Insurance For Online Fitness Classes
Insurance For Online Fitness Classes

Insurance For Online Fitness Classes

Insurance For Online Fitness Classes – Despite Covid-19, two strong Caribbean women are getting creative with virtual classes: Khnuma Simmons of SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness and Roberta Jeffrey-Etienne of Fit4Life Services! These energetic dance and fitness instructors are inviting the community—at home and abroad—to join them on a virtual health and wellness journey that’s fun, comfortable, and most of all…safe!

Sokh Caribbean Dance Our fitness region is at the peak of covid cases and the best way to beat the virus is to avoid catching the virus. Therefore, in addition to wearing masks, practicing social distancing and following the recommendations of federal and local health officials, strengthening our immune systems and maintaining physical and mental health are critical to preventing disease.’ SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness offers at least six imaginative creations. A variety of dance styles, from quadrille to soca and kizomba to belly dance, for a wide audience, including seniors, during the week. Most of the classes are held at Zoom, three of which are offered free of charge by Fit4Life and the Government of the Virgin Islands through the Cigna Health Insurance Board’s Health and Wellness Series (GVI). They will also be hosting a free class on Saturday, August 1, 2020 through their Facebook page in conjunction with a series of events hosted by My Girlfriend’s Closet – a local boutique owned by Simmons.

Insurance For Online Fitness Classes

‘Fit4Life Services is proud to provide fitness services to the people of the Virgin Islands and invites the community to join us as we offer daily virtual classes with a variety of instructors and partners. Our greatest wealth is our health, so there is no better time than now to take care of ourselves!’, Etienne said. Government of the Virgin Islands – GESC Health Insurance Board Collaboration offers a variety of classes – Sokh, Zumba, Bootcamp, Functional Fitness and Yoga – with the following instructors: Roberta Jeffrey-Etienne and Moncita Diaz Zumba Fitness, Khnuma Simmons Soke Caribbean Dance Fitness, Avori Reska With Yoga, Madeleine Sullivan with Functional Fitness and Antonio Stevens with Bootcamp. Classes are held Monday through Saturday with morning and afternoon giveaways and can be accessed free of charge by calling Zoom Meeting ID 556-236-9518 and password: 3dpbJa.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), ‘physical activity makes you feel better, work better and sleep better.’ Even one session of moderate to vigorous exercise can reduce stress, and even short bouts of exercise are beneficial. While physical activity can be difficult while social distancing, it’s possible and important.’The CDC also shares important information about the benefits of physical activity like dancing and stretching—longevity and reduced risk of chronic disease. To read more about the benefits of physical activity, please visit the CDC site at

SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness is a Virgin Islands fitness brand founded in 2008, copyrighted since 2012 and in 2017. Founder, Choreographer and St. Croix native Knooma Simmons holds certifications in dance from Hofstra University, Athletics and Aerobics Fitness Association and International Fitness Association. SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness is a girl-friendly fitness partner with a vision of ‘celebrating Caribbean women and culture through dance fitness’. Fit4Life Services is owned and operated by Roberta Jeffrey-Etienne, a certified Zumba instructor, certified personal trainer and the only true Ryder certified instructor in the state. In addition to virtual classes, both instructors can be found at Beeston Hill Health and Wellness Center, which offers free virtual sessions to its members through the GVI-GESC program. For more information on SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness virtual and physical classes (restrictions apply), please follow them on or on Instagram @sokh_caribbean_dance_fitness or email [email protected] for the full schedule. For more information about Fit4Life services, including Real Ryder classes, please email Roberta at [email protected] For more information on free virtual fitness classes for government employees and retirees, please visit their Facebook page at general public liability and professional indemnity insurance designed for online personal trainers. A professional fitness insurance policy covers both live online fitness classes and pre-booked classes.

Whether you’re looking to start a virtual personal training business or are already a fitness instructor looking to take your classes online, professional fitness insurance coverage is here to help.

Hundreds of thousands of fitness-related accidents occur each year. Insurance for accidents with personal trainers usually covers traditional, in-person training sessions. However, as an online personal trainer, you face many of the same liabilities as when you train someone in person.

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Insurance is your financial protection against claims and other types of losses that you may experience at some point during your career. For online personal trainer insurance, this relates to both professional indemnity and public liability. These two types of insurance are designed to cover claims related to the services you provide and the general operations of your business.

Public liability insurance covers the cost of third-party claims for injuries or property damage caused by your training. This typically relates to the physical location and exercise environment and may arise if you conduct your online classes at a third party location or use your home and a guest in your home is injured. Since it was a home business, your home insurance may not provide adequate protection.

Professional indemnity insurance covers bodily injury or property damage as a result of a fitness instructor providing services to you. These claims may be related to a customer who claims that your online fitness guide has injured them or damaged their property in some way. A client may claim that your fitness program caused a back injury that required treatment. They can then demand payment for their medical bills and other expenses such as lost wages.

When the client decides to file a claim, legal defense costs may be necessary. Without professional indemnity insurance, these costs may be your responsibility.

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Product Liability Insurance Fitness gear and accessories are often essential parts of everyday life. If an accident occurs with a device you order a customer to use or with a product you recommend, you may face a product liability claim. That’s why our program offers a total of up to £1 million for these types of claims.

If a burglar takes your essential fitness equipment or your camera and other video streaming equipment, you can claim up to £1,000 to cover the cost of replacing the items.

* Benefit payable for 52 weeks excluding the first fourteen days. 75% of average weekly earnings up to a maximum of £100.00 p.w

If you would like to add mobile business insurance – please call us on 0345 209 8503 to purchase in addition to this policy.

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Insurance provided by Professional Fitness can cover when you train remotely, host live classes and exercises or upload pre-recorded instructional videos, including:

If you are training at-risk adults or anyone under the age of 18, there are potential safeguards to be aware of:

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Insurance For Taking Online Fitness Classes

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