How To Become An Animator For Cartoon Network
How To Become An Animator For Cartoon Network

How To Become An Animator For Cartoon Network

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As a young animation student in New York, Ian Jones-Quartey had to improvise to break into the comics business. He cold-called studios all over town until the door finally opened, launching a career that has included creative roles on such popular Cartoon Network shows as “Adventure Time” and “The Venture Bros.”

How To Become An Animator For Cartoon Network

Now based in Burbank at Cartoon Network Studios, Jones-Quartey has provided advice and encouragement to another generation of animators. On Sunday, the network hosted its first “Animation Jam,” drawing teams of students from several local animation schools to work on Jones-Quartey’s “O.K. KO! Let’s Be Heroes.”

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“It’s a world where everyone is a superhero,” Jones-Quartey said of the title. “Our main characters are three kids in a superhero convenience store. They have an evolving fun world full of different characters, bright and colorful.

The three-day “Animation Jam” kicked off with a reception for students on Cartoon Network on Saturday, followed by a full day of intensive creative sessions on Sunday. In a meeting room on the first floor of the Cartoon Network office tower, students crowded around computer screens and sketchpads. Half-empty soda cans and snacks piled up as characters were brought to life frame by frame.

The students came from a variety of schools, including USC, CalArts, Laguna College of Art and Design, and California State University, Fullerton. Also in the room were young animators from the New York School of Visual Arts, Jones-Quartey’s alma mater. Each team was tasked with creating a 15-second piece from short scenarios printed on sheets of paper.

In one of the workplaces near the door, a student had a figure bounce from the floor to the ceiling, with his head stuck and his feet dangling. The student was from Exceptional Minds, a Sherman Oaks animation and special effects school for youth on the autism spectrum.

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A collection of the day’s films was screened Monday in the main lobby of Cartoon Network Studios to an audience that included animators from several of the network’s shows.

“There’s a lot of animation going on right now,” Jones-Quartey said. “When you put together TV networks, the Internet, independent animation, movies and online shorts and things for mobile games, there’s so much now. It’s easier to create art and put it out there. I tell students you should come up with your own ideas, come up with your own thing think and put them out there. People will find you.”

He is also active on Twitter, where he receives many questions from students seeking expert advice. “I’ve always been really interested in helping these people and helping them get interested in making a finished piece of art. It’s something I’m really passionate about. “

I’ve always been really interested in helping these people and helping them get interested in making a finished piece of art. It’s something I’m really passionate about.

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It was Cartoon Network Studios’ ongoing program of shorts that led to “O.K. KO! Let’s Be Heroes.” His short comic “Lakewood Plaza Turbo” was an early implementation of the idea. But instead of turning it into a series, the studio decided to develop it as a video game first and invited 200 professional game developers to a “Game Jam” in Portland, Ore.

They brought sleeping bags and created 48 suggested games in one weekend. “OK. KO!” launched first as a mobile game and as a series of animated shorts on the Internet.

After this successful collaboration, the studio began to consider how to expand the process to other areas. Jones-Quartey suggested holding an “Animation Jam” for the students.

It fit with the core philosophy of the creator-driven Cartoon Network Studio, said Chief Content Officer Rob Sorcher. “It starts as an artist-run studio. The artists actually run all of the storytelling, which is pretty unusual for TV animation these days.

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The studio’s creative atmosphere can be seen in the main lobby, where the walls are lined with original art and several cartoons in progress are posted on the notice boards. Right next to the elevator, Sorcher has a row of detachable Etch A Sketch drawing toys, placed there in case the artist suddenly has a drawing inspiration.

“When you do it with the students and set it up like that, it really makes a community event and gives the students a chance to work with professional animators. They get to experience a bit of the Cartoon Network Studios they love — and the animators they admire,” Sorcher said.

Steve Appleford was the Times Community News features editor and a contributor to the calendar section of the Los Angeles Times. A cartoon animator is someone who is talented in art and writing because they create scripts and images that work together to tell a specific story. story.

Cartoon animators are often employed by magazine and/or newspaper publishers and may create images for greeting cards, video games, television, film production, or other digital media.

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The two best ways to break into the freelance comics industry are to 1) build a portfolio of your best work, and 2) have a website that showcases your talents across the world wide web.

Generate ideas for the comics you want to create by observing anything that interests you about everyday life.

Maybe you want to make cartoons about political issues, animals, computers… the list is endless. Next, start creating as many different comics pieces as possible to constantly improve your style and develop an attractive portfolio.

Add your best cartoon animations with captions to your portfolio; Protect each work with plastic wrap and keep the entire collection in a plastic binder that you can carry with you whenever you meet with a potential client.

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Create a personalized website to showcase your work to potential clients near and far. Scan and upload your best work and/or create an animated video to showcase your talent using cartoons. You can add reviews from past customers to the site, as well as your prices and personal contact information.

A cartoon animator must master a number of skills to succeed in the freelance world, including:

Ability to use different art mediums to create cartoons for many media sources. Both pen and ink skills are helpful, but many cartoonists also use other mediums to create special effects.

Computer skills. While the cartoons themselves are still created by hand, computer software is often used to add color, animation and/or additional effects.

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Learning how to effectively use programs like Colorize and Photoshop can go a long way in advancing your freelance cartooning career.

While some freelance cartoon animators never attend a formal higher education program, others choose to attend cartooning colleges such as Florida’s Ringling College, New Jersey’s Kubert School, or New York’s School of Visual Arts.

Art competitions, such as those held by the National Endowment for the Arts, can be helpful in acquiring skills, while internships and/or internships at companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Dark Horse Comics, or Fisher-Price can provide invaluable work experience.

Finding adequate work as a freelance cartoon animator is difficult for many, but diversifying your skills into related fields for work can help create a comfortable income.

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For example, multimedia freelancers may find more jobs available that can be created with graphic design software.

The graphic design field itself offers a huge number of freelance opportunities that artists can enjoy as they improve their portfolio and get more clients interested in their comic work.

Some cartoonists use their writing skills to create content for websites or write their own print and/or electronic book. Get a perfectly animated logo with us. From logo design to the best transitions, we do it all. Let Prolific Studio bring your visual presentation to the limelight.

Are you an enthusiastic learner and have explored various fields to become a cartoon animator? Have you always enjoyed creating cartoons for people? Do you have some serious drawing skills? Then pursuing a career in animation is the best choice you can make or make.

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Cartoon Network is one of the most popular cartoon channels in the world that we all grew up watching in some way. I’m talking about most Millennials and pretty much every Generation Z.

Believe it or not, one way or another, we all love cartoons. But pursuing a career in creating comics sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? However, to get this dream job, one must have a good qualification in cartoon making. But how exactly to achieve this? Here are some assumptions to consider.

An animator must have an education in art styles and cartoon sketching in order to create cartoons that will captivate an audience. He should have at least a degree in animation, graphic design or fine

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