Jane Davies Online Classes
Jane Davies Online Classes

Jane Davies Online Classes

Jane Davies Online Classes – He studied painting technology and graphic design at the Salesian Polytechnic, and then studied drawing skills, landscape painting and fashion drawing at the Setsu Mode Seminar. Since 1991, Takahiro Kimura has been creating his own unique style of…

Michael Waraksa is an artist/illustrator based in Chicago and a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He has exhibited his work in various places in the United States and his illustrations have been published in numerous magazines and…

Jane Davies Online Classes

I started drawing at a young age; I taught myself in math and social studies class. I was drawing constantly and just didn’t have much interest in any other subject, with, perhaps, the exception of female human anatomy. Although it wasn’t…

Monoprinting With Acrylics

I really enjoyed watching these speed painting videos on Vimeo by Bryce Wymer. He is an incredible painter. I would really like to see one of his journals in person. Elusive Muse recently ordered something from her Etsy shop as a gift and…

Joseph Cornell (December 24, 1903 – December 29, 1972) was an American artist and sculptor, one of the most celebrated pioneers and exponents of assemblage. Influenced by the surrealists, he was also an avant-garde experimental filmmaker.

George Underwood is a British artist and musician. He is best known for designing album covers for numerous bands during the 1970s and for his collaborations with his long-time friend, singer-songwriter David Bowie.

John Larriva is a painter, draftsman and occasional sculptor with over 20 years of experience. Although he specializes in portraits, every now and then the odd cat will appear.

Introduction In: Flexibility And Pedagogy In Higher Education

I recently discovered the amazing figurative artist Egon Schiele. As some of you know, I am currently running a year-long online portrait painting workshop. This year we are studying masters from different artistic periods to learn more about their…

Process photos for a background collection to be used as the start of a 12-month mail art exchange.

Peter Dahmen is a graphic designer and paper artist based in Germany. He specializes in creating incredible three-dimensional paper sculptures and pop-up cards.

Fabio Consoli is an illustrator, painter and art director. His studio is located in Acitrezza, a small fishing village at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily.

Jane Davies Watercolours

In so many conversations we have with other artists, the statement “I wish I could feel more free when I paint” has come up quite often. Kim and I have said this to each other many times. When the topic of painting comes up, the…

Kim and I participate in a monthly mail art group. Each month we send and receive an original postcard to/from a member of the group. I had so much fun creating this for Jacki Long, that I decided to take this piece a step further and make it a… Many people cringe at the term “New Year’s Resolution”, and yet it seems the new year offers an opportunity. to RE-new, invite something new into your life, reevaluate and reset priorities. I think of goals more as guiding principles than as endpoints to reach. The objectives are not to “achieve”, but to guide, as references. They are also fluid: like the painting process, they are open to revision based on the changing environment, new input or ideas, or changes in my mental landscape.

Read my Learning to Paint podcast interview, “The Brilliance of Bite-Size,” about learning and goal setting.

In 2021, I would like to incorporate the practice of doing quickies – quick studies on paper. You can read about the oil and cold wax class I did here, where we did four quick, small studies each day before diving into the work. I won’t do it every day, but I’ll try to do a series of quick tricks a few times a week.

Pleinair Magazine’s 2021 Artists’ Guide To Workshops, Schools, And Ateliers By Streamline Publishing, Inc.

Here is a video of my first approach to the quickies. I’ve only given myself a few tools and a few colors to work with.

To count as fast, you can’t agonize them. Think of them as your warm-up exercises or your sketchbook, not pieces you’d show someone else. They are your private playground, for your benefit as an artist.

This is a group of “Quickies”, each 9″ x 6″, with plenty of room around the edges to play around with for trimming. Each has brush and palette knife applications, collage, a bit of splatter, and some have added line work.

2020 was a tough year by any measure, so let’s be easy on ourselves in 2021. I’ll try to invite opportunities and see what happens, rather than setting rigid benchmarks. how about you What are your plans for 2021? Comment this or send me an email. Happy New Year!

Masterclass Student Gallery — Online Animal Art Classes By Lauren Elizabeth

My online course, Mark-Making, starts on January 6th. Here is some student work from a class of 2019. See details and register here.

We get to throw paint, scribble, splatter, drip and more. Make your own tools, layer patterns over scribbles over spills… All fun and lots of learning. See details here.

I have been taking an online class with Jerry McLaughlin, in oil and cold wax, at the Winslow Art Center in Bainbridge Island, WA. Who cares where the class is; is online I try to do an intensive workshop every year, to learn something new, deepen my artistic practice and also to remind myself what it’s like to be a student. Working with unfamiliar material, feeling entertained and out of my depth, helps me understand some of the issues my students have. The class is GREAT! Jerry is a very experienced and personable teacher, very clear and knowledgeable. The format includes live Zoom meetings and an online forum for posting work.

So I thought I’d share with you some of my first attempts at getting a handle on the cold wax medium. It is an intriguing material, offering beautiful possibilities for depth and texture.

Online Course: Palette Knife Acrylic Painting: Make Your Portrait Step By Step! From Skillshare

All of the above are experimental and in process. I’m working on cheap 12×12 wood panels from Amazon. They are a little fragile, but completely suitable for this use. Jerry McLaughlin and Rebecca Crowell host the Cold Wax Academy, which is an incredible resource for anyone using a cold wax medium. The site offers free videos and information, and membership entitles you to more interaction with Jerry and Rebecca. If you are interested in cold wax, check it out!

This pandemic found me scratching my head. And more stripes. It’s such a simple format, but I find in it unexpected possibilities for expression, as well as an opportunity to slow down and deepen this exploration. Here as a video about my current work.

I am offering for sale some of my larger works on paper, 19″x24″, at a reduced price. I haven’t framed them or displayed them in a gallery, and I want them out of my studio to make room for more!

See them here http://www.janedaviesartgallery.com/shop/original.html on my gallery website. $270 includes shipping. You can order custom rugs and frames from FrankenFrames if you don’t have a local frame shop.

Collage Journeys By Jane Davies: Student Work From Online Classes

I am offering my online workshop Mark Making from 6th January 2021. This is an online workshop consisting of video lessons and downloadable pdfs. There is no live streaming, so you can complete assignments and post your work at your leisure during the six-week class. We use a WordPress blog to post and comment on work, and I provide personal comments on each post.

This is a “wall collage” I made about a year ago – I used thumbtacks to stick various marks to the studio wall in an ephemeral composition.

We will also make our own brushes and marking tools. Better if you have a space where you can work on the floor and throw some paint on. Basement, garage or outside. Or make yourself a cardboard fence to avoid painting the furniture.

Here are more before and after pictures of pieces that arrived at my big Canadian border crossing. I had artists in Canada send me a ‘start’, which I added and came back to. With the US-Canada border closed, I’ve missed out on my trips to several parts of Canada this year.

July / August 2021

I did a Zoom workshop on professional practices for the artist, which involved no art making, just lectures, discussion, writing, questions and answers. Easy to slim down. Then, though Port Townsend School of the Arts, I taught a workshop called Time to Paint. Three days of Zoom interaction: demo, painting/drawing/collage, then looking at work, offering feedback, Q&A, etc. Here are some pictures:

We are all finding new ways to do what we do. Zoom is a great tool for learning, but I’m still trying to find a combination of platforms that facilitate teaching and learning in better ways.

Here are some before and after pictures that came out of my Canadian Border Crossing project, which you can read here. This has been so much fun! And there is much more artwork in the works. THANK YOU to my Canadian friends who participated.

I just named the provinces, not the cities, of the

Geena Davis Institute On Gender In Media

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