How To Set Up An Llc In Arizona
How To Set Up An Llc In Arizona

How To Set Up An Llc In Arizona

How To Set Up An Llc In Arizona – Learn how to set up your LLC the right way! Whether you want to learn how to start your own LLC or hire us to create an LLC for you, you’ll find the easiest way with our professional advice and options below.

No matter how you start your LLC, Northwest can help. Hire us and get everything you need: registered agent service, Privacy by Default®, free shipping and guidance from local experts. Choose our Corporate Guide Service for monthly financing and start your business for less than government fees.

How To Set Up An Llc In Arizona

Or do it yourself. Our free account has the tools to get you started. Our state pages give you all the state-owned LLC information you need. Our LLC guide below covers all the basics.

Free Llc Operating Agreement Templates (2)

You will list your registered agent and office on your formation documents. Your registered agent must be regularly available to receive the LLC’s state and legal mail at a physical location (registered office) in the state. This means that if you choose to be your own registered agent, your name and home or office address will be part of the LLC’s permanent public record. Hiring a registered agent service can help you keep your personal information more private.

Before forming an LLC, you need to find the perfect business name and make sure it hasn’t already been taken. Fortunately, each state has an online database where you can search for available names. When choosing a name, you should also avoid restricted words or phrases and include a business entity identifier such as “L.L.C.,” “LLC,” or “Limited Liability Company.”

Now that you’ve made the big decisions, it’s time to file your LLC state form, commonly called “Articles of Organization.” In most states, LLC formation documents are processed by the Secretary of State. Requirements vary, but at a minimum, you’ll generally need to include the name of the LLC, your registered agent, and your signature.

After you start your LLC, you’ll likely need a federal tax identification from the IRS. This Federal Employer Identification Number (known as a FEIN or EIN) is similar to a social security number for an LLC. Every LLC that will pay taxes or hire employees needs an EIN. Apply for an EIN with the IRS by filing Form SS-4. Applying online at the IRS website usually takes a few minutes.

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Your operating agreement is the governing document of your LLC. How the LLC distributes its profits and losses, what percentage of the company it owns, how the management structure is determined, everything is in the operating agreement. Your operating agreement is an internal document, so you don’t need to file it with any government agency. However, it’s not something you want to run your LLC without.

To protect your new LLC’s limited liability, you’ll need to keep your personal assets separate from your business assets—so you’ll want to open a business bank account. Opening an account usually requires a few basic business documents: your Articles of Incorporation, operating agreement, and EIN. Depending on the bank – and how clearly powers are defined in your articles and contract – you may also need an LLC resolution to open a bank account.

Make sure you have everything you need. We offer a free LLC decision to open an LLC Bank Account.

It is not very good to have an empty business bank account – the new LLC must be financed with capital contributions. Let’s say you need $10,000 to start your business. Each member will transfer a portion of that $10K from their personal money or assets to the new business account. In return, members receive a prorated percentage of their membership. If people want to contribute more later, you can change the percentages at any time.

Form An Llc Online In Just A Few Steps

Do you need to document all that money changing hands? We offer free LLC forms including capital contribution agreements and membership certificates.

After forming an LLC, your state may require you to update or verify your company information with a business renewal or report, such as an annual or biennial report. Sometimes these updates or reports are combined with other state requirements. For example, Arkansas pairs its annual report with its annual franchise tax. Some states, such as Washington and Nevada, also require LLCs to file preliminary reports. This is a report that will be issued after or shortly after starting your business. And of course, states have their own LLC tax requirements, from information filings to franchise taxes.

Pros want their LLCs built quickly and don’t want to pay extra for speed and skill. As a registered agent, we have offices in every state. It is our job to know the fastest filing methods in each state. We are the first name with people working in the Corporation Division of every state. When you hire us to set up your LLC, you naturally benefit from our operational logistics for fast, professional service.

As your registered agent, our registered office is listed in the LLC’s formation documents. We never sell your information. We do not record your personal information unless we have to. It’s all part of our commitment to Privacy with Default®, to achieve a level of privacy you can’t get when you file yourself or hire a standard filing service.

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As part of our standard service, we include limited digital mailing in each state. Moreover, you can register our address as your business address. Combining business address and mailing provides an increased level of security and service unmatched in the LLC formation industry.

Knowing the ins and outs of each state not only helps us provide faster, better service, but it also helps you. We’ve invested in a national team of Corporate Guides®, over 200 local business professionals you can call or email to answer questions about your LLC.

LLC Formation Service With our regular formation service, you pay government fees and service fees in advance. It includes a full year of registered agent service, free limited mailings, an operating agreement, and tons of free tools. PAY IN FULL

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Once you’ve decided on your service option, hiring us to set up your LLC is quick and easy. How it works:

Simply select one of the buttons below, answer a few easy questions about your business, and submit your payment.

We will prepare your Articles of Incorporation and send them to the appropriate government agency for approval. Meanwhile, you’ll have instant access to your online account, where you’ll find helpful government forms pre-filled with your business information.

After the state approves your application, we inform you that the LLC is legally formed. You can now take any necessary steps, such as obtaining an EIN and opening a bank account.

How To Start An Llc For $49

An LLC is a business structure similar to a corporation, but with more flexibility regarding management and taxes. Like a corporation, an LLC is formed at the state level and has limited liability. This means that the debts and assets of the business belong to the LLC, not you. So, if the case goes to court, damages are usually limited to the LLC’s assets (not your home or car).

When it comes to taxes, LLCs are typically taxed as partnerships or sole proprietorships (but may choose to be taxed as a C or S corporation). LLCs can also manage themselves like a partnership (but choose to appoint managers to operate more like a corporation).

The main differences between an LLC and a corporation relate to ownership, management, and taxes. LLCs are owned by members. Members can manage directly or appoint managers, giving LLCs the flexibility to operate as partnerships or corporations. Corporations (except non-stock corporations such as non-profit organizations) are owned by shareholders. Shareholders elect a board of directors to make business decisions. The board of directors appoints officers to execute those decisions.

When it comes to taxes, LLCs are taxed as a partnership unless they elect to be taxed as an S-corp or C-corp. Corporations are taxed as C-corps unless they elect to be taxed as S-corps. Corporations cannot be taxed like partnerships, meaning LLCs have more tax flexibility.

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Typically around $100. Each state sets its own fees for filing LLC articles of organization. However, Tennessee bases the LLC formation fee on how many members your business has, so their fee can range from $300 to $3,000.

At Northwest, we can form your LLC for just $100 plus state fees. Or with our Corporate Guide Service you can pay a low monthly fee and get started today for a fraction of the government fees.

LLC. A sole proprietorship and an LLC are two different business structures. If you are a solo business owner who has never filed for state registration to create a business entity, you are self-employed.

An individual entrepreneur can easily turn into an LLC by submitting articles of organization

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