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Are you looking to change? offers a variety of accredited online degree programs to help you advance your career. Our online college courses, offered through many of our separate colleges, provide a values-based curriculum developed so that you get the well-rounded education you need to take your career to the next level. Online education is customized with a flexible schedule so you can earn a degree while you live. Our instructors are available to help every step of the way to success in your online courses.

Grand Canyon Online Classes

Affordable online tuition is available for all of our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Our students who are pursuing online degrees have flexible payment options – pay per course, monthly or throughout the year. Scholarship opportunities and special rates for those in military service and their spouses are also available. Online courses and college programs offer a flexible schedule and freedom from typical financial commitments of on-campus programs, which often include housing and transportation.

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The fully accredited online degree programs help ensure that your degree will meet high educational standards and will be taken seriously by prospective employers.

A flexible, streamlined option to achieve your degree in your own time that is coupled with a quality online education. Join the online college community of learners – thousands of people across the country are investing in their future and pursuing their passion.

Gain access to a wealth of online learning resources to support your academic journey, including access to student service advisors, the library, technical assistance, and web-enhanced tutorials.

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Experience the convenience of earning your bachelor’s degree online, without sacrificing the quality of education or the connection to a university community. We strive to make our online courses collaborative so you can participate in the college experience. Learn more about our undergraduate program offerings by browsing the list below.

With an online master’s degree from , you’ll have the flexibility needed to pursue graduate school as a path to achieving your professional goals. Check out the wide variety of courses for our master’s programs and take a step towards starting your advanced education.

Doctoral programs at are designed to develop you into an independent researcher with the skills needed to innovate and lead in your chosen field. Graduates of ‘s online doctoral programs will be progressive, problem-solvers, and capable of assuming leadership roles in their fields.

Your online college platform is a great option for you if you’re looking for a change and need your educational path to fit into your busy lifestyle. You don’t have to put your life on hold to pursue an education. Check out our list of frequently asked questions to learn more about our online courses and programs.

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For many, education serves as a gateway to new career opportunities and advancements. Of course, many prospective students want to take advantage of new opportunities, but are unsure whether an online college degree will be respected by employers or their peers. Some considerations to make when choosing an online degree program include:

Pursuing an online degree can help increase employability and expand career options. An online degree makes career advancement a viable option for the thousands of students earning a degree while working. Whether you’re looking to enter the workforce or find advancement within your career field, online education provides opportunities for professional growth and qualification.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations that require more education for entry are “projected to grow faster than average.” Nearly 24% of all occupations require at least a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position, and these jobs are projected to grow by 9.9% from 2020 to 2030. Occupations that require at least a master’s degree for an entry-level position are projected. will grow by 16.4% from 2020 to 2030 and occupations that require a doctorate or professional degree for an entry-level position are projected to grow by 8.9% from 2020 to 2030.

An online degree offers students control over their own schedule, empowering students to achieve balance in their academic, personal and professional lives. The online degree program format allows students to forgo the commute in favor of investing time in work, family life and personal goals.

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Online bachelor’s degrees vary in length depending on the program chosen. To view program duration, select your desired online college degree from our bachelor’s degree program page and view the degrees on that page. For more information, click Request Information at the top of this page.

Most online college courses and programs require access to a computer, Wi-Fi, and a word processor such as Microsoft Word. These are necessary to access the student portal and complete your assignments. Some programs may require different resources. Check with your student advisor about specific expectations when applying for your online degree program.

Also provides a variety of online learning resources for students, including technical support and virtual tutoring services.

COVID-19 has adversely affected the global economy and 2020 data may be atypical compared to previous years. The pandemic may also affect the projected future labor force results indicated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therefore, data shown is based on September 2021, which can be found here: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections retrieved on 03/22/2022.

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In just one year, you can find a rewarding career in the field of nursing by enrolling in one of the accredited online nursing programs at Grand Canyon University ().* Offered through the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions, our online Nursing degrees are designed to help you foster best practices and patient success.

Prepare to serve others as future leaders in the healthcare field by choosing from a variety of undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. By choosing one of our online nursing programs, you can prepare for an exciting medical career while enjoying the flexibility online learning offers to fit any schedule.

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Become a leader in the nursing profession and enhance your knowledge of patient care. The accredited online bachelor’s nursing degrees help you gain knowledge about community health, health management and professional nursing practice and also offer specialized programs to help prepare you for your desired field.

Develop expertise in a key area of ​​nursing by continuing your education and improving your skills through one of the online master’s in nursing (MSN) programs. These graduate nursing programs help you grow, serve and lead at higher levels in the field of nursing.

The MSN Speed ​​Call Option simulates an RN to MSN program in duration. Complete two graduate courses from your chosen MSN emphasis as electives to fulfill the BSN requirements.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is designed for practice-focused leaders who are interested in translating current research into innovative solutions that help achieve positive outcomes. The DNP helps you meet your personal and professional goals as you prepare for a career as a nurse or educator.

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If you have already completed your Master of Science in Nursing but want to continue your education by earning a specialized certificate with one of the online Post Master of Science in Nursing programs. Our programs focus on applicable skills to help you prepare to work with diverse populations throughout life or mentor and teach the next generation of nurses.

Teaching is committed to providing quality, affordable education. To see our tuition and course fees for online students, visit our Online and Evening Tuition page and see how you can pay for your education.

Financial Aid Financial aid is available to students through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Learn more about financial aid through the FAFSA.

Scholarships and Grants offer a wide range of scholarships and grants for our students, no matter what level of education to help keep your education affordable.

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Offers programs in online nursing for military spouses, military members and veterans. Explore our nursing programs for military spouses and service members.

The length of time it takes to earn one of our online nursing degrees will depend on your previous education and individual schedule. RN to BSN applicants who want to earn an MSN can accelerate their nursing education by choosing the BSN to MSN Fast Track. Speak with an enrollment representative by calling 855–LOPE to learn more about your opportunities.

Online nursing programs complete classwork 100 percent online, with the practicum prime hours completed in your local area. Clinics are an essential part of most nursing programs because they allow you to apply your knowledge and get hands-on.

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