How To Become A Mta Bus Driver

How To Become A Mta Bus Driver – MTA bus operator Tyrone Hampton was in the middle of a routine run in Upper Manhattan on Friday, November 1 when he noticed an unusual passenger.

Around 2 p.m., a sheepish young man boarded his northbound M101 bus at 165th St. in Washington Heights.

How To Become A Mta Bus Driver

“He just ran over the bus,” Hampton recalled to the Daily News. “He didn’t make eye contact, but I didn’t think it was strange because it was when the kids were getting out of school.”

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As Hampton turned onto Amsterdam Avenue and approached the route’s northern terminus in Fort George, the mass of passengers began to disperse and the bus was mostly empty.

Hampton encounters many strange riders on the M101 route – it’s one of the city’s busiest – but there’s something about the child that sets off the alarm, and for his alertness and care, Hampton is the home town of The News. Has received a nomination for the Hero Award.

“When everybody left, he was sitting alone,” Hampton recounted. Another woman spotted the curious rider — and waited with a quick-thinking transit worker while she contacted police about the missing child.

“We made sure he didn’t just leave — and he got up and wanted to go at one point,” Hampton said.

Mta Bus Driver Helped Reunite Lost Child With His Family

Hampton, who has driven buses for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for two years, said he has experience with children in the boy’s condition. “My girlfriend’s son has autism – I understand,” he said.

MTA bus operator Tyrone Hampton was in the middle of a routine run in Upper Manhattan on Friday, November 1 when he noticed an unusual passenger. (Barry Williams/New York Daily News)

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It was learned that the youth fled on the bus before running off W. 166th St. near Audobon Ave. ran away from the children’s clinic.

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“The police came with the mother, who was very happy,” Hampton said. “Obviously he likes buses, and saw my bus and got on it.”

Learning how to handle situations like this is part of the job — transit workers are given deescalation training, and the agency has a playbook for dealing with missing children.

Hampton said his training has stuck with him — and that his bosses have noticed during his relatively short time as a bus operator. He has created 10 “Red Apples”, which are awarded to employees who receive a formal commendation from a member of the riding public.

“People always tease me and say I’ve been here so many years and I only have one and you have 10 of them,” Hampton joked.

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He said the good work is just one part of his job — and hopes the public knows what bus operators endure when transporting millions of New Yorkers across the city.

“We sacrifice our time away from our homes and families,” Hampton said. “We work nine or 10 hours a day, five or six days a week just to make ends meet. It’s stressful… but we’ve dedicated ourselves to the job.” MTA Bus Company is accepting applications for new bus operators through Tuesday, November 30. (Mark E. Herman/MTA New York City Transit)

STATEN ISLAND, New York – Anyone interested in helping get around New York City as it continues to recover from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can apply to do so now.

MTA bus operators are responsible for transporting passengers safely throughout the city while complying with all MTA rules and regulations, New York State laws and New York City traffic regulations.

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Additional responsibilities include ensuring fare payments, issuing transfers and writing reports regarding any bus-related accidents or faulty equipment.

Applications for the position, which will be accepted through Tuesday, Nov. 30, can be submitted online through the MTA Career Portal.

The MTA bus company operates various local, express and select bus service routes in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, meaning Staten Islanders applying for the job should be prepared to work outside the borough.

Bus operators at MTA Bus Company’s JFK, Far Rockaway and Spring Creek depots earn $23.84 an hour for a 40-hour work week, rising to $34.06 after five years of service. Operators at the College Point, Beasley Park, Eastchester, LaGuardia and Yonkers depots earn $25.49 an hour, rising to $36.42 after five years.

Mta Career Center

Additional benefits include paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, night and weekend pay differentials, a comprehensive medical plan and a pension plan.

To be considered for the position, all applicants must have a New York State driver’s license and a commercial driver’s permit or license.

Those who hold a commercial driver’s permit will need to obtain a full Class B commercial driver’s license by the end of the special bus operator training course or their employment will be terminated.

“You must meet the CDL license/permit requirements to apply. If you do not have the necessary license/permit, you may consider applying at a later date after obtaining the license/permit,” according to the job listing.

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Additionally, all candidates will be subject to pre-employment drug screening, as well as random drug and alcohol screening at their employment.

Qualified candidates who are considered for the position will be asked to take a multiple choice test starting in October.

Those applicants will receive an admission letter in the mail, as well as an email, with the date, time and location of their exam.

Candidates who pass the multiple-choice test and meet the commercial driver requirements will be placed on the hiring list, which may take 6 to 12 months after the final test date to be created.

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Those added to the hiring list will receive a letter alerting them to their current location on the list.

If hired, new bus operators will complete six to eight weeks of training before being placed in service.

The new customer count and the COVID travel survey take only 15 minutes to complete, according to the MTA.

Note to Readers: We may receive a commission if you purchase an item through one of our affiliate links. The class is part of a push to rebuild the frontline workforce in the wake of a pandemic-induced hiring freeze last year.

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York City Transit officials celebrate a well-trained class of bus operators as part of the successful completion of training at the Zerga Training Center in Castle Hill in the Bronx. The 58 operators will help the authority meet the challenges of recent staff shortages and increase bus service frequency. This marked the official end of six weeks of intensive training.

“I’m excited to welcome these 58 bus operators to the team, where they will help move our existing and returning customers on our 327 routes,” said York City Transit Interim President Craig Cipriano. Our goal in class sizes is to provide great public transit bus service as we welcome Yorkers back to our system.

“Riders returning to the system will experience a high level of bus service with the help of this group of bus operators who are helping to address our staffing shortage,” said MTA Bus Company Acting President and CEO York. said Frank, senior vice president at the city’s transit department of buses. deny “These operators, along with the whole bus team, are committed to playing their part in bringing York back to life.”

The employees join 56 subway operators who recently completed their training, and hundreds of York City Transit workers who will be onboarded in the coming months as part of an effort by the MTA to rapidly increase the number of bus operators, sub V Train Operators and Conductors. The hiring freeze – necessitated by a financial crisis that arose during the pandemic – has decimated the ranks of bus operators with many experienced workers retiring or leaving their frontline posts. They must follow agency regulations, York State law, and York City traffic regulations.

File:rts Bus Retirement (47737839912).jpg

Bus operators can work for different agencies. There is the MTA bus company, which operates local, express, and select bus service routes in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. The Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MaBSTOA) operates local, express, and select bus service routes in Manhattan and the Bronx. York City Transit has 234 local bus routes, 20 select bus service routes, and 73 express routes in five boroughs.

We offer a written test to become a bus operator every 10 to 18 months, depending on the institution. You don’t need any formal education requirements to take the bus operator exam.

Please note: You will need a valid driver’s license and a commercial driver’s permit or license when you file your application. Learn more about how to get a CDL.

Notices of Examination (NOE) are posted for each test during the three-week application period and contain important information, such as job descriptions, test dates, and how to apply. Check the upcoming exam schedule every month to make sure you don’t miss the NOE posting.

Chiniqua Levine, Nyc Bus Operator — Everyday Experts

If you think you meet the test requirements, you can apply online to take the bus operator exam. You must do this by the last day of the application period.

To apply

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