Healthcare Management Classes Online
Healthcare Management Classes Online

Healthcare Management Classes Online

Healthcare Management Classes Online – Health care law is a specialized area of ​​the law that focuses on how the law affects health care patients and providers. Since 1965, when Medicare and Medicaid were introduced, health care reform has evolved to ensure that the most vulnerable have access to quality health care. Health laws like HIPAA and ACA have evolved to focus on patient privacy and access to affordable care. Each of these laws influence business decisions and health law experts are needed to understand the impacts and keep up with changing regulations.

While a health law degree does not qualify graduates to take the bar exam, it is a beneficial degree for people in insurance, health care administration, social work, or health education. Students who earn a health law degree online can continue to work while earning their degree, applying their knowledge and adding value to their workplace right away. Most programs are open to students with a bachelor’s degree in any area, allowing them to transition or advance their careers.

Healthcare Management Classes Online

We created this list of the 20 best online healthcare law degree programs in the United States to help showcase the best programs. We consider institutions with regional accreditation and that offer an online master’s degree in:

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We found that the best programs have courses taught by expert-level faculty and a curriculum that exposes students to a variety of legal and ethical issues in health care. We created a ranking system using information provided by College Navigator, including student-faculty ratio and average graduate tuition rates. Since we focus on online programs, we award extra points to programs that do not require campus visits. Below are our top 20 online masters in healthcare law.

Regent University has an online Master of Health Law degree focused on how governing law and corporate compliance affect the health care industry. The curriculum is presented from a Christian worldview and includes courses in:

Most of the program is delivered online, but students must come to campus for the face-to-face components.

The 30-credit-hour online master of jurisprudence focused on health care law at Emory Law can be completed in just 18 months. The online program is made up of 10 seven-week asynchronous courses. Students come to campus for three-day residencies. The required courses cover:

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The American University of Washington School of Law boasts one of the best online master’s degrees in legal studies focused on healthcare compliance. Healthcare professionals will learn to navigate the complex laws and regulations in their field and understand how those laws affect care. The courses cover areas such as:

Loyola University’s Master of Health Law program is for health professionals who want a greater understanding of the laws, regulations, and policies that govern health care. Students may choose a concentration in meeting their career goals. The program takes only six semesters to complete. Courses cover:

16. University of Southern California – Los Angeles, California USC Online Masters in Law Enforcement and Health Care Studies

The University of Southern California presents an online Master of Studies in Law (MSL) with a concentration in Health Care Compliance. This 100% online health law program is designed for experienced, entry-level non-attorney professionals who want to understand complex health law. No GRE or LSAT is required for admission. The courses cover areas such as:

Best Online Master’s In Healthcare Management Programs 2021

Most students can complete the program in just 16 months of study without taking time off work.

15. Wake Forest University – Winston-Salem, North Carolina Online Master of Law Studies, Health Law and Policy Track

The 30-credit-hour online master’s degree in health law and policy at Wake Forest University is designed for professionals in administrative, regulatory, and managerial roles. Courses cover:

The Best Online Masters in Health Law at Drexel University is committed to giving students a strong understanding of the law, without pursuing a law degree! Students learn about the laws that govern the healthcare industry, including HIPAA and ACA, and what their organizations must do to comply. Part-time and full-time options are available, allowing students to learn on their own schedule.

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If you’re looking for an online master’s in health law with the flexibility to fit both work and responsibilities, Nova Southern University may be a great fit! Part-time students can complete the program in just two years. They do not need to submit GRE or LSAT scores to be considered for admission. Students can study on their own schedule and course content is easily applied immediately to the workplace. The courses cover areas such as:

Florida State University School of Law has a Master of Laws in Health Care Regulation designed for working professionals. This advanced online master’s degree in health care law can be completed part-time and without coming to campus. The curriculum was designed by health attorneys and industry professionals. Present relevant and sophisticated course content. The courses cover areas such as:

Arizona State University has a top-tier online Master of Health Law focused on corporate and health care compliance. Students can complete the program in just one year. Courses cover relevant subject areas such as:

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. No LSAT or GRE tests are required for admission.

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The flexible online master’s degree in health law and policy at Hofstra University is a convenient program with three start dates. Students can complete their courses completely online with no campus visits. They can graduate in just 18 months. The courses cover areas such as:

9. Seton Hall University – Newark, New Jersey Online Master of Science in Jurisprudence (MSJ) with a concentration in Health and Hospital Law

Seton Hall University’s online Master of Health and Hospital Law is a specialized degree program designed for working professionals. Students complete eight-week courses in sequential order covering areas such as:

The Delaware School of Law at Widener University has an online master’s in health law that provides students with graduate-level training in areas such as:

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Students may choose to complete a concentration in regulatory compliance and analysis and be eligible to take the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) exam to become a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP) or Certified Healthcare Compliance (CHC). This 30 credit hour program includes courses in areas such as:

Stetson University offers an online Master’s in Healthcare Compliance for healthcare professionals who want to further their knowledge of healthcare law and regulatory compliance issues. Students can earn their degree in just two years (four semesters). Students study in-demand areas such as:

Samford University Cumberland School of Law’s flexible online master’s in health law and policy is open to both non-lawyers and practicing attorneys who want an in-depth understanding of health law. Students complete two classes each term, completing their degree in just 24 months. Courses are offered in areas such as:

Applicants with at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA do not need to submit GRE or GMAT scores for consideration.

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The Master of Laws in Health Care Law Enforcement at St. Mary’s University is ideal for people working in the health care sectors who need to understand health law. The courses cover areas such as:

Applicants must submit proof of a four-year degree, a personal statement, resume, and two letters of recommendation. GRE, LSAT, or MCAT scores are not required.

West Virginia University has an online master’s degree in legal studies with an area of ​​emphasis in health care. The program was designed for health care providers and includes courses in:

Students complete 10 courses in a convenient online format. To be considered for admission, students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and submit the results of any graduate-level standardized test, including the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT.

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The University of Oklahoma’s best online health law master’s program is designed for non-lawyers who need a strong understanding of health law and legal issues. There are no residency requirements and students can earn their degree in just 15 months. Each course has been reviewed by the Healthcare Advisory Council to ensure it is relevant and applicable to the healthcare industry. The courses cover areas such as:

The James E. Rogers School of Law at the University of Arizona offers a master’s degree in legal studies with a concentration in health law and policy. This advanced online master’s degree in health law does not require campus residency and is open to part-time and full-time students. The curriculum is made up of 10 courses, with each course lasting 7.5 weeks. The courses cover areas such as:

The University of California, San Francisco offers our best online master’s program in health care law. This flexible program can be completed in just one to two years, and both full-time and part-time options are available. This fully online program allows students to continue working while earning their degree. Courses cover areas such as: Home > Blog > Health & Wellness > Wellness > Top 5 Schools to Get Your Healthcare Management Certificate Online

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Today, more and more people are moving to work and study online. If you are in the market for a health management certificate as

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