How To Become An Ordained Minister Online
How To Become An Ordained Minister Online

How To Become An Ordained Minister Online

How To Become An Ordained Minister Online – To become an ordained priest or rabbi through our interfaith seminary, all candidates must write their spiritual history. Many who apply for ordination are not sure how to write it, so we send them an email and say just press reply and write a story about religion and spirituality in your life from childhood to the present. Here’s what one of our recently ordained ministers came up with.

I was born and raised in the Catholic faith. My earliest childhood memory is actually a Sunday morning when my mom was telling me to be good in church. I asked her what the church was and she described what the church looked like with its high ceilings and pillars and I remembered what she was talking about.

How To Become An Ordained Minister Online

I went to a Catholic school. There was a big difference between my family going to church on Sundays and the three days we went to church during the school week. Where Sundays were so warm and I loved the priest, the school church was cold, boring and I always seemed to be in trouble with the nun for taking my eyes off the altar.

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As I grew older, I had questions. How come the Bible says that God told us not to put other gods before him, and we prayed to Jesus’ mother, stepfather, and a whole buffet of saints.

When I stopped being afraid of nuns, I started looking for answers to these kinds of questions. But the nuns at my school didn’t want to answer the hard questions. They would make you feel stupid in front of the class if you asked.

My last straw with the nuns came when I refused to believe that wearing a spade would automatically send you to heaven if you died wearing it. My question to the nun that day was what if, while Hitler was sleeping, someone put a spatula around his neck and then he died not knowing he was wearing it.

I caught her off guard and while I believe she should have had an answer, being stunned by an eighth grader really pissed her off. They sent me to the headmistress who was also a nun and again they didn’t get any answers.

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We had a nun in high school, but she was of a different order. Her advice to us in my religion class was to forget everything the Dominicans taught us.

That made me angry. I had just spent 8 years screwing around with nuns, it seemed for nothing.

Then I started a slow and downward spiral into a life of ungodliness where I ended up on drugs and sleeping with many women, stealing and none of that bothered me for a second because I became an immoral and selfish person. All my Catholic education taught me was how to ignore God.

Many years later I married the woman I thought I was meant to marry. We had a child together. I felt complete, but something was missing. I filled that void with drinking, which is why I cheated on my wife. After she left me and took my precious daughter away, I sunk to the lowest point of my life.

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Through that darkness, my mother kept in touch with me and kept saying things like, “Turn to God,” to which I laughed. Hearing such advice was ridiculous to me.

One morning I went for a walk. I was so depressed. It makes me sick. I took stock of my life choices and just had enough.

I stood still and looked up at the sky and verbally asked God to take over. I told Him I was tired of screwing up everything I’ve ever done. I begged Him to come and fix me. I started crying and pleading and all these deep buried issues started bubbling up and maybe I was babbling and choking through tears and sobs, but after a few minutes, God showed up. I felt His presence.

God arranged me in place. I felt hope and knew that everything was going to be okay. I was forgiven. God just made me a brand new man.

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Then I began to see all those times in my life that were the darkest, He was there with me. God was always there, even though I completely ignored him, he never left my side.

I still attend a Baptist church, but I believe His love is greater than even my church could understand.

I feel like they are harping on social issues like homosexuality when adultery would be a better choice in a church full of straight people. Additionally, in the Bible, Jesus explains three types of men who do not marry women.

I prayed that God would show me in the Bible where Jesus spoke about homosexuals and I found that passage.

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For me it is plain and simple, where churches continue to force people with Old Testament teachings, Christ opened His arms to everyone who sought Him.

I know in my heart that God wants me to learn more and spread His message of love, and I intend to.

“I would like to ask you about the Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Science in Spiritual Philosophy. Does the degree say Esoteric or Interfaith Theological Seminary and what would stop someone from looking it up on the internet and seeing that all it takes is work?”

Somewhere on the internet there are two negative comments about our seminary from 2007 and 2009. These are actually forum or blog discussions, asking if the seminary is a “degree mill”. Some guy without a seminary degree gives his opinion – that we walk a “fine line” but stops short of calling us a degree mill and then suggests people attend “real” seminaries if they want a PhD in theology, divinity, PhD in metaphysics, religion, etc.

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Traditional “mainstream” brick-and-mortar seminaries are losing students in droves, and the people who graduate simply can’t find jobs. No wonder spiritual workers want to come to alternative online seminaries like ours. Worse, each traditional seminary is denomination-specific (unlike ours) and teach only a narrow set of religious subjects tailored to their specific belief system. Worse (!), in addition to taking 4 or 5 years to award you your degree,  they are extremely expensive – student loan debt is astronomical for clergy.

Our seminary is not only affordable with one-time donations for ordination or degree, but we are also completely flexible allowing the candidate to decide what and when to study. And yes, we give credit for current field work! The most successful ministers are the ones who don’t attend brick and mortar seminaries, but simply start preaching / teaching / leading wherever they are – even if it’s a house church or rented space in a shopping mall. People flock to them because they feel the sincerity and originality of the spiritual “food”. Traditional churches and synagogues are being sold by the thousands due to chronic empty pew syndrome. Drastic decline in membership has been an epidemic over the past two decades, while alternative non-denominational self-ordained consecrations with alternative clergy and spiritual teachers thrive.

A religious degree means that you become a doctor of the Church. The word doctor comes from the Greek word meaning “Teacher”. The original doctors were spiritual teachers, not physical healers. These are doctors. Something I notice in your spiritual history is in addition to receiving a “Call” to become ordained, you also received a Call to TEACH, a Call to become a Doctor of Divinity. There is currently a huge need for clergy and doctors of religion. And given your current spiritual teaching / counseling / guidance / teaching, you sound definitely called to be one, and

After so many years of screening candidates, we have developed an uncanny knack for identifying the right candidates and attracting only genuine candidates. Like attracts like. In more than 25 years, the seminary has never (knock on wood) accidentally awarded a diploma to an unscrupulous person. We have had a few close calls over the years, but Providence always seems to intervene and indicate to us that this is not someone who is truly “Called” for ordination or a Doctor of Religion degree. Applicants to whom the seminary grant degrees are usually people who are already working in the field of spirituality/religion and have earned credentials that they have technically acquired through their personal study and work. We ordain many people as ministers, rabbis, pastors, reverends, teachers of the spiritual life, etc., but we only rarely grant doctor of religion degrees—perhaps a dozen a year.

Become An Ordained Minister Online

A few visitors to the Seminary’s website each year actually criticize our educational method because we don’t require them to have four or more years of instruction for certain denominations in elementary school. We take candidates through the application process, we require written work, a detailed description of the religious work the candidate is currently engaged in in the field of spirituality, a detailed description of their goals as a priest and how they will use their ordination and/or diploma. Compiling a spiritual history and writing a doctoral thesis (or master’s thesis, or graduate research paper) are major written works required of every candidate before ordination or

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