How To Get Certified As A Life Coach
How To Get Certified As A Life Coach

How To Get Certified As A Life Coach

How To Get Certified As A Life Coach – Start helping people in your own coaching business immediately after completing your life coaching certification. Our comprehensive training program provides you with a complete roadmap to becoming an efficient and successful life coach.

60-hour program: You can become a Certified Life Coach (C.L.C) or a Certified Spiritual Coach (C.S.C). The Life Coach Certification or Spirit Coach Certification program will provide you with all the tools, skills and support you need to start and succeed in your coaching practice.

How To Get Certified As A Life Coach

Life Purpose Institute’s Instructor Training Program is ICF accredited. The training you receive meets the hourly requirement to earn the ICF credential.

Advanced Professional Christian Life Coach Training Course And Certification

You won’t hear the pitch, but talk to someone who will discuss your needs and interests in getting certified as a life coach. We’ll provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

One-on-one with your instructor – Review client meetings and review your marketing strategy one-on-one with your instructor.

Ongoing Support – Connect with challenging customer or marketing issues via phone, email or private Facebook group

Our certification program has the same content, including 60 hours of training. However, you can choose from different formats to find the one that best fits your schedule and teaches you at a pace that suits you:

Certified Life Coach

The Life Coach Certification or Spirit Coach Certification 60-hour course provides you with everything you need to start and succeed in your coaching practice.

Certified life coaches may take additional continuing education courses for professional development, additional certification, or additional training hours through the ICF.

Are you the kind of person who loves to help? A life coach certification can help you launch a business from your giving nature. Life Purpose Institute is an ICF-accredited coach training school that provides life coaching training to motivated and passionate individuals. Have you ever wondered what the salary of a life coach is once you become ICF certified? Our 60-hour course will give you the tools and skills you need to make a positive difference in the world. Get your ICF certificate with LPI and be the change you want to see in the world.

At Life Purpose Institute, we have developed a comprehensive life coach certification program that offers more than any other provider. LPI offers the best online life coach certification program with ongoing support every step of the way. Attend our Life Coaching Schools on your schedule, with courses ranging from five days to six months in length. Once certified, you will be able to coach and guide your clients towards success in a natural and effective manner. To learn more about our program, call (858) 484-3400 today.

Certified Coaches Federation

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“The Life Purpose Institute let me build my dream business on the right foot – I now run a six-figure company with over 10,000 conscious, purposeful women entrepreneurs around the world. Fern’s simple system and Comprehensive curriculum supported”

“I completed all the courses offered by Life Purpose Academy – Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and the rest of the ACTP. I loved, learned and grew from every class. The teachers were passionate and experienced – every class was full of I have gained energy and a new awareness! Based on what I have learned at Life Purpose Academy, I have successfully achieved Assistant Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation and Board Certification from the Center for Credentials and Education. The gift I received from Life Purpose Academy has rewarded me Every day in my coaching, business and relationships. I highly recommend them!”

“I took coaching training about a year and a half ago and already have 47 clients from 6 countries. The Life Purpose Academy has changed my life and my career has skyrocketed! The wide range of tools I have received and the All the personal support in marketing has helped me create an amazing business. I cannot recommend Life Purpose Academy enough!

Get Questions Answered About Life Coaching For Kids (ages 6 12)

“I really love Life Purpose Institute finding your life purpose in their program. I want to get out of it with great skills, real life practice and entrepreneurial strategies. What I didn’t plan was how”

“I did a lot of searching and found the perfect life coach certification program for me. Life Purpose Academy exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Their extensive and comprehensive training inspired me and set me up for success. For anyone interested in being a life coach who really wants to know what you’re doing at the end of your training and being able to confidently walk out the door and go to work…that’s your plan!”

“Life Purpose Academy helped me start my career and I’m forever grateful! It gave me everything from learning the basics to being a confident coach. I learned a lot – the foundation, skills to build a coaching business and skills to be a good coach—“

“I recommend LPI to anyone who wants to pursue their life goals and empower the world around us. I will be forever grateful for this impactful experience; I am now free to pursue my career as a certified life coach mission.”

Spencer Institute’s Life Strategies Coach Certification Provides Excellent Career Path Even In Challenging Economy

“This course has changed my life! I was super excited when I found this course. It was a whole different level of WOW when I took this course! You can’t leave this course without addressing yourself some of the issues and it really forces you to walk the talk!”

“I am proud to be a graduate of LPI. I feel that the online and classroom training is delivered by world-class instructors who have prepared me to achieve my life goals and mission of helping clients. LPI’s training and development is 5 stars Experience. Mentoring, demonstrations, and personal practice give me the confidence to continue building my life coaching practice. I highly recommend LPI to anyone. Your client results. Learn the basic skills of coaching, how to coach, and how to conduct a coaching session.

All your coach training sessions in one place. You will have lifetime access to your video, audio and notes.

Learn from and connect with other students and coaches. Join our Facebook community. Work with a coaching partner.

Why You Should Get A Certificate

When you need help, we are here for you. Take advantage of our coaching calls, emails, voice messages and forum support.

Access a library of coaching tools, coaching exercises, resources, books, articles, gifts and more for your clients to use.

In the business centre you will receive training in business and marketing. We add new training at least once a month. Learn how to build your coaching business, how to acquire clients, how to market your business and more.

We work hard to make sure you become an effective coach. Although this is a home study program, we want to make sure you understand what you are learning. Here’s how to support you on your coaching journey…

Mental Health And Master Life Coach Certification

Leave a message from the Student Center and we will respond to voice messages within 24 hours or less.

Join UCI’s student Facebook group community. Connect and get support from students, graduates and coaches from the Global Coach Academy.

The coach training self-study option is 100% online and at your own pace. By accessing your core training. Video, audio and PDF transcription notes in the Student Center.

Refund Policy: Once you pay or deposit and you visit your course or Student Center, there is no refund. But we will try to work with you to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We encourage you to visit the free course offered above, “Try Before You Buy”. By choosing to purchase this program, you understand and agree that your purchase is non-refundable. Work with clients to increase self-awareness, overall well-being, enhance strengths, optimize performance and achieve worthy success goals!

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UCI’s upgraded Life Coach Training Program is now integrated with the Transformational Coach Training Program. The program is a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to positive psychology and solution-focused coaching.

Through our transformative life coaching training program, you’ll learn how to help your clients discover their untapped potential, waiting to be unlocked.

You’ll learn how to help your clients achieve great success and change every aspect of their lives.

In this course, you will learn about UCI’s GIFTS coaching model

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