Lord Of The Rings Online Warden Guide
Lord Of The Rings Online Warden Guide

Lord Of The Rings Online Warden Guide

Lord Of The Rings Online Warden Guide – February 18, 2017 April 7, 2021 Louey7 15 Comments class, class guide, guide, LOTRO, U19, U19.3, warden, warden guide

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Lord Of The Rings Online Warden Guide

Before getting into the guide, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Louey7 (or just Louey…). I mained a Warden (combined with RK) in Lotro near the end of Siege of Mirkwood and right before F2P came into existence. I started a YouTube channel for LOTRO and it had many videos often featuring my Warden. Finally moved away from Warden mainly as my channel grew. Currently I’m enjoying end-game content on my main Warden while leveling up a new Warden (slowly but surely). My main “LOTRO presence” (not in-game) is on YouTube. I’m also active on the LOTRO subreddit. Well, let’s see what the guide is all about!

Lotro Best Class [strongest And Weakest Classes Revealed]

Here’s a video about the guide, giving a preview, containing what’s written here and some additional information about video integration.

This is a very comprehensive guide to the Warden class in Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro). The purpose of the guide is to provide up-to-date information on the class and give both beginners and experienced players an idea of ​​how to best play their Warden. I hope everyone finds something useful here and it will serve as a regular reference if you have trouble with Warden. Remember to have fun while warding!

The entire guide is text (and picture!) based, but some parts will contain or accompany videos.

I will do my best to keep the guide up to date with any changes to the class and game. Be sure to follow the game’s updates to see the exact changes that might affect Wardens.

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Now that we know a little about myself and the guide, I would like to share my warden experiences as well. If you want to go directly to the guide, click here instead. As I said, I started with a Warden and mained from the later part of Siege of Mirkwood. Once I played more and learned more about Wardens, I discovered how much fun they are. When I first hit the level cap in Rise of Isengard, Wardens could solo much harder than other classes. I was naturally inclined to try this sort of thing. My first real achievement was killing an Elite Master Troll in Limelight Gorge (here’s an old, crappy video). My next one was a fun one… pull a lot of orcs at once and kill them all (old video again). It’s these kinds of things that fuel my love for Warden. I enjoy the combat mechanics and the unique gambit system. I took a little break around Raiders of Rohan and Helm’s Deep. I didn’t enjoy the content much back then. Now, I think the end game is really cool and I’m back with multiple level 105s including my warden. My Warden is my best character and a strong solo still. Right now, I mainly run featured instances and farm other events (with the occasional landscape stuff and raids too).

Other than LOTRO, I’ve played WoW (which was my first MMO). The ones I enjoy the most are the Shaman and Mage classes. I also play Hearthstone. I occasionally play other games (like Rift) but these are the main games I play.

Well, it’s finally time to get to the guide! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments, questions or feedback. You can comment here or message me on YT or my other pages.

Beginning of the guide covers the basics of the class. Here is the best place for beginners and people who want to start a warden. The bulk of the guide begins here as well.

Lotro Legendarium: Analyzing The First Look At Brawler And Legendary Items 3.0

A very long piece about the gambit system. It has multiple parts to ensure everything is covered in detail and progresses linearly through the system.

It covers the basics of the Trait system along with ways to build your Warden. Includes a few sample builds and their playstyles. If you’re familiar with everything up to this point, this is where you want to start.

It covers some additional details on the roles a Warden plays and more general tips on what to do in those roles (DPS, Tank, etc.)

This is the “rotation” of skills you want to use to best end-game content. It’s actually a preference of skills to use.

A Ring Wandered Away :: Quests :: Lord Of The Rings Online :: Zam

It begins by looking at racial traits, although things that don’t apply to Wardens. It is mainly about building up our virtues!

Answers common questions about gear progress. Also goes over the Warden’s specific gear. It also includes our legendary items.

A page containing infographics, videos and other resources used in this guide. It can serve as an easy reference if you’re looking for something specific like that.

Click on a topic above and be taken directly to it! You can also go through the below pages.

The Lord Of The Rings Online: Mines Of Moria [trailers]

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A little about me here: I started LOTRO near the end of Siege of Mirkwood, just before F2P came into existence. I started a YouTube channel for LOTRO and it had many videos often featuring my Warden. Finally moved away from Warden mainly as my channel grew. Currently I’m enjoying end-game content on my characters while leveling a few others. My main “LOTRO presence” (not in-game) is on YouTube. I’m also active on the LOTRO subreddit (and will soon be an author here!). This is the Lord of the Rings Online Guide to the Warden’s Red Line Specialization, Recklessness. The guide includes an in-depth analysis of the spec:

This is the second Lotro Basics guide to use this format for character analysis, a slightly modified version from the recent Blue Line guide. New formatting in this table will allow for more frequent guides. The list is inspired by Zonflux’s Guardian Guide for U22 and Squirle’s Beorning Guide.

Red Line Warden DPS has been well positioned over the past few years and remains a contender for the best DPS class in area-of-effect and single target even today. From low level to high level, a Warden can always provide valuable damage to any group and is frequently chosen for endgame content. However, playing a Warden, getting the most out of them is very difficult. You need to navigate through several gambits with gambit building options to maximize your DoT uptime on your strong bleeds and light dot gambits.

Vanari Auralan Wardens

A redline DPS warden’s main weakness is that it is too soft for a melee class. They wear medium armor like marauders, but don’t have much to increase defense, and only have a survival cooldown (never surrender). However, during leveling, you can survive many encounters while dealing with the highest ST and AoE damage.

The goal of your build should be to maximize damage through bleeds and light dots. Red Warden builds often finish off the top tier traits on the red line, then move to the blue line for a more light damage boost and finish off on the yellow line which gives some different DPS increases. Many characteristics of the red line are not enough to capture compared to dipping into other lines.

Another option for the build, which isn’t as good for the endgame or DPS role, is to take some utility and survivability features. In general, these aren’t worth picking up, but it might increase your survivability slightly, or improve solo play where mobs don’t last long enough to fully counter your abilities over time.

From left to right, the analysis table lists the trait’s name, my ranking of the trait (1-5), the trait’s usage, and its effects.

Lord Of The Rings Online Game Review

2 = space or not well behaved, rarely chosen for specific use or unless there are other better options

Basic Strikes 3 Basic Gambit Builder (1, 2, 3) The damage increase doesn’t make much of an impact since most damage comes from gambits and most building comes from gambit masteries. However, it is a good option for very low levels, yell lane builds, or a dump for remaining character points. Vital Points 5 Bleeds are Warden’s most powerful ST gambits, so this is a must-have trait for any DPS Warden. NOTE: This will do nothing at very low levels as you are not bleeding! Spear Sweep 1 It’s not a good idea to remove your strongest dots from enemies for a small amount of damage. If ever there was a character to get a 0 or negative rating, this would be it. Physical Mastery 4 Although this

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