How To Become A Pilot For Delta
How To Become A Pilot For Delta

How To Become A Pilot For Delta

How To Become A Pilot For Delta – It’s your career, so it should be your choice. Through our partnership, Delta is the only airline to offer students a career path customized to Delta. Students can choose from three career paths:

Delta is offering new career paths for students at select universities. Successful applicants will be provided with a Qualified Job Offer (QJO) detailing the required route and timeline to become a Delta pilot.

How To Become A Pilot For Delta

A Qualified Job Offer (QJO) offers you a defined and accelerated path to becoming a Delta pilot – and then helps you achieve the necessary qualifications along the way. Pilots who meet the requirements of Delta’s program can progress through your chosen career path to Delta in 42 months or less – faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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To be eligible to apply, students must be enrolled in, or have completed, an R-ATP major at a Delta partner institution (below). This program is open to Juniors, Seniors, and students who have graduated within the last 6 months who intend to seek employment at their college as a flight instructor. At a minimum, pilots must hold a private pilot certificate and must have completed at least one additional Part-141 flight course at a partner institution. To participate, pilots must hold first class medical status (note: acceptable if the privilege has passed to second or third class). Pilots must hold or be able to hold a current passport or other travel document to enable the holder to freely enter and return to the United States (multiple new entry situations) and be legally entitled to work in the United States (with valid work documentation).

Students who become students in the fall semester of 2022 are eligible to apply for the 2022 class opening on May 1.

Delta understands the importance of high quality flight training and ensuring opportunities for the next generation of students. Pilots participating in Delta (Link) are expected to build their flight hours by mentoring at the university where they train. In addition, since pilots have an accelerated time limit to Delta of 42 months or less, they will recommend until the end of the semester that they reach the minimum Restricted-ATP (before starting employment on Delta Connection carriers: Republic Airways, Endeavor Air and SkyWest). The goal is to help stabilize the supply of flight instructors, while ensuring Delta pilots in the future get valuable and quality flights.

The best benefit with the Delta program, aside from having your career path chosen at Delta, is the fact that Delta will be with you throughout your journey. Signature events on campus and at Delta’s world headquarters enhance your knowledge of the airline industry and develop your leadership skills. And to top it all off, you’ll get personalized advice from active Delta pilots every step of the way.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence

The expected window period for the college route is once a year and will be open from May 1 to September 8.

The Delta – Collegiate Pilot Career Path is just one of many ways to become a Delta pilot. Delta aims to improve your career and support you along the way. If you decide not to participate or are not accepted into the program, you will still be eligible to apply to Delta in a future semester or later in your career. We encourage you to do so!

Delta currently partners with the aviation universities listed below. We plan to expand the number of aviation university partnerships in the coming years. Be sure to check back for updates. ATP Flight School is the nation’s leader in airline-focused flight training and has partnered with Delta Air Lines to provide Delta employees with the fastest path to a successful pilot career with Delta.

Through the Delta Propel program, employees at Delta Airlines can advance their careers and become Delta Pilots with a designated accelerated training path. ATP’s participation in the program provides competitive Delta employees with the experience and resources needed to achieve their career goals faster.

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Not a Delta employee? ATP’s partnership with Endeavor Air (Delta Connection) is your fastest route to becoming a Delta pilot. Learn more »

The steps Delta employees take to become Delta pilots and participate in the Delta Propel program.

Need help getting started as a pilot with Delta Air Lines? Request more information »

The path to becoming a Delta Air Lines pilot begins at ATP Flight School. Here’s how to join the Delta Propel — Pilot Career Path Program and become a Delta Air Lines first-time employee.

Airline Pilot Salary, Career Information Pilot

To participate in the Delta Propel program, applicants must be current employees with Delta, in good standing, and meet the following requirements:

Thank you for your interest in ATP’s training program. One of our admissions counselors will contact you shortly to answer your questions and provide you with additional information. In the meantime, discover the advantages that set ATP apart.

Airlines trust ATP-trained pilots — proven by more flight graduates from any other school.

Fixed costs based on actual flight time in excess of FAA Part 141 minimums — other claims Minimum cost.

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Thank you for your interest in ATP’s airline training program and our resources to help you learn about this exciting career.

Download your complete guide on how to become a pilot. Learn more about requirements, wages, seniority, procedures, and more.

Download your complete guide on how to get competitive and become an airline pilot through ATP’s Professional Pilot Program. is an online community, where current airline pilots share their insights on career and life as a professional pilot. They are here to help answer your questions as you begin this exciting career!

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Consider starting an online funding application to find out what funding may be available to you with no obligation.

As an ATP student, you will have access to the best web app for mobile where you can view lesson plans, online scheduling, and a comprehensive collection of online modules. Sample this resource by getting started with the free module now.

Flying in with ATP is a great opportunity for you to see training with ATP. The best part is that you can get started with free online lessons right now.

We will reach out to you as soon as possible to capture your address and mail you the package. Do not want to wait? Call us now – 904-595-7950.

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ATP Flight School has the highest percentage of airline placements for college, university or cadet students, and has placed more than 1,000 pilots with Delta Connection Airlines. Delta is set to hire and train more than 1,300 pilots. Next year — the biggest single hiring event in more than two decades as the airline in 2020 expects to fly more customers on more flights than ever in its history. Pilots hired next year will fill positions across a wide range of mainline carriers at Delta’s bases in New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit, Seattle and more.

“We have an incredibly talented team of pilots today. We are preparing for the future by hiring the next generation of pilots who will continue to serve our customers for decades to come,” said Jim Graham, Delta’s S.V.P. Our pilots are the reason we are able to connect hundreds of millions of customers around the world every year. , and we are excited to welcome our best and brightest team.”

The latest hiring plan is part of a broader effort to hire more than 8,000 pilots over the next decade to fill current pilots reaching required retirement age as well as fund Delta’s expected growth.

Delta also revised its initial hiring plans and now expects to hire at least 2,500 flight attendants in 2020, the largest number of flight attendants in a single year in the airline’s 95-year history.

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To help build the pipeline of talented pilots, Delta in 2018 launched the Propel Pilot Career Path Program, an industry-leading initiative that enhances existing pathways to becoming a pilot through civilian and military pathways. Propel focuses on three main areas: universities, companies and communities. The College Path provides students at selected institutions the opportunity to participate in a defined, accelerated and customized pathway from College to Delta. The program allows Delta to recruit talented pilots at an earlier stage in their careers, providing qualified employment to selected students and an important part of their professional development.

In 2019, Delta expanded its college career path by adding three schools: Jacksonville University, Kent State University and Arizona State University. A complete list of partner schools is below. Delta will further expand the program in 2020, adding university and college flight training programs to the roster and giving more students the opportunity to have a defined career path at Delta.

Delta employees now also have the opportunity to draw on previous flight training, providing opportunities to transition into a career as a pilot.

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