Hypnobirthing Online Classes

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Hypnobirthing Online Classes

HypnoBirthing is a real and powerful tool for promoting natural, easy birth experiences. Hypnosis in HypnoBirthing is ‘self-hypnosis’ which means you take control of how you experience birth. So don’t worry, no one will be holding the clock as it rhythmically turns back and forth before your eyes until you suddenly find a newborn snuggled up against you.

Get Birth Confident

HypnoBirthing has exploded in attention in recent years as everyone from celebrities to royalty use HypnoBirthing techniques to ease their fears of childbirth and manage labor pain naturally. But what is HypnoBirthing? Can hypnosis really take away the pain of childbirth? HypnoBirthing enthusiasts would probably tell you that pain doesn’t belong in the first place!

While hypnosis has been used for centuries to treat pain during surgery, it was first applied to childbirth in the 1950s. The formalization of a specific set of hypnosis techniques adapted to the birth experience occurred in 1989 when Marie Mongan developed her original HypnoBirth method. The hypnosis-focused program she developed is both a philosophy and a technique.

The basic technique of hypnobirthing can be thought of as simply hypnosis during labor… but it can more accurately be described as “self-hypnosis” during labor.

Hypnosis is a way we can use our minds to focus on our subconscious. It may resemble sleep in some respects, but it leaves us in complete control of our bodies and our choices. This focus, clarity and control allows birthing people to visualize a positive birth experience and free their bodies to remain relaxed and peaceful.

Online Hypnobirthing Classes

The term “hypnosis” originated in the nineteenth century and was named after the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos. The idea is that you can put your mind into an altered state that resembles daydreaming, but with full attention to the present moment. This state of hypnosis makes you more responsive to suggestions and directions whether they come from someone else or yourself.

From a young age, we are regularly told about the horrors and pains of childbirth. Whether it’s stories from friends and family or the onslaught of pop culture stories involving extreme labor pain. We are conditioned to believe that birth is inherently painful. That conditioning causes most birthers to fear childbirth. The tension caused by that fear prevents them from being able to relax their muscles and allow their body to carry out its natural birthing processes. Thus, stories of painful births end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy in that they result in the pain they predict there will be and additional, potentially unnecessary, medical interventions.

The HypnoBirthing technique allows birthing people to experience labor in a calm, peaceful environment with minimized pain. Hypnobirthing techniques take into account the physical and psychological well-being of the birthing woman, her birth partner and their child. HypnoBirthing techniques work equally well in a hospital, birth center or home.

HypnoBirthing techniques include relaxation, breathing, visualization, meditation, nutrition and body toning. HypnoBirthing creates a sense of shared respect between the parent and their healthcare providers regardless of the birth setting, be it a traditional hospital birth or an alternative setting.

Hypnobirthing Via Zoom Vs Online Hypnobirthing Courses

Hypnobirthing techniques teach the birthing person simple self-hypnosis techniques to release the fear of painful birth stories, move past misinformation and overcome birth myths. HypnoBirthing techniques allow the birthing woman to understand that birth is a normal human experience. By trusting their bodies to do what they were designed to do, people giving birth can make their birth experience a calmer, gentler, more peaceful transition into the world for their baby.

An English obstetrician named Dr. Grantley Dick-Reid came up with the concept of natural childbirth in the 1920s. Natural childbirth is a core tenant of the HypnoBirthing philosophy which states that childbirth, extenuating circumstances aside, can be free of extreme pain. The philosophy of natural birth stretches back thousands of years into the past.

Marie Mongan was an award-winning hypnotherapist with over thirty years experience as a counselor and educator who created HypnoBirthing. She developed HypnoBirthing as a way to empower birthing people to develop better decision-making skills and explore their choices in achieving their birth goals.

Marie served as dean of the college and was named a Ford Foundation Fellow to Harvard. She was a licensed hypnotherapist and hypnoanesthesiologist with experience as an instructor in both fields.

