How To Dissolve An Llc In Illinois
How To Dissolve An Llc In Illinois

How To Dissolve An Llc In Illinois

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Have you decided to stop doing business with your Illinois LLC? The state of Illinois requires by law that all business entities go through a formal dissolution process.

How To Dissolve An Llc In Illinois

What does this process entail and how does it differ for domestic and foreign entities? In this guide, we’ll answer all the tough questions about dissolving an LLC in Illinois.

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Guru Tip: If you would like help dissolving an LLC, the same services that form an LLC can also take care of the logistics of dissolution and paperwork with the state.

Incorporation is the official means of permanently closing your business. While filing your Illinois dissolution paperwork is certainly an important part of the process, it’s not the only step. You should also liquidate your business assets, settle any liabilities and send legal notices to anyone who had a stake in your company.

Keep in mind that if you don’t complete these steps, you may be held personally liable as a business owner for any unpaid debts or liabilities of your limited liability company. Now that we’ve discussed what exactly an LLC dissolution is, let’s dive into the details of how this process is done in the state of Illinois.

How to Dissolve a Domestic Illinois LLC A domestic LLC must file a Declaration of Termination (Form LLC-35.15). This form must be submitted to the Secretary of State in duplicate. You will need to provide the following information: LLC name Mailing address for delivery Confirmation that the LLC has been terminated Title and signature of the applicant In addition to two copies of the Declaration of Termination, you will need to include a $5 check made payable to “Secretary of State.” You can then mail the paperwork and payment to the following address: Secretary of State Department of Business Services Limited Liability Division 501 S. Second St., Rm. 351 Springfield, IL 62756 The entire dissolution process usually takes 7-10 business days. How to Dissolve a Foreign LLC in Illinois

Corporate Administrative Dissolution & Reinstatement

Need to dissolve a limited liability company based outside of Illinois but qualified to do business in that state?

Dissolving a foreign LLC in Illinois requires a different form, although the process is virtually the same. You must first complete and file a Withdrawal Application (Form LLC-45.40). This form must be filed in duplicate with the Secretary of State and will require the following information: LLC Name State/Country of Organization Mailing Address for Delivery Certification that the LLC is no longer doing business Certification that the LLC is revoking the authority of its registered agent Title and signature of the applicant Same as the state termination, i The Withdrawal Request requires payment of a $5 filing fee, with check payable to “Secretary of State.” Forms and check can be mailed to the same address: Secretary of State Department of Business Services Limited Liability Division 501 S. Second St., Rm. 351 Springfield, IL 62756 You should also expect this submission to take approximately 7-10 business days to process. What else do I need to know about dissolving an LLC in Illinois? The day after the Secretary of State processes your dissolution application, your business name will be available for others to claim. This means that if you want to restore your business later, you’ll need to make sure that no one else is using your business name. It is also important to keep in mind that your business can be administratively dissolved in Illinois. This can happen if you don’t file your annual report within 6 months of the due date. When this happens, you will need to file a Reinstatement Application and pay various penalty fees to revive your business. You may also be required to pay any franchise taxes due during this period. Conclusion

Both the Statement of Termination and the Application for Withdrawal must be filed in duplicate with the Secretary of State, but neither form is too complicated. You can fill them out in minutes and your business will be up and running in about a week.

Our final note in this guide is that you should make sure that every step of the process outlined in this guide is followed exactly to avoid any unforeseen hiccups with your dissolution. We hope this article helped you better understand the Illinois LLC dissolution process!

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Incorporation Guru is a website now owned by ZenBusiness Inc. Incorporation Guru reviews the products and services sold by the ZenBusiness family of sites. Readers should be aware of this when evaluating service providers, reading reviews, and making purchasing decisions. Print the Reset LLC-35.15 form. December 2009 Illinois Limited Liability Company Law Articles of Incorporation SEND INDUPLICATE Must be typewritten. This space for use by the Secretary of State. Submission date

This is Joe from how to form an LLC org and today we are going to form an LLC in the state of Illinois, now before we even get started we want this to be for anyone who has already chosen an LLC name and why. I say a lot of LLCs are denied when they are filed with the state so you wanted to go down here to our LLC name search tool and just click on this Illinois LLC search now it will take you right to our site but this is an Illinois site and you can search for any name you want so say you want to be a real estate LLC all you do is just type in real estate click and there’s a lot of real estate variations but no real estate LLC so it’s available but if it wasn’t available, it wouldn’t appear right here, so we’ll go back and Illinois is one of those great states that has gone to all of their applications that you can do directly online and so if you go to our website that’s in the description of this video, you can go right to it with the page and then go right to this link it’s called cyber drive illinois’s com click on that and it’s very simple if you want to start a standard ome surety company to women click here articles legal jargon organization yes you agree or you won’t be able to write your name and you’ll just keep going down and down the stairs after it and it will probably take you about ten minutes to complete and illinois is one of the more expensive states. set up an LLC at the end of all the questions they ask you to pay them $600 and the others will get to you between 10 and 14 business days now if you choose to go the paper route which is kind of the old fashioned way when you go to our web site, click on this link, which will be an article by the Illinois organization, and this is directly from the state, and now it’s $100 cheaper for just $500, but it will ask you the exact same questions that will be online only in the forum and if you want save $100 send it to you fill out that you get a check for $500 and you want to send it to this address so you set up an LLC and two different ways in Illinois, either online or paper, now if you’re going to go after that, what do you do a little extra credit before you get your LLC back you can apply for what’s called an EIN number now this number although otherwise known as a tax identification number it’s a number that’s like your social security number it’s for you personally The AEI number n is for your sp company, so if you’re going to set up a business bank account, it’s really important that you get one, and in fact it’s probably a good idea to keep that number in your phone at all times, because you never know what you’ll need, and this it’s completely free, takes about five minutes to fill out, and the IRS gives you the number right away, so there’s a really cool thing that the IRS has that doesn’t have a lot of good…

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