How Do You Become A Boxing Referee
How Do You Become A Boxing Referee

How Do You Become A Boxing Referee

How Do You Become A Boxing Referee – Boxers may be the main attraction of a boxing match, but no matter how famous a boxer is, umpires are required by law. The rules in the ring are enforced by the umpire and no one can question them.

Not all referees earn peanuts as you might think. Some of them even become as famous as the boxers and earn a salary of six figures or more. They can also travel the world in luxury to oversee title fights.

How Do You Become A Boxing Referee

Well-known and eminent boxing referees include Richard Steele, Randy Neumann and Mills Lane. They are known for their lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

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Revenues are significantly lower in local and smaller locations. Most umpires volunteer rather than depend on them to make a living.

Curious how much they actually earn? Well, there are a number of factors that determine how much goes into the pockets of these umpires.

When it comes to professional boxing, the match promoters choose the umpires and pay their salary. The range of their salary can vary widely. It can start from as little as $150 and go up to a generous $25,000. In general, reputable and famous referees who lead fights between famous boxers or championship matches earn a much higher salary.

Salary can vary wildly between low-end and highest-earning referees. The average salary of umpires, umpires and other similar workers was about $23,000. Lower salaries ranged from about $15,000, while mid-market salaries ranged from $18,000 to $40,000. First-class and elite umpires made as much as $63,000 a year.

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There are several factors that affect a boxing referee’s salary such as professional or amateur status, location, level of experience, etc. Here are four factors that greatly influence how much a referee can earn in a match.

World title fights generate a huge amount of revenue in boxing. Likewise, even the umpires involved in the fight generally save quite a bit of money. For a single fight, they can earn as much as $20,000.

During the iconic Pacquiao vs Mayweather match, referee Kenny Bayless took home a record $25,000 for a single match.

The salaries of boxing referees can vary greatly. Some reputable referees earn the same amount in a day as amateur referees in a year. Reputation and profile are important. A lot.

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Compared to title and professional matches, amateur referees earn significantly less. It is usually performed as part-time or volunteer work on their part. A practical test and an exam are conducted to test the candidate’s suitability to be a referee.

However, offering free works can also have a positive impact on the referee’s portfolio. It can often open doors and lead to better service opportunities in higher-earning professional competitions. Most referees usually start small in their careers.

The location where the referee operates is also very important. In countries like the United States, where boxing is extremely popular as a sport, established umpires can create a lavish lifestyle just by leading matches. Eminent referee Joe Cortez noted that boxers tend to earn a lot more in Nevada.

However, in less developed countries or in countries where boxing is not widely appreciated, people often become part-time referees or volunteer for free. It can be very difficult for these umpires to make ends meet on the money they earn from this job alone.

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Howard Foster, one of the UK’s most prominent referees, once remarked that the salary he receives from referee matches is not even enough to pay his mortgage. He actually had to take another job in construction.

MMA is very different from traditional boxing. But like traditional boxing, enforcement of the rules is done by the umpires. Their salaries depend on how much the event will generate and it ranges from $200 to $1200 per event.

In MMA, the referees are assigned and their salaries are also determined by the athletic commissioner unlike in traditional boxing.

It is certain that the salary of referees can vary enormously. While some travel the world and bank on six-figure salaries, most struggle to make ends meet and barely earn enough. But it is not uncommon for most umpires, even the elite and reputable ones, to often have other careers outside of their duty work.

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The portfolio, reputation and nature of the match appear to be of primary importance in determining a referee’s salary.

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Is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide sites with a way to earn advertising costs by advertising and linking to ‘That referee has a CHIN’: Boxing official is praised after being punched in the face by Mexican fighter Mario Aguilar’s left hook as fans praise him for ‘eating’ the fierce punch

A boxing referee was punched in the face on Saturday night during the duel between Mexican star Mario Aguilar and Brandon Glanton.

Aguilar was facing undefeated cruiserweight prospect Glanton when the incident took place. The pair competed for the vacant WBO Global title.

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Aguilar went into the fight as the underdog, receiving a second round knockout after Glanton unleashed a left hook to the body.

As a result, Glanton took his 17th straight win. However, the 30-year-old’s triumph was not what caught the eye on Saturday night.

Instead, it was the moment when Aguilar punched the ref’s field in the face after Glanton moved out of the way.

Fans were quick to praise the referee on social media. One supporter wrote: ‘THE REFEREE HAS A CHIN.’ While another fan said: ‘Blimey the referee took that well. Fair game!’.

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A Twitter user added: “[Amir] Khan is said to have done the chicken dance after it landed.” While another said: ‘What the clip doesn’t show is the referee comes back with a steel chair.’

Boxing promoter Loui DiBella also wrote, “Wow, this actually happened tonight. Best punch of the round lands flush on the ref.’

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