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How Much Does It Cost To Get An Attorney – How much will it cost to create an app in 2019? [Infographic] Learn more about the approximate costs to build an app based on figures for popular mobile apps.

With more than 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, $92.1 billion was spent on apps last year. 76% of that amount, $69.9 billion, was spent on mobile games alone. According to Newzoo, this figure will be $106.4 billion in two years.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Attorney

If you’ve ever thought about building an app of your own, you’ve probably wondered, “How much does it cost to build an app?”

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In this post, we will look at the app development cost to clone some of the top 12 apps, including Facebook, TikTok, and Spotify. We’ll also cover other cost-related factors like app complexity, who will build your app (freelance vs agency), and on what platform (iOS vs Android) at the end of this post.

According to SensorTower’s report, the apps shown in the chart above were the most popular apps in the past year by global app downloads.

If you want to build an app, whether it’s for mobile or for the web, it might be worth considering these types of apps to provide you with a framework. Since these applications have certain features common to a wide variety of applications, understanding the costs of these features is critical to developing your own application.

The next section will cover how application costs are calculated, before going into more detail about the actual costs.

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AppCost = Development time ∗ Application hourly cost = Development time * Average hourly A p p C o s t = D e v e l o p m e n t T i m e ∗ H o r l y R a t e

A good way to check the cost of an app is to start by looking at the costs of some of the world’s most popular mobile apps. While Kelley’s Blue Book does not have app development costs, estimating the costs of developing an app similar to the one you want to build can help you determine the right budget.

(Features ∗ Time) ∗ Hourly Price = Cost (Features * Time) * Hourly Price = Cost (F e a t u r e s ∗ T i m e) ∗ H o u r l y R a t e = C o s t

Since the hourly rate is required to calculate the total cost of app development, it is important to know the hourly rate differences for app developers.

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Seasoned iOS app developers in North America charge an average of $121 an hour to $140 an hour, while a novice iOS developer in Eastern Europe charges an average of $41 an hour to $60 an hour. The cost of your app will vary depending on the level of experience and the location of the app developer you hire.

For this post, we’ll be using $130 an hour as our benchmark MVP build costs for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, and Uber.

WhatsApp is a real-time messaging app with a powerful structure and comprehensive features. Here is a summary of the main WhatsApp features and their development time (in hours):

Note: Setting adjustments may vary depending on the content of the Settings menu. This estimate includes profile settings, account settings, chat settings, notification settings, and data usage settings.

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Other costs include UI/UX design, project management, quality assurance, and DevOps. All factors combined will take between 390-495 hours.

In total, WhatsApp cloning will take about 1, 157-1,484 hours. At $130 per hour (North America), WhatsApp will cost $150, $410 – $192, $920.

Without delving into operational storage costs, Ben Schippers says it would take $500,000 and nine months of development and design time.

Facebook’s diverse features make it very difficult to predict its cost. However, an estimate can still be made for the development of the frontend and backend. The most time consuming features to build are:

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Although chat and video calling are officially separated from the Messenger app, the estimated cost below includes features from both apps.

. Imagine a Facebook post in your feed – you are presented with the person who posted it, when it was posted, interactions with the post, and the type of content. If you like the post, you can choose to save it and/or turn on your notifications for that post. If you don’t like what you see, you can choose to hide the post, report it, and even unfollow whoever posted it.

The chat and video features can reach a development time of about 500 hours. In short, back-end development for both the Facebook app and the Messenger app can take anywhere from 1,500 to 1,700 hours, while front-end development can take around 1,300-1,400.

In total, it will take 2,800-3,100 hours to create Facebook. If we multiply that by $130 per hour, the total cost of developing mobile apps for Facebook clones is $364K – $403K.

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If you want to make an app like Instagram, keep in mind that it is actually a rather complicated app that is created due to the image filtering and background image loading features. Some of the main features of Instagram include:

According to Henrik Wedelin, co-founder of Barkbox, it would cost anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 to build an Instagram-like product over three to six months. Here is an estimate of how much time it might take to develop an Instagram clone:

According to this estimate, it will cost to create an Instagram between $84 and $500 to $128 and $050. This estimate does not include development time for features such as the admin dashboard – which may take 60-80 hours – and other UI/UX designs – which may take 150-200 hours to develop.

If the rough estimate for the admin dashboard and UI/UX development time were also included, the estimated time would be somewhere between 835 and 1220 hours, bringing the cost to $108,550 – $158,600.

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The new social video app from China, TikTok, is on the rise with nearly 1 billion monthly users globally in November 2018. The mobile app allows users to record 15-second videos and add cool features like music syncing, animations, and filters. It’s kind of like a Vine/Snapchat hybrid.

To build this kind of MVP, Appventiv estimates somewhere in the region between $80K and $100K for development costs – but that’s probably low. Similar to Spotify (which we’ll cover below), music licensing costs will be a high-cost component. You can compare this app to the higher end of the Instagram clone estimate mentioned earlier as it is somewhat similar in functionality/organization to Tik Tok, which can take 985 hours to 1910 hours of development time. That could mean about $128, $050 to $248, and $300 for a more complete feature set.

Spotify is arguably the world’s favorite standalone, aggregator, and proposition overall music player. The platform is available across devices – from iOS to Android to desktop and laptop computers. The software is intuitive and elegant, boasting 207 million monthly active users (as of Q4 2018).

For this basic feature set, at a developer rate of $130 per hour, you’d be looking at around $112, $190-$177,000 for 863-1180 hours of development work.

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The cost of hosting all these music and music licensing costs, the algorithms to generate music suggestions, ads, social sharing, browsing, etc.

In fact, the main costs of creating a Spotify-like app include licensing and hosting the music. If you are planning to build a similar app, it may be more cost effective to go the Soundcloud route, where users upload

Uber, an on-demand, around-the-clock service that connects riders and drivers, is expected to launch an initial public offering soon. Uber-like services need to create two interfaces, one for drivers and one for passengers. Some of the main features include:

In addition to the mentioned features, a payment gateway should also be integrated. Here’s a breakdown of the passenger interface and when it was developed:

App Development Prices 2022: How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

Because there are fewer features on the drivers end, the development time is significantly shorter. The total development time will be somewhere between 308 and 382 hours.

Looking at the described features alone, the total time to develop an Uber-like app would be around 729-908 hours. Including 60-80 hours for admin dashboard and 160-200 hours for UI/UX design, the total development time will be around 949-1,188 hours. The total development cost, then, results in about $123, 370- 154, $400.

All the above figures are produced and standardized by experienced teams around the world. Depending on who you ask and what metrics they use to measure costs, the answer you get may vary slightly.

Note: When we originally published this post, Uber was among the top 10 apps that year. It now ranks 14th for 2018. We decided to keep the Uber numbers in this post and update its information.

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Now that you have an idea of ​​how much it will cost to build an app, here are some other budget factors that you need to consider when building your app:

One of the main reasons why it is not easy to give a specific number for its amount

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