K12 Online Classes

K12 Online Classes

K12 Online Classes – At Stride, we strive to help students reach their full potential through inspiring teaching and personal learning.

Starting a new school can mean big changes. We provide the support for students and learning coaches needed for a smooth transition.

K12 Online Classes

Instructors play an important role in helping students succeed. Stride supports students and their coaches by providing a safe, secure, and online environment to help them access information, share and receive advice, and help children develop friendships with other students.

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Set up your own study space in your home: one area for work, study, and the other for messy projects such as lab work.

“We decided to come to Stride because of concerns about COVID-19, but we decided to stay because … I have two girls with completely different educational needs and Stride can meet everyone’s needs. “We have decided to move on.”

“We decided to come to Stride because of concerns about COVID-19, but we decided to stay because … I have two girls with completely different educational needs and Stride can meet everyone’s needs. “We have decided to move on.”

“I’m very impressed with Stride’s social club. And they have a lot of extracurricular clubs and then a lot of opportunities during the week like optional connecting classes where you can just meet and visit for lunch and learn special speakers so they all have great opportunities This.

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Our customer support team is here when you need us. We also have some resources, blogs, podcasts and websites to help you develop the skills you need for both you and your students to succeed.

In addition to the documents required for registration, there are many exciting ways you can connect and set up for your student success.HERNDON, Va., July 19, 2016 // USNewswire / –K12 Inc. Has announced that scholarships based on new qualifications are available for students interested in attending their private online school. The K12 Private School Scholarship is designed to support economically disadvantaged high school youth who demonstrate academic success and seek a more rigorous and personalized learning experience. The Scholarship Committee will provide one-year extended scholarships to a total of five recipients, which will cover tuition, books and support services at K12 International Academy.

“I am pleased to announce this scholarship, which reflects our mission to put students first,” said Stuart Udell, CEO of K12 Inc. Help remove barriers related to financial means for the recipient. “

K12 International Academy is an accredited online private school for full-time and part-time students. Launched in 2008, K12 International School utilizes an award-winning K12 curriculum and offers students a choice of over two hundred and forty online courses to meet their interests and goals. K12 teachers customize custom lesson plans to create a personalized learning experience for their students.

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The course offerings include multiple versions of the core online high school courses, a wide selection, including world languages, and even vocational education classes designed to give students a head start on their career goals. By obtaining business credentials, technical and specialized credits, colleges and workplaces. Experience. The school also offers a variety of activity clubs and organizations.

The K12 Private School Scholarship costs $ 6,995 per year and can be extended up to $ 28,000 over 4 years. Five scholarships will be awarded each year based on a combination of family merit and financial status. In addition to tuition assistance, scholarship recipients will be eligible for the following:

Scholarship students will also be assigned mentors who will meet regularly with students to assist in the transition to online learning and provide additional support.

All students enrolled in public, private or charter schools or who study at home are eligible for consideration based on a completed application to K12 Inc. Which must be received no later than August 5, 2016. Students must have a GPA of 3.0, must be an increase of 9

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First graders must be US citizens living in the United States. Additional documents showing financial requirements may be required from the applicant.

For more information on the K12 Private School Scholarship, including how to apply, details of the selection process and application requirements, please visit http://www.icademy.com/k12-international-academy-scholarship

About K12 Inc. K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN) is promoting innovation and improving the quality of education by providing state-of-the-art digital learning platforms and technologies to students and schools around the world. With nearly half a billion dollars invested in the development of the K12 Award-winning curriculum, it serves more than 2,000 schools and colleges and offers more than four million courses over the past decade. K12 is a company of educators with the nation’s largest network of K-12 online teachers, providing instructional services and learning solutions to public and district schools, traditional classrooms, integrated school programs, and directly to families. More information can be found at www.K12.com or on Facebook.

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