How To Become A Driver For Ups

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As the ridesharing industry continues to grow, even the most traditional companies are turning to daily drivers to help their businesses succeed.

How To Become A Driver For Ups

If you’re looking to earn good money behind the wheel instead of flipping through rideshare apps, becoming a UPS Personal Driver might be the right path for you.

How To Become A Delivery Driver (ups/amazon Etc)

While UPS still relies on standard full-time drivers and UPS driver assistants to deliver packages year-round, peak delivery seasons often require extra hands and wheels.

Through the UPS Personal Vehicle Driver program, the company is filling that gap by offering drivers like you the chance to earn big by supporting their routes.

UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers (PVDs) — sometimes known as seasonal personal vehicle package drivers — are temporary employees who support the company’s ground services during times of high demand.

They are also known as peak delivery drivers or seasonal delivery drivers because UPS hires private car drivers during peak periods.

Ups Driver Salary 101

You’ll still deliver for UPS as a personal driver, but instead of driving one of their large trucks, you’ll deliver packages using your own vehicle.

Private vehicle drivers will pick up their required packages from a UPS delivery facility in their own vehicles.

Unlike Amazon Flexdrivers, you’ll be expected to stick to a set schedule because PVDs are real employees, not independent contractors.

A UPS PVD gig may require a physical. It’s more physical, requires a lot of lifting and time on your feet, and is fast enough to meet consumer demand.

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But if you love spending time in your car, exploring the city, and meeting clients, this could be the perfect seasonal gig for you.

One of the biggest perks of a UPS Personal Vehicle Driver gig is the salary range you can earn.

As a seasonal delivery driver, you can earn up to $30 an hour depending on your location – usually at least $21 an hour.

Besides paying significantly more than most rideshare gigs, a PVD job is a standard employment opportunity.

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In fact, UPS pays $0.58 per mile per hour to cover your expected gas costs (or whatever the current IRS standard mileage rate is).

The amount paid varies based on IRS standards, but for 2021 the gas reimbursement will be $0.56 per mile.

With all this in mind, Private Chauffeur service is a great way to guarantee a steady income for at least one season.

UPS Private Vehicle Driver is a fast-paced, busy job offering both part-time and full-time positions.

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Of course, since you’re supporting the busiest time of the year, you might as well be working on your days off.

Otherwise, these extra shifts are available to you if you want to earn money outside of your standard shifts.

UPS is hiring part-time and full-time PVDs, with full-time drivers working approximately eight hours per day, Monday through Friday.

They have the option of starting first thing in the morning or waiting a little later.

Ups Personal Vehicle Driver: Jobs, Pay & More

If you start your day early in the morning, your day may end at 3:00 PM.

But the downside is that if for some reason you fall behind on the delivery during the day, you can still work later.

So far, it’s available during the holiday season, when thousands of consumers ship tons of packages across the country.

Some UPS locations start posting jobs in late October or at least mid-November, so be sure to stand out as an early applicant.

Delivery Driver Jobs

In areas with higher demand, the company may be open for the full season, which usually runs from late November to early January.

The demand for UPS Private Car Drivers this holiday season can make this job a great option for college students and teachers, depending on your school’s winter break schedule.

Rideshare drivers who earn money on the road take a break from their main gigs to earn a guaranteed salary during the season.

[gw_note]As the PVD gig is a seasonal driving job, it is not available year-round. For now, it’s available during the holiday season, when thousands of consumers send tons of packages across the country.[/gw_note]

The Hiring Process At Ups: Application To Interview To Orientation

Although PVDs avoid the strict guidelines faced by standard UPS drivers—often including the required commercial driver’s license (CDL)—they still must meet their own requirements to be hired.

Below we look at what is required to qualify as a Private Car Driver and complete the application process.

Before starting the driver registration process, make sure you meet the minimum requirements for a PVD gig.

While this set of driver requirements is stricter than Uber’s car requirements, the PVD car requirements are actually quite lenient.

Mobile Training Academy Brings Safety Focused Driver Training To Upsers

Upon employment, you will be required to wear a company-issued UPS uniform and meet personal appearance guidelines.

These include staying clean-shaven, hiding tattoos, and cutting your hair past the ears (for men) or shoulder length (for women).

You will need to purchase UPS socks and suitable brown or black shoes to complete your uniform.

The process of signing up for PVD takes a few more steps than if you were signing up for app-based driving gigs.

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After selecting the city and stating that you want to apply, click the “Apply Now” button.

Once you’ve logged into the UPS job portal, you’ll need to fill out your personal information and qualifications on the job application.

This training session lasts several hours and is intended to help you prepare for the job you are undertaking.

Once you’ve trained and donned the uniform, you’re ready to start delivering packages as a private UPS driver.

Circle Of Honor Class Of 2021

Becoming a UPS Personal Driver is a great way to earn thousands in just one month.

As a UPS Personal Driver, do I have to use my own vehicle or can I use a borrowed or rented vehicle?

You must use your vehicle as a PVD because UPS requires that your vehicle be registered and insured in your name.

You also need to have reliable access to your car, so sharing your car with a family member during the season is also not recommended because of the busy hours.

To Increase Productivity, Ups Monitors Drivers’ Every Move

If you perform well and your location needs extra hands, there’s a decent chance you’ll land at least a permanent part-time job.

According to UPS, more than a third of seasonal workers land permanent roles after their gigs end.

If you are interested in these employment opportunities, visit the driver jobs page mentioned above to find a location near you.

Do not. UPS drivers must adhere to a strict dress code that prohibits the driver from wearing jeans.

Ups Driving School, Road Test, And Physical

UPS provides a uniform for you and you can choose to wear shorts or long pants.

UPS Personal Drivers are real employees who can earn up to $30 an hour guaranteed for one season, even on a consistent schedule, even full-time.

For more than a third of PVDs, this seasonal gig is just the beginning of employment at UPS, known for providing excellent benefits for many part-time and full-time drivers.

Looking for more gigs behind the wheel? Check out our list of driving jobs and do more of what you love – driving.

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