Hypnobirthing Online Childbirth Classes In Shantikunj, Haridwar, Devanchal Body And Mind Clinic

Marie gave birth to four children without obstetric interventions or drugs using the concepts Dr. Dick-Reed wrote about in the 1920s. She also used the works of Dr. Jonathan Dye, a pioneer of natural childbirth.

HypnoBirthing can enable birthing people and their birthing partners to release limiting thoughts and fears while teaching them to believe in birth.

To allow your birthing muscles to function as nature intended, the benefits of HypnoBirthing will help you achieve a state of peaceful relaxation. This freedom from fear allows endorphins to be released, naturally relaxing your muscles and replacing stress hormones to avoid tightness and pain.

By trusting your birth and relaxing your body enough, you will find that your birthing muscles work together in harmony. The goal of a comfortable, easy birth can be achieved by learning to relax the body and mind, letting go of resistance and fear.

Toronto Online Hypnobirthing Course

HypnoBirthing techniques do not put you in a trance. HypnoBirthing is experienced more like a daydream or focus that occurs when you are fully engaged in an activity like reading or meditating. You will be able to speak and communicate your experience with a positive outlook and full control of your body. Your heightened sense of awareness will allow you to experience the labor process and the birth of your baby, while relaxation training and practice will allow you to determine to what extent and in what way you feel the many waves that come and go through the process.

We have collected various scientific studies on HypnoBirthing so that you can answer the question “Does HypnoBirthing work?” for myself.

You can spend countless hours researching HypnoBirthing techniques online and still not learn how to “do” HypnoBirthing. The following free HypnoBirthing basics will get you started on your daily practice of the HypnoBirthing method.

Giving birth while practicing these HypnoBirthing breath and massage techniques is likened to being in a daydream state, fully aware of what is happening and able to come and go from your personal hypnotic state as you please.

An Introduction To Hypnobirthing

Birth can become a joyous experience for parent, baby and birth attendant by applying these HypnoBirthing techniques. The benefits of a calmer, more joyful birth can last a lifetime.

Taking control of your birth experience allows you to relax, suppress the fight-or-flight instinct in moments of panic, and self-regulate your stress hormone levels through the intentional release of endorphins. These HypnoBirthing tips can help you on your journey.

Practicing hypnobirthing techniques in the classroom allows the laboring woman time to establish a firm understanding of the relationship between fear and pain. Once the birth is over, this lesson learned becomes a life lesson that helps students of HypnoBirthing classes with improved parenting and life skills. Implementing the calming techniques taught in HypnoBirthing classes helps students create endorphins, counteract negative stress hormones, and open their bodies to avoid pain that constricts throughout their lives.

Hypnobirthing classes build a woman’s confidence, teach them what causes labor pain and show them what to do to prevent that pain. Birth people and their birth companions will learn about both the chemical and physical changes that occur in the human body as stress and anxiety accumulate over time. When the mind reacts to this build-up of anxiety with the classic fight-flight-or-freeze response, HypnoBirthing techniques help the birthing woman enter a state of peaceful relaxation instead.

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Your birth experience will require you to make many choices, such as the setting of your birth and the health care providers you will have to support your birth. You will also have the choice of choosing which childbirth education courses to take to prepare for your birth experience. HypnoBirthing classes are a great way to bring a sense of peace and ease into the birth of your baby.

HypnoBirthing classes generally span a 5-week period, are often 2-3 hours in length, often cost between $350-500, and include the birth partner. HypnoBirthing classes typically include the official HypnoBirthing book, lists of HypnoBirthing birth affirmations, and other related materials such as Rainbow Relaxation Guides. Some local HypnoBirthing courses even offer email and phone support for up to six weeks after your baby is born.

HypnoBirthing classes are designed to be comprehensive childbirth education resources, freeing you from the need to learn many complex pain management techniques, reminding you of your

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