How Do I Know If My Business Name Is Taken
How Do I Know If My Business Name Is Taken

How Do I Know If My Business Name Is Taken

How Do I Know If My Business Name Is Taken – Deciding on a name can be one of the most stressful parts of rebranding or building a new business. No pressure, but it’s going to define everything you do for a really, really long time. Then it must be good!

I get a lot of questions about how to come up with a business name that is unique, clever, and resonates with the target audience. Brainstorming ideas and spreading yourself creatively is something that can be tough when you know you’re too much on board. But if you’re like many entrepreneurs who don’t normally feel creative, relax! To help you find your perfect brand name, I have 6 questions that will pack a punch.

How Do I Know If My Business Name Is Taken

Make a list of as many adjectives as you can that you want to highlight your brand name. Maybe you’re a knife company that wants to be perceived as precise and bold, so you choose a name with a sharper accent. On the other hand, if you’re selling stuffed animals for babies, the words representing your brand could be “freak” and “fluffy.” In that case, you definitely don’t want to choose a name with a sharp accent; You’ll want to choose something that makes people feel like they’re playing on a pile of stuffing!

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Here in Park City there is a local company called Ritual Coffee. Apart from being absolutely beautiful for their entire visual brand, I love the way I use my name to create a special feeling with my audience. According to the word ‘ritual’ means “a prescribed or established rite, ceremony, action, or service.” When you think of the concept of sitting down to drink a cup of coffee, it’s actually a ritual sort of thing. It’s a casual, familiar practice that we participate in almost in a formal way (especially for those of us who indulge in our daily cup o’ joe, we know!) Ritual has created a brand name that lets you drink coffee. Makes you feel invited to participate in the practice of sitting in a nice warm and comfortable cup.

If you want to imitate the ritual way with their name, try to come up with a list of at least 20-30 adjectives that describe the way you want your audience to be with you. Look at the brand. Maybe one of these words is working as a stand-alone name, or combined with another category/descriptor word at the end (i.e. design, nurture, solution, etc.). Perhaps it could also serve as part of a play on words like this second question on our list:

Often, people include animals or numbers in their brand names. That’s because it’s an easy way to associate yourself with a certain vibe/feeling while taking advantage of the imagery. For example, if you are the founder of a business that sells stuffed animals for babies, you might want to think about elements that relate to your brand adjectives. Maybe words like ‘eccentric’ or ‘drunken’ are what you would use when determining how people should think of your brand. Coming up with words that fit these adjectives can help play a part in forming the name. For example, some ‘freak’ and ‘fluffy’ may be clouds, so if it works you can potentially include clouds in your name!

Sometimes a play on words can be like a combination of two words or concepts. For example, a recent client of mine came to me for help deciding on a good business name. His business alignment was going to be centered around work and health, with customized plans for each individual. Since many of his clients were coming to him in need of a specific solution to their alignment problems, I pondered some ideas around that particular concept. Through that brainstorming process, I came up with a few different words to describe the concept, including: prescription, solution, fix, remedy, recipe, etc.

Business Name Vs. Trade Name

From these words, I began to think about how his solution actually sounds like a ‘recipe’ for a problem. Since the word ‘recipe’ was a bit too long, and didn’t flow quite as well as I wanted, I brainstormed variations and words that could illustrate the same concept. I came up with ‘Rx’ as it is usually associated with prescriptions. Knowing that I wanted to use the word ‘align’ in the name, I played around with variations until I came up with Align RX – which means a perfect alignment recipe. It ended up being the winner!

If it doesn’t totally work for your situation, don’t feel like you absolutely need to incorporate symbolism. New businesses that choose this route often find themselves limited to one specific symbol, which limits growth or expansion potential. that brings us…

Remember that your business can potentially expand, contract, move, etc. If any of this happens, you need to make sure that whatever your name is, it isn’t too specific to what you currently provide. Stay away from anything geography-related and make sure you’re more general if you choose to describe what type of business you have in your name. If you’re a graphic designer who wants to learn web design someday, for example, “Allison Wright Graphic Design” may not be the best option – perhaps opt for “Allison Wright Design” instead because it has the potential for your growth. is included.

Or go a completely different route and name your business something that doesn’t limit it to a single person! If you know you want to grow your business ahead of yourself and maybe sell it one day, it might be a good idea to think of a name that isn’t directly related to you.

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Do you know who they were? They probably had too many nicknames and when the substitute teachers called out their real names during the roll call, you thought it was some new kid you didn’t know yet. It can happen to your business, if someone can even write it close enough to find you on Google.

I am currently working with Sarah Winkler, a very talented glass blower and custom glass designer. She came to me for help with a new logo and website design, but she didn’t have a name yet. She was considering ‘Seros Studios’, a play on the pronunciation of a rhinoceros (her favorite animal) and her name (Sarah). When we tried to say the name out loud, there was confusion about what kind of emphasis should be given to the individual syllables. We also knew that the spelling was not going to translate properly. Instead, we came up with ‘Sira Studio’. The word ‘head’ is derived from the Latin word ‘circle’, which relates to the shape of the sun and sounds like its name. We had a winner! Next, we had to find out…

So you have come up with a great name and checked all the boxes. You’re down for the count and win it, but surprise! Your great name is so great in fact that someone else has already come up with it… pretty useless. To avoid this, use Namechk to ensure that domains and social media usernames are available. Doing a quick trademark search is also important because dealing with legal stuff isn’t just fun, it’s imperative to the future of your business.

WARNING: Asking Close Family or Friends If They Dig Your New Brand Name You’ll Get What You Want

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To listen to. The people closest to you in life obviously want you to be happy, so when you come up with a new business name idea for them, they’ll tell you they love it. Instead, reach out to people in your industry, potential customers you can partner with, and more. They’re the ones who really have to deal with your name and understand what you need, so they’ll probably have more valuable feedback.

If you have gone through this process and are now confident that you have got the name forever, wait a few days if you can. Make sure the name still sounds meaningful and resonates with you. You’ll want to make sure nothing else comes to mind and you decide that you really hate your new name in a few months. So if you’ve done it all and you’re still convinced that you’ve come up with the best brand name ever, congratulations! You’ve made it through the first step of branding your business.

If you’ve gone through the checklist and brainstorm, and you still don’t feel like you have a winner, don’t worry! I provide free support for choosing your right brand name with every branding package. I will work with you face to face to generate some brainstorming talent. Together, we’ll find the perfect name for your brand. For more information, send me an email and let’s chat! As a business owner you first choose a business name. Your business can operate under your legal business name. Or, you can operate your company under a trade name. So, what’s the difference? Read on to learn more about trade names vs trade names and how they do it.

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