How Do I Become A Beachbody Coach
How Do I Become A Beachbody Coach

How Do I Become A Beachbody Coach

How Do I Become A Beachbody Coach – This post provides an overview of my experience with Beachbody Coaching. It covers a lot of ground, so you may want to skip to the parts that interest you the most

I signed up to become a coach in 2016. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for over 3 years! I originally signed up because I followed someone in the media who was a trainer like me, and I wanted to give it a try.

How Do I Become A Beachbody Coach

I became interested in coaching because I love exercise, healthy eating and encouraging others to be good role models (especially for women over 40 who often don’t have time for themselves). I also gravitated to a family that seemed positive, supportive and encouraging.

Should I Become A Beachbody Coach?

Yes, I quit – twice to be honest, but I’m still a coach today. I’m not going to sugar-coat my experience. It was sad! But as time went on, I found that I liked the coaching experience more than I liked the negative, so I stuck with it for a long time. I’ll tell you more about why I think it’s hard (as well as the good stuff), but the main reason I keep going is because:

I make money through coaching, but it has never been my main driver and now I don’t do it full time. I think Beachbody is a source of income for my business, but it’s not the only thing I do.

Yes, of course, you do, but like any other business you start, you get paid based on your results. The more clients and team members you bring into the business, the more you get paid, but it’s not linear. Pay rates increase significantly as you begin to build a team, but again, leadership is not for everyone.

Some people choose to focus solely on coaching clients and that’s totally fine, but that’s only a fraction of the income. It is not full time.

Thinking About Becoming A Beachbody Coach? — Jaclyn Stokes

If you are a military spouse, it costs nothing to become a coach. For the rest of us, it costs $39.99 USD and $15 per month to become a Team Beachbody coach. However, if you’re going to support people in their exercise and diet (and do it with integrity and honesty), you have to find a way to exercise, yes – you have to buy a product.

Most people start with our most popular and least expensive product which is an annual membership to all Beachbody workouts (this product is what I use every day of my workout and I love you) and it includes a variety of supplements. .

A healthy diet is what many trainers choose, while others opt for recycled protein drinks and exercise. Either way, you can choose to continue to receive these monthly, or not. The choice is yours, but you pay $15 a month for your website. That is a rule.

There is also a lot of sponsorship in the company, so the more you earn and progress, the more chances you have to go on trips and win exciting prizes. Other people are drawn to recognition – more appearances on stage and social media attention. Again, all of this is meant to inspire people who want to go further.

Team Beachbody Coach

Many coaches are happy to make an extra couple of dollars a month and have a group of people who connect and support their goals. It all depends on what you are after and there is no right or wrong way.

There is zero pressure to do anything with the business. I went through times where I just let it go and other times when I doubled down. It’s all up to the business owner to take it where they want to go.

Yes, one last thing – it’s a simple business. You do it on your own time, where you want and with the people you choose to work with. That’s another thing I like about it.

I was worried about this issue. Once you start following trainers on social media, you start to believe that everyone is a trainer. But it’s actually not true. I heard (this is off the record, don’t tell me) that out of 365,000,000 trainers, only 21,000 are in business.

Ultimate Guide To Beachbody Coaching In The Uk

This means that most people who sign up as a coach only get a 25% discount, so not everyone is your competition. Now, of those 21,000,000 active coaches, less than 500 are in management. Think about that. It’s good to be alone at the top, so if you’re going, there’s a lot of room to grow in this business.

The thing about business is that it has a very low barrier to entry, so it’s easy to sign up, but not easy to win. But it is also impossible to win. Again, it all comes down to the individual and how willing they are to work to succeed.

Oh, there’s a lot of that, too! To me, the biggest downside to this business is the invitation. It’s considered an important practice for all coaches – because it’s actually the best way to grow your business. You are inviting people to a fitness group or to join your club. I think this is where a lot of people are drawn to because it can be natural or completely slippery depending on how you approach it.

A friend of mine explained it well – it’s like asking 100 people to dance and the first 99 say no. Ha!! That’s how it feels sometimes, that’s for sure!

Healthy, Fit, And Focused: An Amazing Opportunity

I hope you manage that – you’ll be fine. If you want big business, however, you have to invite (a lot). If you want a business that grows slowly, you can take a more aggressive approach. That’s what I do.

In my opinion, Beachbody offers the best solution to a serious problem. It’s not just a weight loss tool, it’s a healthy lifestyle builder because community and habit building are key. But it’s not the only way to good health and it’s not the right solution for everyone.

An important question to ask yourself is: Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone and post on social media, reach out to new friends, invite people to fun groups or join my team? This is hands down the hardest part of coaching, so if your answer to all of these questions is – heck ya! Now this is not an opinion for you.

However, if you’re a shy and introverted person (like I can be), showing up in public can be difficult! You may be surprised to learn that many of the top coaches are elite. Because most of the business is done online, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home (or pjs) to do it. I think that bothers a lot of quiet people.

How To Create A Beachbody Coach Website On WordPress

I think some people come into business for the wrong reasons – either to make a quick buck or to be approved, heard or admired. But the reality is that this is like any other business – it takes a long time to gain momentum and it’s not about you.

The truth is – being a trainer doesn’t change your life, You change your life by making the right choices – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Beachbody workout program or something else. Beachbody offers really good equipment and deals. The rest is what you do.

So if you’re not in a place where you can pour time and energy into yourself and your new business, I’d say it’s probably not worth it. Some people are very busy but they know they need to change and find time and energy, but you really have to.

Yes! Many people are not interested in coaching, but sign up just for the discount. If you use Shakeology every month, that’s a $30 savings, well worth it.

The Four Kinds Of Beachbody Coaches: Which One Are You?

If you’re ready to get started as a beach trainer, follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Hope that answers your questions! If you have more questions, you are welcome to ask me. There is no postscript in this post because I wanted it to be as unbiased in my position as possible.

I wrote all about my favorite Beachbody products and why I train a while ago. If you’re just interested in exercise and don’t want to train, I can also recommend Beachbody’s best fat-burning workouts and great tips for home workouts in general (including other non-Beachbody home workouts).

If you want to get to know a company before you attend, sign up for their free membership and see if it suits you.

How Much Does A Beachbody Coach Make?

Or, if you want to jump in and give me a tour, sign up below and I’ll follow up with the next step.

Caren is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and ADHD coach.

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