Herb Classes Online

Herb Classes Online

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ONLINE LAWN COURSES Build your foundation in herbalism! Are you ready to fill your home with delicious herbal creations and expand your knowledge of how plants can nourish, soothe and support? If so, then get ready for the trip of a lifetime! All of our top rated herbalism courses are created by highly qualified herbalists, authors and teachers with years of experience. Our self-paced online courses include an unrivaled collection of beautifully photographed and illustrated recipes, tutorials, charts, graphs, videos and more, plus access to our robust student-only Facebook community, discounts at online herbal shops and a personalized certificate awarded on course completion !

Herb Classes Online

This self-taught program gives students with little or no experience with plants an insight into the world of plants, igniting enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Milk & Honey Herbs

Have you laid the groundwork for your adventures in the limitless world of herbalism? This course is perfect for those who are ready to take the next step.

This program is specifically designed to prepare students to run a small herbal business in this unique and sometimes challenging field of herbalism.

The advanced herbal course is designed to prepare students for careers as professional herbal practitioners.

Choosing a herbalism school to study is an important decision. We understand this and want you to find the best educational options for you! Herbal Academy is probably right for you if…

Herb Farm Nj

HERBAL TRACK PACKAGE Do you plan to eventually take more than one of our Herbalism Core Courses? If so, then you can get a registration discount by enrolling in multiple core courses at once. You’ll enjoy all the same benefits of enrolling, including discounts for online herbal suppliers, certificates of completion, and access to our bustling student-only Facebook community, while saving you money in the long run. (Payment plans available.)

Take care of yourself and your loved ones by safely incorporating herbalism into your everyday life with delicious, time-tested recipes and techniques.

Establish a strong foundation and build the confidence and skills needed to run the successful herbal business of your dreams.

Already know the basics of plants? Start your studies at intermediate level by going through our most powerful advanced course.

Earthwise Birthworker & Doula Certification Program For 2022/2023

If you dream of working in or owning an herbal clinic but aren’t sure where to start, then our most comprehensive package has you covered.

HERB SHORT COURSE COLLECTION Explore the branches of herbalism that spark your creativity and capture your imagination. Whether you enjoy preparing botanicals for skin care, finding herbal finds, connecting with fascinating fungi, making your own herbal beer or more, our ever-expanding collection of herbal short courses is for beginners and advanced herbalists alike. They also make great gifts for the herbalists in your life!

Does herbalism spark your creative fire? If you draw from study notes and dream of filling your materia medica with beautiful, accurate botanical illustrations, then the Botanical Drawing for Herbalists course is for you!

A wonderful entry point to herbalism if you’re not quite ready to take our more robust Introductory Herbal Course, learn about 12 safe herbs for everyday use and how to make 33 simple recipes from them, from teas to tinctures, oils and more!

The Best Online Gardening Classes Of 2022

Learn how to make your own succulent creams, naturally scented soaps, floral bath salts and other plant-based products in this popular short course. Includes beautiful profiles of the best herbs for skin and over 200 recipes!

A short course that really delivers on fragrance, you’ll learn how to mix, infuse, fix, and spray your way to natural scent combinations for you, your herbal product line, and everyone on your gift list! Includes aromatic herb profiles, recipes and more.

Enter the woods with your harvest basket in hand and learn how to safely and sustainably identify, harvest and use beneficial wild herbs all year round, including nettles, thistles, dandelions, yarrow, pine and more. Includes 24 plant profiles and 48 recipes!

Learn how to combine multiple herbs into safe, well-balanced and effective formulas! This short course is best suited for those with a plant-based background who are ready to evolve from following other people’s recipes to creating their own.

The Truth About Herbal Certification

Upgrade to a nutrition course by taking a closer look at the plants outside your door to learn how their characteristics, like stem shape and leaf placement, can help you identify them. Complete with botanical drawing lessons and instructions for making a herbarium of pressed plants!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating art and science of fermentation! Learn how to incorporate your favorite herbs into ferments and beverages, such as nettle beer, elderberry champagne, thistle and dandelion kimchi, and more.

