How To Fill Out Usps Customs Form
How To Fill Out Usps Customs Form

How To Fill Out Usps Customs Form

How To Fill Out Usps Customs Form – The US Postal Service has granted an extension to the Department of Defense to eliminate handwritten customs declaration forms on packages destined for stateside, APO, FPO and DPO addresses. However, the extension did not remove the Department of Defense requirement that military post offices no longer accept handwritten personalized forms for international addresses; therefore, customers should use the online customs form for overseas addresses outside the Ministry of Defense from 13 March. To allow for a smooth transition period, the Military Post Office will not accept handwritten customs forms after August 13. However, military post officials are recommending that customers should start using the online version of the forms now to familiarize themselves with the new August start date.

WIESBADEN, Germany — A major change is coming to the way military post overseas customers can send packages internationally.

How To Fill Out Usps Customs Form

Clerks at military posts, including those in Europe, will soon be unable to accept handwritten customs declaration forms, according to a recent internal U.S. Postal Service bulletin.

Here’s How To Fill Out A Usps Customs Form

The change is scheduled to go into effect in March, but officials are working to delay the rollout overseas, but “customers should be ready to start using the new forms as early as mid-March,” said Bill Hilsher, ch. of postal plans and policy in the US Army in Europe.

Customers will be required to use PS Form 2976-R, USPS Customs Declaration and Shipping Note. Once the change takes effect, all other editions of the customs declaration and shipment will be obsolete and removed from the Post Office.

“There will still be an option to fill out a customs information worksheet, which will then be entered into the retail system software by the postal clerk,” Hilscher said. However, this option may result in longer wait times at retail storefronts. Customers can go online to complete and print the correct form at home or fill it out at computer-equipped kiosks that will be available at military posts

“We ask customers for patience and understanding if the change in the rules leads to longer waits at the counters. We will continue to do everything we can to support their needs as we implement this new policy,” said Chuck Sharp, Program Manager for the Postal Operations Branch at IMCOM-Europe. Thanks for stopping by Jo, My Gosh! I’m so glad you found me! If you love Joe Oh My God!, never miss a post by subscribing to my newsletter! By the way, this post may contain affiliate links and this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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Welcome back! Great to be here! If you love Joe Oh My God!, never miss a post by subscribing to my newsletter! By the way, this post may contain affiliate links and this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

You’ve packed your care package and it’s ready to ship. Now, just walk into the post office and drop it off, right?

Wrong! Before you send your carefully wrapped gifts on their way, you’ll need to fill out a USPS customs form first.

It is definitely overwhelming to fill out the customs form for the first time (or the 9,000th). But we can 100% get through this together. Trust me, I have been shipping mail to and from OCONUS locations with USPS customs forms since 2010. If I can do this, so can you.

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Note: This process is for USPS Form 2976 and Form 2976-A. Form 2976 is smaller in physical size but contains the same information as the longer Form 2976-A.

A really, really important note: If you’re not shipping from a military post office, you’ll need to have a customs form filled out digitally. Starting in 2020, the USPS will no longer accept handwritten customs forms; they will be returned to sender. The only exception is military posts (as of 6/2021) until the necessary technology updates are made to military posts. Be sure to check with your individual post office if you have any questions.

I guess this sending a package is not a one time deal. Go ahead and grab a stack of customs forms right now. (The customs form is officially called PS Form 2976-R.) Not only is it good to have on hand just in case. Also, if you have multipliers, you won’t need to run back to get more when you make a mistake. (That’s advice coming from a wealth of experience, right there.)

But! You can also complete an online customs form. The clerk will use this to create a tag for you.

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Your loved one should have provided you with their military address format. Military addresses will include an FPO (Fleet Post Office) or APO (Army Post Office) location. You can also use customs forms to send mail abroad and to regular civilian addresses.

The first address you put in the form will be your own. On the standard customs form, you will begin entering your information in the upper left section.

Remember to follow last name, middle name when adding your name. Below that you will see a business. You can safely ignore this section and leave it blank unless you are sending this package as part of your personal business.

Next: your physical address. Use your mailbox information if applicable. Include your city and state. The form says to use your zip code +4. It’s okay if you don’t know those extra four numbers, though.

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Finally, you’ll need to include your email address or phone number. This is another measure just in case there are problems with the package. In 11 years of shipping OCONUS packages I have never been called or emailed.

This is the part that can trip people up, especially with military or non-US format addresses. The recipient’s address is located just below the sender’s address section.

For military address format, this is the line that may start with “PSC”. Treat this as the first line of a normal street address. In our example you would put: PSC 555 Box 000

This is an international USPS only zip code. For a military address, this is the last series of numbers. In our example, you would put: 96307

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Other codes are: AE (Europe and Africa), AA (North and South America except Canada). AP is for the Asia-Pacific region.

NOTE: If you are sending the forms to a non-military OCONUS address, obviously do not put US for the country. Put the country you are sending it to. You should also triple check how addresses in their country are formatted compared to US addresses.

Truth time: you can’t send anything in a package going to OCONUS. Seriously. Don’t do it. In order to send your package, you will need to explain what is inside. The section, just below the addresses, says “detailed”, but you can be more general.

You don’t need to write “6 pairs of socks – 2 green, 2 khaki, 2 white”. Just writing “socks” is perfectly fine.

How To Fill Out A Customs Form For International Shipping

However, it is important to be aware of what you are packing. This is for everyone’s safety and to make sure your gifts are legitimate. Lack of clarity may make your package subject to random postal inspection.

This does not mean that very specifically labeled packaging will not also be inspected. It’s like airport screenings, random, but more likely if you’re acting suspicious.

There is a value section. This is important, especially if you are shipping expensive items (which I never recommend). You can choose any value, such as $10, for items. Or you can again be very specific and list the exact price of each item you have packed. Totally personal preference.

Your package will be insured for a base rate of $50 if you used USPS Priority or Priority Flat Rate packaging.

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Under the description of your items (and their quantity and value), select the option that best matches the description of this care package. Basically, it’s a gift. Ignore box 10 and go to box 12 where you will put your signature and date.

On the right side of the USPS customs form you will also leave all the fields blank (unless you are a business and then please fill in this information).

Yes, you have filled out the wonderful USPS customs form. The format of the military address is also perfect. You’re ready to mail this… after completing this one step.

Put the addresses on the actual box (and, you know, tape everything tight). It’s easiest to use one of those giant address label stickers that are also available from the post office. But you can use a Sharpie as a last resort.

Usps Customs Form

Label the address sticker just like an envelope. Your information should be at the top, maybe slightly to the left. Their information, using the appropriate military address format, should go at the bottom and below your information.

Stick this sticker on the box. Maybe put a layer of clear packing tape over it to prevent water damage. Just in case.

Now head to your local post office. Slide your box, properly wrapped and labeled, across the counter. Follow the correctly completed customs form. Pay the postman, collect your receipt and be on your way. It is!

Once you’ve successfully filled out a form, stop right there and

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