light where the companions of the Holy Prophet learned the recitation of the Qur’an and could gain complete knowledge of the teachings of the Qur’an. Each partner helped the others and from there they went to spread the message of Allah. Thus, Masjid an Nabawi served as the basis for establishing the strong foundation of Islam.

Muslims consider the Medina Mosque to be the abode of the Prophet (PBUH). Indeed, when He (PBUH) died, His companions buried him in the house of his wife Aisha, next to the mosque in Medina.

In Al-dira, Cter offers online courses in Arabic, Quran and Islam for non-Arabic speakers. If you want to participate in our course, please contact us.

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Online Quran Classes From International Quran Academy

Al-dirassa Institute offers you a gift to help you start your journey to playing the flute in the Arabic language and learning the Qur’an. Many people already know that Masjid anNabaw (also called Haram) has male scholars, imams and teachers. But did you know that it also has many female scholars, teachers and reciters?

The Haram offers free daily halaqas (“circles” or classes) to anyone and everyone, the most common of which teach recitation (tajweed) and memorization (hifth) of the Qur’an. There are several halaqas that run each day at different times – in the morning between Asr and Maghrib and between Maghrib and Isha. Anyone with an iqaama (identity card proving legal residency in Saudi Arabia) can register, and they’re not just in Arabic – there’s English and Urdu too. And for the thousands of visitors who don’t have iqamas, there are many lectures and opportunities to recite to the teacher without signing up for an actual class. New online classes are also available. All of these are taught by people who have memorized the Qur’an and possibly completed other courses as well. And these teachers are not only men, they are also women.

Men teach other men/boys in the men’s section and women teach other women/girls/young boys in the women’s section.

And it’s not just halaqas or classes – the women’s department also has designated times and places where a female researcher will come to answer all women’s questions. These scholars often speak multiple languages ​​to communicate with Muslim women from all over the world.

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Some of them even use sign language! When a group of hearing-impaired women visited from Canada, the Office of the Women’s Department sent an undersigned researcher to introduce them to the Haram and lead them to Rawdah. There are also halaqas to teach Quran to women and children. special needs – efforts have been made to encourage students with hearing loss, blindness, Down’s syndrome or other difficulties to learn the Qur’an as well.

Although the (male) Imams of the Haramis (both in Medina and Mecca) receive a lot of attention and praise worldwide for their beautiful recitations of the Qur’an, many do not realize or realize that there are also very competent female reciters. beautiful voices too. The whole world is simply impossible to know, because they usually utter only in the presence of women or male relatives about modesty.

I remember listening to a beautiful recitation by one of my teachers in the Masjid – it was so serene and peaceful that the birds came to stand near him on the mats. He recited in such a loud voice that it extended into the men’s section, so the men’s office called the women’s office to ask him to recite more quietly or sit further away from the barrier between the sections because it was disturbing the other men.

I say “researcher” here, but these women don’t often refer to themselves as such out of humility. Once, when I was in middle school, I asked a woman who was showing the visitors the various significant parts of the Masjid and answering their questions whether she was a scholar or not. He said, “I cannot say that I am a scholar, or else the shaytan (devil) will try to convince me that I already know enough that I do not need to learn more. I still have a lot to learn, so I cannot call myself a scholar.”

The Seven Phases Of Prophet Muhammad’s Life

So although it is often overlooked, there are competent conscious Muslim women and they work hard every day, some do it for their own fulfillment, some do it to earn money for their families and all do it out of love. Nevertheless, it is difficult to often visit the women’s section of Masjid anNabawi without seeing the impact of these incredible female role models.

Female scholarship teachers brave researcher Masjid annabawi Masjid Haram islam muslims muslim women strength quran halaqa prophets mosque madinah makka saudi arabia free education education prayer Masha Allah, there are always circles of knowledge in Masjid Nabawi. Some do not require registration and anyone can just sit down and participate. While most classes are in Arabic, some classes are in English and others in Urdu.

You must register to attend regular haram classes. You need a copy of your identity card (iqama) and basic knowledge of Arabic. These classes are free. In fact, you will be paid a modest sum for participating and remembering. Students receive certificates

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