Learn how to make your own beautiful materia medica – an herbal journal full of notes, research, recipes and illustrations about each plant you study. Your personalized reference guide can enhance your learning and even serve as a recipe-filled heirloom!

We all experience stress. Learn which herbs, recipes, and lifestyles you can start using today to promote a calmer, more balanced state. Together, we’ll examine categories of plants with calming effects, including adaptogens, nervines, and more.

Online Workshop: Growing Your Own Herbs — Hackney Herbal

Explore the mysterious world of mushrooms! In this short course, you’ll learn fascinating mushroom folklore, how to safely identify and forage mushrooms, and how to turn them into nutrient-dense recipes and herbal preparations.

Take a deep breath, reassured knowing you have a robust collection of holistic cancer resources in one easy-to-access location. This candid course combines clinically supported research with thoughtful guidance from holistic practitioners, nutritionists, herbalists, and more.

An herbalist can work in a clinical setting, sell herbal products as a business owner, grow herbs, write about herbs, or be a family herbalist who uses herbs at home. This research course will inform and enlighten your herbal journey – wherever it takes you!

Plant-based summer education like never before, sign up for these seasonal workshops individually or sign up for all of them with the Plant Summer School workshop package!

Introductory Herbal Course

SHARE THE GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE Gift Certificates for Online Herbalism Courses Is there someone in your life who would love to learn more about the health benefits of herbs and how to use them in nutritious, time-tested recipes? With a downloadable gift certificate, you can surprise a friend or loved one with a thoughtful gift that supports their health and deepens their connection to the wild and wonderful world around them. Buy Gift Certificates Free Ways to Learn About Herbalism: 17 Resources to Train as an Herbalist Written by Juliet Blankespoor with Devon Kelly-Mott Photographed by Juliet Blankespoor

When I first started learning about herbalism three decades ago, there was little choice in the educational arena. I could only find a few herbal books at my local bookstore. Browsing the health food store bulletin board for herbal classes or conferences proved unsuccessful. Finding books, teachers or like-minded plants was no small task. You see, there was no internet. You had to be creative and enterprising.

I was desperate to learn about plant identification – especially medicinal ones – so naturally I became a wanderer; a stalk of botanical proportions. I would spend entire afternoons in the botanical garden, visually matching the labels to their plants, committing the herbs to memory in a tactile and tangible sense. The plants have come to life! For me, putting a face to a name is still the best way to learn.

Nursery owners would give me strange looks as I spent hours wandering the plant aisles, picking up pot after pot, reading labels, and eventually pressing sage, catnip, and borage leaves to the hollows of my mind.

Clinical Botanical Medicine Program 2022

August 2021 Safety Update: Borage contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA), which can be harmful to the liver over time when taken internally. We recommend avoiding the use of borage during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Additionally, children under twelve and those with known liver disease should avoid internal use. Others who wish to take borage internally (after researching PA’s liver toxicity potential) should use sparingly or limit internal use to no more than a week, and preferably ingest the herb in a formula with other herbs (to limit dosage).

Not only did I wander, but I also excelled in the art of boring. Armed with long lists of desired herbal books, I lured my librarian into masterful schemes involving interlibrary loans and waiting lists. I sewed a blue velvet pouch for my oversized botanical cards, which I pulled out at every boring turn (no cell phones to pass the time!).

I eventually found my first herbal teacher and conference, and the doors of herbal treasures opened. Fortunately, it’s 576 times easier to learn about drugs these days. And there are still plenty of free (or super cheap) ways to learn if you’re resourceful and enterprising.

1. Take a free course on herbs. Not to brag, but our Handmade Herbalism Mini-Course is absolutely gorgeous and fun, yet informative and engaging.

Online Herbal Medicine Course

2. Harass your librarian. Check out some of our favorite wild food and foraging books, as well as our favorite regional plant guides. Some of mine

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