How Much Does Monthly Pest Control Cost
How Much Does Monthly Pest Control Cost

How Much Does Monthly Pest Control Cost

How Much Does Monthly Pest Control Cost – No Bugs Termite and Pest Control, Inc provides affordable pest control to homes and businesses in Santa Clarita. We are a local family owned company with technicians who are only minutes away from your property, not a large franchise with lots of overhead and travel costs. We are proud of our business model, which was specifically designed to accommodate residents who want better, faster, and more organic pest solutions without paying exorbitant prices.

As you can tell, we’re in the business of safe pest management, not nickel-and-diming our customers, so that $36 is a lifetime price guarantee. The price you pay today is the exact same price you will pay 10 years from now.

How Much Does Monthly Pest Control Cost

Bee removal, rat killing and trapping, ant treatment – unlike our competitors who charge hundreds of dollars for these services, we include these treatments and more as part of your all-inclusive service plan.

Fly Exterminator Cost

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… and much more! As you can tell, we’re in the business of safe pest management, not nickel-and-diming our customers, so that $36 is a lifetime price guarantee. The price you pay today is the exact same price you will pay 10 years from now.

Watch the video below to learn how our cost-effective business model is specifically designed to save our customers money.

How is No Bugs able to offer Santa Clarita residents affordable pest control year-round? We believe in using the latest and greatest in pest control technology, some of which we invent in-house.

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From the treatment of your property to electronic back-office technologies, you can trust that there are no bugs ahead of the competition. By using low-impact insecticides combined with natural essential oils and specially designed backpack sprayers (rather than truck-mounted sprayers), we achieve a synergistic effect that provides excellent coverage for a wide variety of common pests in Santa Clarita. We have designed this treatment system to use the minimum amount of chemicals specifically with the health and safety of your family and pets in mind.

No Bugs can offer Santa Clarita residents more affordable pest control because we’re local, use (and often innovate) the right products and technology, and have a business model designed to accommodate direct contracts, unlimited services, and all-inclusive treatments.

Unlike our competition, this is an unlimited service, and because we’re local, we can get you back exactly the day you have a problem!

We offer affordable pest control starting as low as $36 per month. However, that $36 quarterly service price is currently limited to Santa Clarita Valley customers with properties up to 5,000 square feet. Homes outside of Santa Clarita can pay more monthly, regardless of footage. Contact our office to learn about your options. Flies can be a major nuisance for homeowners. With over 16,000 species of flies in the United States alone, your property will be attacked at one point or another. Although flies are generally not harmful, there have been cases of houseflies spreading potentially serious diseases. For sanitary reasons, you should hire a fly exterminator as soon as you notice that the indoor population is increasing.

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Fly exterminator services cost about $175 to $300. The average homeowner will pay $250 to get rid of a large house fly infestation by a pest control company. Using traps for easy pests like fruit costs about $100. A large drain fly infestation treatment averages $375.

Fly pest control is a multi-step process. An exterminator will arrive at your home for a thorough inspection, followed by a consultation that includes an estimated treatment cost. A pest control specialist will recommend a treatment based on the type of fish and the size of the infestation. For invasive infections, a combination of methods can be used. Homeowners are advised to leave the property for two to four hours during any commercial pest control treatment to limit chemical exposure.

Fly baits use simple lures to kill flies instantly. Lure ingredients include pheromones, bright colors, and attractive scents to attract flies. Professional-grade fly baits should only be handled by a professional. Baits contain powerful agents that can harm humans or pets if not applied properly. The cost for a commercial fly bait treatment is about $125.

Commercial fly traps are more effective than DIY types. A professional uses several types of fly traps. One type attracts flies with UV light before delivering the fatal blow. Another type features a gallon bucket with bait inside. Flies can get into the bucket but not escape. On average, expect to pay about $145 for a fly trap set by a professional.

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Fly repellent is also known as fly repellent. Pesticides are applied as sprays, foams or granules to affected areas of the home or yard. Commercial products require family members to leave for several hours during treatment. Fly insecticides kill live flies and any eggs. Fly insecticide treatment starts at $175 for a three-bedroom home.

Chemical fly control has more widespread use of insecticides. A common part of chemical fly control is the application of mists to many areas where insect populations have invaded. Industrial foggers are used to apply aerosols to enclosed areas of the home. Fogger chemical treatment from a professional costs about $250 for three rooms of a house.

With over 16,000 species of flies, it would be difficult to cover all the types of flies you may encounter. Most homeowners who need an exterminator will identify the following types of flies. However, there may be more rare types, not included in the list.

Often confused with fruit flies, fungus gnats are a type of insect that lives on houseplants. Flies are attracted to moist soil conditions and breed inside potted plants. Fungus gats cannot be controlled using chemical treatments because they are likely to kill the plants. Instead, bait is used to remove fungus gnats from the home. Professional removal costs $100 to $150.

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Fruits are very small, measuring less than ⅛” like adults. Their bodies are gray or brown. Fleas seek out fermented fruits and vegetables as breeding grounds and commonly invade kitchens. Baits and traps are common methods of removing fruit from homes. The average cost for professional services to get rid of fruit is between $100 and $175.

On average, the blue bottle fly measures ½” as an adult and has an orange head and a metallic blue belly. The rest of the fly’s body is brown. Blue bottle flies move indoors in search of food and shelter as the weather cools. Pest control of blue bottle flies will range from $130 to $200 for an insecticide application.

Unlike many other common flies, the appearance of a soldier fly resembles a drop. These insects have a black or blue body with two transparent segments on the abdomen. As an adult, the length of a soldier fly is ⅝.” The average cost for a soldier fly kill by a professional will be about $140 to $225.

The common housefly is one of the most common indoor invaders. House flies are bluish-gray in color and measure only ¼” as adults. Flies are attracted to dirt and manure and breed in these items. House flies can be removed from a property through the use of traps, insecticides, and foggers. House fly removal costs around $150 to $250.

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Face flies swarm in pastures and feed on animal manure. The dark brown body of the face fly has dark stripes. Adults measure about the same size as a house fly—1/4″. Houses of any type with land are more prone to fly infestations. The average cost to treat face flies is between $150 and $300.

Phorid flies are very similar to fruit flies, except that the back is humped. Their color is black or brown with measurements around ⅛. Like drain flies, they breed inside sewer pipes and often invade bathrooms. The cost to exterminate phorid flies is about $155 to $275 for a professional to treat the home with bait and chemical treatment.

Drain fly extermination is important to take care of immediately. Drain flies have fuzzy bodies that are gray to black in color. Drain flies can range in size, with most averaging between ⅙” and ¼”. Bugs are very common around pipes and drains and invade kitchens and bathrooms. The average cost to remove drain flies from a home using a drain chemical insecticide and bait is $170 to $260.

Among the easiest to identify, the blow fly has an opaque metallic blue or green body. Blow flies are slightly larger than houseflies and grow to ⅓” as adults. Blow flies lay their eggs on dead animals, the larvae feeding on the corpse. The average cost of fly extermination with pesticides and chemical treatments is $180 to $300.

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Meat shrimp have brown or brown bodies and measure about ⅓” to ½”. Flesh flies look for manure

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