Manual Testing Online Classes
Manual Testing Online Classes

Manual Testing Online Classes

Manual Testing Online Classes – Gain the skills to identify and fix software bugs in real time by joining the Manual Testing course offered by. Our certified trainer will cover the end-to-end concepts to equip you with the relevant and industry-specific skills. In this manual testing training, you will master areas such as the basics of manual testing, types of testing, white-box testing, black-box testing, unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, test execution, analysis of results, etc. During this course, you will also work with two live projects and prepare to pass the certification exam in manual tests.

Is a market-leading provider of manual testing training courses, coached by world-class industry experts. Over the past 5 years, we have been the first choice for many manual test aspirants, and to date, we have successfully trained over 20,000 aspirants worldwide in this tool. Our unique features such as real-time testers as trainers, industry-oriented curriculum design, hands-on teaching methodology, internship assistance, world-class support system, etc. have made us the best manual testing training providers on the market. Join the league of well-paid software testing specialists by learning skills in real time from.

Manual Testing Online Classes

Offers a real-time, work-oriented certification course in handheld testing, following a state-of-the-art course program prepared by field experts. In this online software testing course, you will learn practically everything as you work with real-time manual testing projects.

Manual Testing Training

In addition to providing the best software testing certification course, you will also be involved in software testing projects, get advanced manual testing interview questions material, free pre-recorded manual testing training videos, and access to valuable manual testing instructional videos.

There are no such mandatory prerequisites to learn manual online testing. If you are familiar with test tools, this will be an added advantage for you.

Yes, we offer customized corporate manual testing training to meet your organizations’ unique needs and help them transform their workforce with the latest testing skills. Our certified trainers will design and deliver content tailored to your unique educational needs.

Quality never comes cheap! It is a common fact, but in order to provide everyone with high-quality online manual courses, we offer this course at a very affordable price. For details, please call + 91-93473 84580 or email us at info @.

Manual Testing Online Training Concepts

Manual testing is a procedure used to manually test newly developed applications or programs using multiple test cases. It is mainly performed to detect problems, bugs and defects in newly developed applications. Manual testing also ensures that your applications are error-free and ready to be moved to production.

All new applications that are ever developed should be manually tested before performing automation tests. The basis of the software is that there is no possibility of 100% automation, which makes manual testing always green, even though there are advanced automation tools.

In the Manual Testing course, content has been designed by real-time experts and updated regularly to provide you with new industry skills. This course covers comprehensive manual testing concepts and makes you an expert at successfully completing complex testing tasks. Below are the Manual Testing curriculum modules that we will cover in this training. Let’s move on to the manual testing training topics:

Learning Objective: This module is designed to provide an overview of manual tests and their needs.

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Learning Outcome: You will gain a complete understanding of manual testing and its needs in the real-world software development process.

Learning Objective: SDLC is a procedure that must be followed when designing, developing, implementing and delivering high-quality software. The main theme of the software development lifecycle is designing plans to build flawless applications within a specified time and meeting customer expectations.

Learning Outcome: You will gain real-time experience working with SDLC development processes and related tasks.

Training objective: Software development models are nothing but methodologies or processes used for project development. The choice of software development models depends on the goals and objectives of that particular project.

Realtime Software Training Online

Learning Outcome: You will gain knowledge to independently choose the best appropriate software development model.

Learning Objective: This module is designed to teach you both conventional and non-conventional types of testing.

Learning Objective: You will gain a clear overview of the above two types of tests through real-time experience.

Learning Objective: This module will introduce you to the most common testing methods and techniques related to each methodology.

Manual Testing Training And Certification

Learning Objective: You will learn all the techniques available in various software and process testing methodologies to use them in real time.

Learning Objective: Static testing is a popular technique used in the early stages of software development to detect bugs and defects without executing the code.

Learning Outcome: You will gain hands-on exposure in implementing static tests to find bugs in the early stages of software development.

Learning Objective: Dynamic Testing enables users to test the dynamic behavior of the code. The main motive for performing dynamic tests is to test the behavior of software that changes variables in the runtime environment.

How To Become A Software Tester

Learning Outcome: You will gain hands-on exposure when executing dynamic tests to test the dynamic behavior of your code at runtime.

Learning Objective: The software environment is a set of facilities with which an application can be successfully launched. Typical software consists of an operating system, specific tools, database system, compiler, etc.

Learning Outcome: You will gain knowledge of different environments and processes to perform manual tests in different software environments.

Learning Objective: The Software Testing Life Cycle is a system in which the sequence of tasks performed during the testing process is designed to make sure that the software is error-free and ready for use.

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Learning Outcome: You will gain real-time access to all software testing lifecycle tasks.

Learning Objective: Black Box software testing is done without knowing the implementation details, internal code details, and internal paths. This is also called behavioral testing.

Learning Objective: White box testing helps testers check internal structures, coding, and design, and helps them improve software.

Learning Objective: Use Case Testing is a software testing trick to identify test cases and make sure that it covers the entire system.

Software Testing Course Details

Learning Objective: You will get a complete overview of how to develop and define use cases in the manual testing process, covering all areas of the software.

Learning Objective: A test design is a document that contains all information related to how testing should be performed. It also consists of processes for identifying test cases under various conditions.

Learning Outcome: you will gain hands-on experience working with test case design templates, handling different types of test cases, traceability of requirements, etc.

Learning Objective: Test data is defined as the input that is fed into a program to perform specific tests.

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Learning Objective: Test Execution is the process of executing code to test and compare the results with actual expectations.

Learning outcome: You will acquire the knowledge needed to analyze the test results and take appropriate actions.

Learning Objective: Bug tracking, also known as defect tracking in software testing. To identify and manage bugs, bugs and defects in large software, we use the defect tracking engine to track and debug them.

Learning Objective: Test Closing Activities are a group of activities that are performed at the end of the testing process.

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Learning Objective: The User Acceptance Test (UTI) is also known as the Customer or Authorized Post-Test. After completing the UAT test, the software is ready to be transferred to the production environment.

Learning Outcome: After completing this module, you will gain knowledge of many testing techniques that can be used when performing tests in software testing.

Qualification of the manual testing certificate shows your skills in the field of software testing and sets you apart as a qualified professional. Global corporations offer the best employment opportunities to certified manual testers to develop and deliver bug-free applications to the market.

Our expert mentors will help you with the appropriate materials and techniques to prepare for the certification exam. In addition, you will also receive a certificate of completion of the full manual test course, which is valid in all international corporations and facilitates the job search process.

Software Testing Course Modules By

To provide hands-on software testing training, we included two live projects in this training program. You will implement each concept in real time and learn practically. This process builds trust in you and helps you conduct any complex job interview with ease.

To keep the learning process simple and flexible, it offers two different training modes: instructor-led and self-paced training. In addition to this, it also offers corporate training to organizations around the world to update their employees on the latest technologies.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive all the help you need to find your dream job from our placement department. cooperates with over 1000 companies around the world

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