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Management Classes Online

Management Classes Online

Management Classes Online – IT, short for information technology, covers several areas. First is hardware, such as a physical computer sitting on a desk. Software, such as gadget trackers and spreadsheets, is another part of IT. Finally, this topic is about networks, which connect all these digital devices and users. Someone needs to make sure all the parts work together, and that’s where IT management comes in. Free online IT management courses, like the ones on this list, help students develop the skills necessary to perform the duties of an IT manager. IT management is about the control and management of information technology within a company or organization. The role of the IT manager is to grease the wheels and make all these systems work together and run as smoothly as possible. These systems include both technical systems and the people who use them.

The simple description mentioned above has many moving parts, which proves the necessity of the information provided in this list of free online IT management classes. One has to deal with mobile applications and technology and traditional computers, routers that allow access to the system, cloud versus physical data storage and much more. Categories such as cybersecurity, data mining, and artificial intelligence are integral to the knowledge base of a successful IT manager. However, IT management is not all about technology. It’s also about the people involved and the choices they make. Courses in ethics and business analysis provide a foundation for making both rational and just decisions. One must also balance all of this with budgeting and support services to make it all work within the parameters of a functioning organization.

Management Classes Online

There are many reasons why IT management is key to the success of any organization. Perhaps the glaring example is productivity. The saying, time is money, takes on new import when you look at sources like the aPonemon Study on the cost of a data breach. Based on this study, the average cost of a corporate data breach in the United States is nearly four million dollars. Emergencies like this, combined with day-to-day inefficiencies, have a serious impact on the bottom line. Free online network administration courses like Cyber ​​Security form a potentially important foundation for anyone interested in the field.

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The methodology used to determine which free online IT management courses to highlight on this list consists of finding free advanced classes on leading MOOC websites, including Coursera and edX. Class selection is further increased based on offering a wide range of subjects within IT management and connections with the main business schools in the country.

Artificial intelligence, as defined by the Brookings Institute, consists of three parts: intent, intelligence, and adaptability. The University of Virginia offers a free online IT management course in artificial intelligence through Coursera.

Titled Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, this free online IT management course approaches artificial intelligence through the lens of marketing and is designed for those with little or no background in the subject. The course covers both the pros and cons of incorporating AI into a business plan. Students learn about algorithms, networks and data. Additionally, they can see concrete examples of how successful companies like Netflix and Ford are using AI successfully and in innovative ways. That being said, what is artificial intelligence. Most people probably get their definition from movies like Terminator or 2001 A Space Odyssey, where an AI is a thinking computer that challenges humanity for world domination. The Brookings Institute approaches its understanding of AI in a slightly different way. Darrel West, author of the article titled

, looks at three characteristics that define AI. The first is intentional, where systems both analyze data and make informed decisions based on it. Another thing is intelligence. Intelligent decision making is a combination of machine learning and data analysis. The third part is adaptability, where AI systems learn and adapt as they put all this information together. Harvard Business Review concludes that AI will make things cheaper and more valuable to society. It can get rid of daily busy work like data entry, answering basic questions and extracting data from documents. All of this frees employees from basic tasks and allows them to be more productive and creative.

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This free online IT management course in artificial intelligence is offered by the University of Virginia and its partnership with Coursera. It is taught by business professor Raj Venkatesan. US News & World Report recognizes the AACSB accredited Darden School of Business as #11. The university offers more than 50 free online courses through Coursera. Among these classes, students can choose topics such as business strategy, market analysis, strategic planning, and digital product management. The university is home to more than two million online students, many of whom earn degrees such as online MBAs and enhance their executive education with leadership, marketing and management courses.

Business analytics involves gathering lots of data, putting it together into a usable model, and using it to help make decisions. Rochester Institute of Technology, in partnership with Coursera, offers this free online IT management class.

Ever wondered what business analytics is? Well, guess no more in a free online IT management course titled Business Metrics for Data-Driven Businesses. In this eight-hour course, students learn how to sift out the metrics that matter from the raw data. Once completed, the class teaches how to best use critical data to become both more competitive and more profitable. This free online network management course then exposes students to the different roles of data scientists and researchers and seeks to demonstrate the skills required to land a job in one of these roles. The course is completed with a foundation for recognizing companies that have excelled in the use of big data. Business analytics involves gathering lots of data, putting it together into a usable model, and using it to help make decisions. It may sound easy enough, but it takes a skilled professional to look at all this information and make sense of it in a way that proves useful. Business analytics can be defined in three ways. It is descriptive analysis, which engages with historical trends; predictive analytics, which is similar to numbers based on divination; and prescriptive analyses, where the decision-making component comes into play. This free online IT management class shows how companies like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are disrupting entire industries with their use of data. Companies that don’t use business analytics are left in the proverbial dust.

Duke University offers this free online IT management course as part of a specialization sequence, including four additional hours. These classes teach related topics such as using platforms like Excel, Tableau, and MySQL to share data. The last free online IT management course in the series focuses on the real estate industry. Duke is a prestigious institution and its business school, the Fuqua School of Business, is undoubtedly a top choice. This AACSB-accredited business school, identified by the U.S. News & World Report at #12, has a lot to offer prospective students. Multiple iterations of its MBA, Management and Quantitative Management degrees allow students to hone tangible skills.

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Cyber ​​security is the army that stands between digital systems and those who wish them ill. EdX hosts a free online IT management course on cybersecurity from RIT.

Cyber ​​Security is a free online cyber security course that prepares students for several levels of digital warfare combat. It teaches how to test systems for vulnerabilities. Cyber ​​attacks are not always obvious and students are given guidance on how to tell when an attack is underway. Once an attack is identified, students, armed with skills developed in this free online cybersecurity class, can gather evidence of a breach. To make this all as unnecessary as possible, students learn how to set up defenses and stop cyber attackers from hiding behind the fortress walls. While cybersecurity may not be an army or law enforcement in the traditional sense, it does come with many of the same responsibilities regarding data. Cybersecurity provides a fortress and firewall against attacks, protecting computers, networks, applications and systems. This digital battlefield is constantly evolving. No one is immune to attacks. Whether it’s a government, a company, or an individual, everyone is a potential target. According to, the typical business goes through “130 security breaches every year. Attacks do not always result in obvious and easily measurable losses. Damage can have many consequences, such as loss of IP, reputation and strategic information. They are potentially very costly but also challenging to measure.

Free IT management courses like this one provide a solid footing into the world of digital security. This class is available through the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business and is hosted on the edX platform. This AACSB accredited business school is accredited by the U.S. News & World Report as a top 100 organization, which is #89. The online MBA program can be completed in as little as a year and is ranked by the U.S. News as #28. Business students at Saunders gain a broad perspective through their studies

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