How Do You Become A Professional Referee
How Do You Become A Professional Referee

How Do You Become A Professional Referee

How Do You Become A Professional Referee – Established in 2001 to improve refereeing standards, the PGMOL Group referees all competitions in the Premier League, the English Football League (EFL) and the Football Association (FA). Funded by all three organizations.

Training, development and coaching of 117 referees and 177 assistant referees led by CEO Mike Riley (former PGMOL referee) and a team of managers and coaches.

How Do You Become A Professional Referee

PGMOL currently has 79 full-time professional match officials in its selection group. These are divided into group 1 referees, group 1 assistant referees, group 2 referees and female selection group referees.

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They hold training sessions once a fortnight, conduct physical and technical training and analyze video of matches.

Select Group has a reliable system for measuring quarterly performance. Every Premier League game is judged by a previous head referee, and each decision is measured against the officials’ technical performance using match footage and incident data. Former players and managers (Match Representatives) value accuracy and consistency in decision-making and match management.

There is a support team that represents the image of a football club: sports scientists, sports psychologists, performance analysts, activity assistants, physiotherapists, sprint coaches, podiatrists and vision scientists all work to improve the referee’s performance.

Technology is also used as a support tool: detailed performance analysis is supported by Opta, which provides statistics for each match.

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PGMOL plays an active role in developing refereeing standards, supporting the FA in the development of referees in the country and working with referees around the world. If you’re like me, you can’t watch a soccer game without yelling at the referee! The referee is the target of my frustration 90% of the time, whether they’re making calls against my team or not.

A referee’s job may seem simple, but it’s certainly one of the toughest jobs in football, apart from being a player! If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at directory, maybe you should.

This article will walk you through the process of becoming a soccer referee at various levels and will cover the following important topics:

To become a football referee, you must complete the relevant courses, receive the necessary sanctions and obtain the appropriate certification required by a specific football organization.

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Specific criteria may vary depending on where you wish to referee and the governing body that oversees and regulates competitive play.

For example, in the United States, referees must be certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) in their region. Referees in the UK are certified by the Football Association (FA). They can apply through their local FA.

Judges at local and regional level should also be sufficiently qualified. The U.S. Soccer Association screens applicants to determine whether they are suitable candidates to officiate in youth and adult games.

In the United States, US Soccer representatives from a given state help accelerate the careers of local referees by nominating them to officiate at bigger and more important competitions, such as national cups.

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They’re on the U.S. Soccer radar after regional referees are given the opportunity to compete in important state tournaments. From here, the best of the class participate in regional championships, Development Academies, and high-level amateur competitions.

The Professional Referees Organization (PRO) is a group responsible for overseeing and governing referees and assistant referees in professional soccer leagues in the United States and Canada.

They work closely with other organizations such as MLS, USSF, United Soccer League (USL) and National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) to implement a proper refereeing system. They also create referee and associate referee programs in the US and Canada.

PRO’s primary mission is to provide high-quality, world-class referees and match officials for professional soccer matches in North America.

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They also aim to develop referees from childhood to represent the United States and Canada at international FIFA tournaments and improve the quality of professional refereeing at major tournaments.

PRO2 is a sub-branch of PRO that deals with the appointment of referees and officials for the USL Championship, NWSL and USL League One (the feeder league for MLS).

Becoming a professional referee through PRO involves 4 main steps, some of which we have already covered.

If local referees have professional aspirations but have not been approached, you can contact your local US Soccer affiliate. Agents can help speed up progress through mentoring or PRO2 scouts can help assign local referees to more important tasks.

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Soccer Scouts of USA places regional referees at national tournaments and important local games, rather than random round robin games.

Some of the most important tournaments for emerging professional referees are the Adidas Cup, the USA Youth National Soccer Tournament, the USASA Amateur Tournament, and the Development Academy Showcase.

If the PRO2 scouts determine that the officials are performing at a consistently high level, they may be invited to the D tier of the PRO2.

Level D referees are observed and evaluated after each match. PRO2 Referee Coaches provide educational support to help entry-level officials progress.

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As entry-level referees gain more experience, they are allowed to move up the ranks of the PRO2 pyramid.

At each new level of the ladder, PRO2 referees receive more support, including access to sports scientists, a specially designed development plan and coaching from PRO2 coaches.

After reaching Level A of the PRO2 pyramid, prospective referees can be promoted to the MLS Board of Directors, which oversees MLS matches.

In some cases, A-level referees may be responsible for refereeing MLS matches on a trial basis. Each test performance is strictly evaluated.

Become A Referee

If PRO2 coaches and US Soccer representatives feel that a referee has what it takes, they can be promoted to PRO and register as an official MLS referee.

Referees are judged on their ability to manage the game in everything from calling the right fouls to dealing with players and coaches.

Judges learn their profession through training and experience, but the qualities of a good judge can be summed up in the following 7 Cs.

“Contrary to what some people say, I think the best referee is not the one who hides. The best referee is the one who makes a decision when it’s necessary.” Pierluigi Collina 2017

Football Referee Signals

A professional umpire must also be physically fit to meet the demands of the game. The average referee runs 6-8 miles per 90-minute game.

The first step is to attend the FA Referee Course. This should be done through the local FA. Applicants must be 14 years of age or older to apply for the FA course.

Over time, referees can gain experience and progress through the FA ranks, eventually becoming professional Premier League referees.

After completing the First FA Referee Course, participants are considered Level 7, entry-level referees eligible to officiate in amateur league matches.

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This is the lowest level judge for adults. Although you can start a formal refereeing course at the age of 14, it is not until you are 16 that you are considered a Level 8 Junior Referee. Referee candidates are classified as level 9 referees when they are in training.

Referees must apply annually to their local FA to progress from 9-4. Federation representatives evaluate referees’ performance and ensure they meet the appropriate criteria before promotion.

The criteria for promotion to the next level generally include managing a certain number of matches and getting a rating of at least 3 at the current level.

Judges can go through 2 stages at once. However, they must meet all the criteria for both levels to be eligible.

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Moving from level 4 to a select group has higher requirements. Candidates have to perform the duties of referees and assistants in various leagues. They must also pass a fitness test, a rigorous assessment and a written test.

Top-level referees, who can officiate in the Champions League, Europa League and international competitions, can earn $268,000 a year from the Premier League, plus an additional $2,000 per game.

Assistant referees and video assistant referees can earn an annual base salary of $40,200 plus an additional $1,139 per game.

To work as a FIFA official, a referee must meet the highest standards of a FIFA-affiliated league.

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For example, a Premier League referee has the highest domestic certification possible, meaning he is eligible to officiate at FIFA international competitions. US PRO certified referees are authorized to officiate such matches.

However, domestic soccer bodies such as US Soccer and the FA can nominate their best candidates for FIFA matches.

In international European competitions such as the European Championships, experienced referees can be paid up to $60,000 for the entire competition.

All major European competitions are governed by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). UEFA is one of the six continental confederations under FIFA and consists of 55 national members.

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At the recent 2020 European Championships (which actually took place in 2021

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