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What brings you here? Are you a new Linux adopter, someone who wants to learn the basics of Linux, or someone who wants to pursue a career as a Linux system administrator? Whatever your end goal is learning Linux is part of the journey. Here are the best Linux courses to start your journey. Main Linux courses 1. Linux Mastery: Master Linux Command Line

Linux Classes Online

This is one of the wonderful courses that will give you the practical knowledge and experience of working with Linux. Through this study program, you will gain the skills needed to become an expert in this operating system.

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The set of topics covered within this learning program helps students gain command line skills. You will also learn Cron Job and bash scripting used for task automation.

This comprehensive Linux mastery program includes quizzes, lecture summaries, and cheat sheets. It helps students gain a solid understanding of Linux concepts through examples, downloadable resources, and lectures.

The certification is a perfect opportunity to understand file system management and security system. Job seekers, professionals and students should take this course to understand the industry verticals of Linux OS.

In addition to the above topics, this class provides an opportunity to explore the Linux authentication and machine mechanism. The exercises, lectures, quizzes, videos and other supplementary materials added to this program facilitate the learning of the concepts. Towards the end of this course, students manage a real-world project to test the knowledge and skills gained through the study program.

Learning Linux Command Line Online Class

Designed for both beginners and advanced Linux learners, this introductory course is an excellent opportunity to learn Linux command line techniques. From the Linux command console to advanced concepts like generating Linux commands, the program adds a whole host of things.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the Linux command line. Mac or Windows users who are eager to switch to Linux can reap several benefits by adopting this program. It offers a variety of downloadable resources and articles for easy learning.

Requirements: Install Linux distribution on your computer. Also, students should have passion to learn about this operating system.

The tutorial is designed to help students acquire the professional knowledge and skills needed to work with the Linux platform. Jason Cannon’s idea is the best to learn the concepts and commands related to the subject.

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It includes real life and practical examples so that students can understand the syllabus quickly. All techniques are explained in simple language. This program provides step-by-step instructions and a video on how to install WordPress on a Linux system. You will also gain knowledge about the software required to run WordPress on Linux.

By taking this course, students will have access to the commands needed to install WordPress and the software. You will also learn about important Linux operations through a step-by-step guide. There are various exercises that help students consolidate and test their knowledge of the subject.

There are examples of each topic. Also, detailed guides and elaborate study resources in this course are better to acquire web server installation, database server installation, Word press configuration skills, etc. The lectures, articles, and downloadable resources in this course allow students to learn the concepts in a limited amount of time.

This popular Udemy course is the best for learning CentOS and Red Hat Linux. People who dream of taking up the role of Linux Administrator and Linux Server Administrator should go for it. You will understand Linux server administration through this course of study.

Best Places To Learn Linux Online In 2022

The best thing is that you will work on the problems and get practical experience in the subject. This course will help you learn techniques for configuring and maintaining different Linux systems. These skills are useful when people take up the position of Linux System Administrator or Linux System Engineer.

From basic lessons to complicated systems and commands – this entire course is well designed and has different sections. University students, researchers, teachers and other people with similar roles can take this course to enrich their knowledge on Linux server. Tutorial articles and video-on-demand features will make you a Linux pro.

This is an incredible Linux certification training program for developers that helps strengthen the Linux Foundation. This free Coursera tutorial allows you to specialize in open source development, along with a good explanation and knowledge of the Linux system. The course is divided into four sections.

The course material is designed with beginners in mind. They can quickly learn the concepts and solidify the basics in the Linux system. However, the course comes with the benefit of free tuition but students have to pay a nominal amount to get the certificate. Perfectly designed quizzes, video tutorials, programming exercises and assignments benefit the participants more.

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This is one of the top free Linux courses by Jason Cannon, an IT Linux and Unix Systems Engineer with over 25 years of experience. This fantastic study program will give you access to real-world experience of the subject.

The tutorial also comes with practical exercises related to Linux, such as SSL Certificate installation method on Apache and CentOS Linux, HTTP Load-balancing, MySQL Master-Slave Replication configuration on Ubuntu Linux, etc. The exercises in this program are designed to help a person build a solid foundation in Linux.

Presented by Red Hat Enterprises, this Linux course provides students with basic Linux technical knowledge. This is a free training course that will also help you demonstrate the first techniques used in Linux system administration. Architects, IT experts, engineers, administrators, and students eager to gain a deep understanding of this operating system can benefit significantly from this course.

After completing this free Linux course, you will have a solid understanding of the Linux operating system. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can easily access the tools you need to modernize your enterprise infrastructure, improve operational efficiency through virtualization and standardization.

Top 10 Linux Courses Online In 2022

Linux/Mac users and developers who want to gain customization skills in UNIX, Ruby on Rails, Django and others should attend this course. This is a quick learning guide that will give you a detailed overview of Linux commands used in system management, file management and process management.

The easy-to-understand content makes it easy for beginners to learn complicated command-line concepts. A step-by-step guide added to this curriculum teaches students techniques for using the command line.

The best part is that you don’t have to deal with the unnecessary and boring stuff that is otherwise added to Linux courses. In short, you can quickly learn to create your own command line and solidify your foundation in the subject.

This is one of the best introductory courses covering basics, history and other Linux related topics. The program will also teach you about a range of Linux Commands and Linux Distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and RedHat. You’ll also learn tips and tricks for setting up a test lab to run Linux commands with CentOS and VirtualBox.

Embedded Linux Online Course

This Udemy certification course provides hands-on experience with Linux commands. You’ll learn ways to create and move directories and files, compress files, and get techniques. It also teaches about the method of combining different commands.

So this was about the most popular online Linux training programs. However, it is worth noting that there is a massive selection of the best Linux courses due to its diverse applications. The above list may not be all inclusive, but gaining one of the specializations mentioned above will increase your level of success. Both paid and free Linux learning programs included in this list will help you acquire industry leading Linux credentials.

Whether you’re looking for a job or growing in your current role, getting a Linux certification would be valuable.

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