Indoor Cycling Classes Online
Indoor Cycling Classes Online

Indoor Cycling Classes Online

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Indoor Cycling Classes Online

Mercey Livingston is a Health and Wellness Author and Integrated Nutrition Coach. She writes about fitness and health for Well + Good, Women’s Health, Business Insider and, among others. When not writing, she enjoys reading and trying out gym classes all over New York City.

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As a former spin-off enthusiast, I know there is nothing like the rush you get after a great class. The combination of Endorphins and Adrenaline from a strenuous workout paired with great music and an inspiring instructor is hard to top off. Needless to say, rotation classes are great exercises that challenge your body in a way that no other exercise can do without serious stress and impact on your joints.

If closing a gym because of COVID-19 keeps you trapped in a cave and requires cycling for yourself at home, you may be wondering how you can get the most out of your investment. Home bikes are not a cheap purchase, although there are many bikes on the market that cost less than the Peloton. So it makes sense that you want to do what you can to make the investment profitable.

I spoke to two rotation experts, Karen Asp and Briana Owens. Owens is the founder of Spiked Spin, a spin-off studio in Brooklyn, New York. Karen Asp is a certified fitness instructor, a favorite Peloton user, and a former spinning instructor and endurance rider who knows a thing or two about how to make sure your spinning class is effective and Enjoy, whether at home or in the studio.

Continue reading for Asp and Owens tips on how to make sure your body and mind are getting the most out of your spin class.

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“Rotational exercise offers many of the same benefits as other forms of aerobic exercise, including exercise,” says Asp. “Improves mood, improves mental health and builds a strong heart.”

But rotating exercise has some particular benefits that make many people fall in love with exercise and continue cycling from day to day.

Many forms of cardio, such as running, jumping rope, or doing other high-impact activities, can put a lot of stress on your joints. That can be a problem if you have an injury or other medical condition that requires you to avoid high-impact exercise. That’s where spin workouts can come in to save the day.

“Rotational exercise can provide temporary rest for the body [from impact] without sacrificing intensity. And it is great for exercisers of all levels, whether you are new or advanced,” Asp says.

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“Like any other form of aerobic exercise, rotational exercise also has many benefits for the cardiovascular system, and because you can work on such a large scale – anywhere from low to high intensity – You can greatly improve your fitness, ”Asp says. You can adjust your intensity by reducing or increasing the resistance, or by speeding up or slowing down. Spin is a great exercise for beginners because you can easily adjust the intensity and work at your pace.

“You can do endurance exercises, strength training, mainly using mountain, interval exercises or a combination of all of them. In fact, to maintain my general fitness, I like to train my interval mostly on my bike because it Easier. Joints, ”Asp says.

Rotational exercises can help you build strength and muscle, especially in your glutes, quads and calves. Your strength will depend on how much you “climb” by increasing your endurance and how often you climb and run during your workout. Most likely during your class the teacher will guide you from time to time and advise you on the amount of resistance you should use. That extra effort makes your muscles work harder and ultimately makes you stronger.

It is not just low body strength. “Indoor cycling has become more creative in recent years. Trainers now include light weights and even push-ups to ensure that your upper body is not left out of the workout. Should always be involved. Great form ensures total workouts more than just pedals, ”Owens says.

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It is important that you set up your spinning wheel properly for optimal safety and exercise. Getty Images

When you go to a spinning studio, the instructor is often there to help you set up your bike. The same thing should happen at home – even if you have to contact a bike manufacturer for help or watch a video to make sure your bike is properly prepared for you before you use it.

“Wheel mounting is key. That includes checking that your seat is at the correct height (not too high or too low) and that the seat is far enough away from the front or steering wheel to be set to a comfortable level. You (if you are new, I recommend a higher height to start), ”Asp said.

Then you might be intimidated by adding resistance to your bike at first, but Asp says riding without endurance is a bad idea. “One of the biggest mistakes I still see in indoor cycling classes is that people move their pedals too fast and they jump up and down on horseback. Faster speed does not mean better exercise. And to combat it, always make sure there is some resistance on the bike. Think if you ride outside if you do not “There is resistance to that wheel and just spin your bike like crazy, you will not go anywhere.”

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There are some profile adjustments that Owens makes most often in the class, which she says is a must see. “Ensuring that the shoulders are resting away from the ears, the spine is in a neutral position and the core is attached allows the riders to protect their bodies while getting the best exercise on the bike,” she says. Also. “

“For me, I always start with small, achievable goals that will motivate me to move forward. For example, instead of committing to one hour a day, start with a three to 20-30 minute commitment. Once a week, focus on goals that can be achieved. You are more likely to have a positive relationship with exercise and are more likely to stick to a plan and even increase your goals, ”Owens said.

If you are struggling with the motivation to exercise at home, Asp recommends a 10-minute trick: “Tell yourself that you will ride for 10 minutes and that if you have a hard time you will stop.” Then see how you feel.

If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. But if you take classes on demand or pre-recorded classes and find that you continue to miss classes, even with good intentions, try to schedule.

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“[Schedule] is important for home exercisers because it’s easy to let millions of other things take you out of your workout. But if you put it on your calendar, you probably will. Stick to it. I do my weekly exercise schedule every Sunday night, even noticing the live classes I want to learn on the websites / programs I use, ”Asp says.

“If your bike is in a dark corner of a room full of drugs, it is not uncommon for you to not want to exercise. Fortunately, most bikes are easy to move, so place them where the scenery is more attractive.” Says.

You do not need to have a spectacular view to make a difference, just move your bike closer to the window instead of in a dark corner or through a door so you can get some fresh air can make a huge difference.

There are many streaming apps and services that you can use to view live or custom rotation classes. Getty Images

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Programs and online classes are great tools when you exercise at home, they provide you with a structured workout to follow useful tips, good music (usually) and the best online community to engage with. With.

“There are many cycling programs that offer live and on-demand classes, and even if you are not physically fit in the studio with others, knowing that others somewhere in the world are exercising at the same time. In the same class, if you do it directly, it can be a big psychological stimulus, ”Asp says.

If you do not have a bike like the Peloton that comes with a screen to broadcast the class, you still have a lot of options. For example, you can still access Peloton classes on your phone, tablet or computer if you purchase the Peloton app for $ 12.99 each.

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