How To Say God Bless You In Spanish

How To Say God Bless You In Spanish

How To Say God Bless You In Spanish – It used to be thought that snot was not the only thing that came out of your nose when you sneezed. They thought your soul escaped too.

It is said that Pope Gregory I decreed that if you hear someone sneeze, shout out blessings to protect them.

How To Say God Bless You In Spanish

It’s possible that during the bubonic plague we started saying God bless you because sneezing was a sign you might be sick.

Why We Feel Compelled To Say ‘bless You’ When Someone Sneezes

One doctor told the New York Times that it “has become an utterance with no specific meaning other than a response to a sneeze that is in some way polite.”

If you don’t need help from a higher power after a sneeze, consider some alternatives from our friends abroad.

In German they say “Gesundheit” and in Spanish-speaking countries they say “Salud” after a sneeze, which means “wish for health”.

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Sometimes love knows no boundaries and you can fall in love with someone who doesn’t speak your language well. Or maybe they do but you want to show your love not only for them but for Spanish as well?

Look no further! We’ve collected all the Spanish phrases you could need to express your love for your Spanish speaking partner. You can practice all of these phrases and more in our new Spanish deck: Love in Spanish.

There are two ways to say “I love you” in Spanish, depending on how much you really want to emphasize your love. Usually these phrases are used in a long-term relationship, like in English.

Why Did God Bless Some People More Than Others?

Amar – love (somewhat stronger, not always romantic), in Spain very much querer – want, love encantar – really like, adore

“Te amo” is used when you want to declare your love for someone. However, in Mexico it can also be used with parents and grandparents (usually mothers and grandmothers) and they can use it with their children. But you wouldn’t want to do that to your best friend. Also in Latin America one finds “te amo”, which is usually used in this way.

In Spain, “te amo” has a very strong association with love – it’s something you would say at your wedding and it always has a romantic connotation. In Spain you don’t hear parents or grandparents say that to children.

“Te quiero” is used more loosely and literally means “I want you”. This is the most normal way to express love in most relationships (friends, family, etc.).

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Now, if you literally want to say “I want you” to someone (as in physical desire), you wouldn’t use “te quiero” in this case. Instead, you would use “te deseo”. Just realize that this has a sexual connotation.

Saying “me encantas” to someone doesn’t necessarily have to imply a love interest, but it’s often used before all the “I love yous” begin. Let’s say it’s a way of saying you like someone a lot, more than everyone else.

You can also automatically say that to a person you just met and clicked with, with no romantic intentions, just to express how much you enjoyed meeting them.

Estoy enamorado/a de ti (roughly the same meaning as “te amo”) – I’m in love with you. Eres el amor de mi vida – You are the love of my life. Te quiero con todo mi corazón – I love you with all my heart. Estoy loco/a porti – I’m crazy about you. Me has robado el corazón – You stole my heart.

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Not ready to express your full love yet, but falling in love with someone? Here are some phrases you can use.

Me caes muy bien – I like you (as a friend). (Make sure you pronounce the “muy” so they know you mean you want more than just being friends). Me encantas – I really (really!) like you. Me gustas – I like you / I’m attracted to you. This expression already implies a certain romantic interest.

*You would say “me caes bien” to a friend (that goes without saying; of course we all like our friends, but still). However, you wouldn’t say “me gustas” to a friend unless you want to express something more than friendship!

Pet names are useful when you want to call your partner by a name other than their own, like “sweetheart” in English. Spanish also has pet names that you can use for your lover.

Ways To Write Thank You In Spanish

(Mi) amor – my love (Mi) cariño – my darling (Mi) cielo – my heaven (my love, my darling) Mi vida / vida mía – my life (my love, my darling) (Mi) corazón – my heart (my darling, my darling) Mi rey / mi reina – my king / my queen

The possessive pronoun “mi” is optional. In Spain, it’s more common to call your loved one with the noun rather than the whole phrase: “Hola, amor” (“mi amor” could also be used, but it has a slightly stronger, more romantic connotation). Ah, the nuances of language…

In some Latin American countries, such as Venezuela and Colombia, “mi amor” is commonly used to address people close to you, such as family, friends, or even acquaintances.

In Spain they use it to refer to their partners but also to their loved ones (especially children).

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Te echo de menos (Spain) / Te extraño (LatAm) – I miss you. Pienso en ti – I’m thinking of you. Me acuerdo mucho de ti – literally: “I remember you very much.” Me haces falta / Te necesito – I need you. You would use this in a more dramatic context, e.g. B. in a long-term separation or to express deep love in a very romantic way. You’re more likely to come across it in Latin America.

These can be used either separately or together and are also a very common way to end letters or emails to people close to you, whether they are friends, family or someone important.

Eres mi media naranja – You are my half orange. It means you are my other half or soul mate in English.

Hoy te quiero más que ayer, pero menos que mañana – I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow.

Why Do We Say ‘god Bless You’ When Someone Sneezes? (video)

This may surprise you, but all of these expressions are used throughout Latin America and Spain. So no matter which one you use, you’ll be ready to go!

Te ves hermoso esta noche (LatAm) / Estás muy hermoso esta noche (Spain) – You look good tonight. ¡Qué bello te ves! (LatAm) / ¡Qué guapo estás! (Spain) – You look so good! Pareces un príncipe – You look like a prince. Eres el hombre de mi vida – Literally “You are the man of my life”.

Te ves hermosa esta noche (LatAm) / Estás muy hermosa esta noche (Spain) – You look beautiful tonight. ¡Qué bella te ves! (LatAm) / ¡Qué guapa estás! (Spain) – You look so pretty! Pareces una princesa – You look like a princess. Eres la mujer de mi vida – literally “You are the woman of my life”.

“Te ves + adjective” is used in Latin America. In Spain they use the “status” variant of the verb “to be” (estar). In the examples above, you will see the Latin American version first, and then the Spanish version.

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We hope you found these love phrases in Spanish useful. You can practice all of these phrases and more in our new Spanish deck: Love in Spanish.

You need access to a subscription to get the deck, but currently all new learners have the option to take advantage of a free trial.

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