Free Russian Classes Online

Free Russian Classes Online – There are many online resources such as educational websites. Fortunately, some of the best sites for learning Russian are free.

So if you want to learn Russian without spending a penny (or a kopek), look no further than these 13 free resources!

Free Russian Classes Online

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Free Russian Learning Resources That Won’t Cost You One Thin Ruble!

The Russian Duolingo app is divided into “skills”. In each “skill” section there are some points to help you prepare for the lessons in that section.

The lessons are very simple. They are structured as questions and you are asked to provide answers. The lessons are short, so you can learn in just five minutes a day. However, there is enough material that you can study for a long time if you want.

The Duolingo app is great for beginner through intermediate students. It starts with letters but goes on to cover more advanced skills such as sentence structure and idioms.

Real Russian Club is a YouTube channel with many original contributions by top Russian students.

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For beginners, there are basic vocabulary lessons, such as when to use вы and ты (regular and irregular “you”).

The channel’s “Slow Russian” series is great for intermediate learners because it features real Russian spoken slowly. In addition, the series contains culturally relevant topics, such as the classic Russian village movie.

It is important, however, to add Russian and Russian lessons (like vlogs, news reports, etc.). This will help you understand how what you are learning relates to how real Russian sounds – and have the pleasure of understanding Russian.

However, you have to find points at your learning level (which can be difficult), and adjust to be lost in new words at times. If this is not possible for you, consider a submersible platform.

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, for example, takes real Russian videos such as movie trailers, music videos and news, and adds subtitles to them. This means you can click on any word for instant release, as often as you want. You can also add these words to the flashcard decks you create for future review.

There are also multiple-choice review questions, fill in the blanks and speaking activities. You can type a word in the search bar to see its meaning in text and image, as well as in the content of the video / written form since you will see any videos where the word appears.

Multimedia content, customizable quizzes and key word lists for each video mean that the app and the iOS / Android app can be used at any time during your course.

Loecsen provides comments on important topics such as dialogue, family, race and more. For each word or phrase, you will be given a Russian word/sentence, a translation, an English meaning and a Russian word. In addition, each word / word is accompanied by an interesting illustration that shows its meaning.

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Through Live Lingua, you can find a variety of resources for learning Russian, including regional versions, such as Kyrgyz and Kazakh Russian. Weapons range from – to the middle of Russian.

Each group of products is available online or as a download. Some focus on text while others focus on speech. There is also a manual you can use.

The downside, however, is that these tools are often time-consuming and difficult to use.

It has many free resources for Russian students. If you’re just starting out, you can try his regular courses.

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But RussianLessons.Net offers more than just basic lessons. It also offers grammar tips, vocabulary lists and access to additional resources, and quizzes that are perfect for introducing advanced students.

There are over 100 courses to help students learn all the basics. Also, standardized tests help test learning.

But that’s not all! If you need to improve your language skills with some vocabulary, Learn Russian offers extensive vocabulary lists. Struggling with a grammar rule? Learn the tables of the Russian language with quick, easy analysis tools that you can use to solve any confusion.

Although not as flashy as other sites, Russian for Everyone does the job with care and efficiency.

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Russian for Everyone offers a basic course, several vocabulary books and many grammar lessons suitable from intermediate students. Additionally, quizzes and tests are tracked throughout to make it easy to see how well you’ve learned.

Also, if you want to relax at the end of the hard part of learning, Russian for Everyone offers several games that use the Russian language.

Russian for Free offers three levels of education. The first focuses on reading, the second focuses on speaking and the third focuses on the criminal justice system. Lessons include text, audio, vocabulary and discussion to help you on your way to speaking Russian.

In addition to free lessons, Russian for Free offers additional learning resources, including grammar exercises, word games, art, music and books.

Russian Language Lessons

Cafe Russian is a YouTube channel that offers short, easy-to-follow videos to help intermediate and intermediate Russian learners.

For example, you may want to watch a short video on the Russian case for review. This list of 10 difficult mistakes in Russian is also especially useful for students and will teach you important lessons, such as why you should never use Russian swear words.

Although the Russian channel with Dasha YouTube only offers a few videos, it provides a useful starting point for Russian students. In addition, the channel is growing slowly!

Many videos discuss characters in depth. This is especially useful for tricky characters, such as hard and soft consonants. The latest videos also feature vlogs, tutorials and lots of important language and culture lessons to keep your learning going.

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At the end of these videos, you will be able to introduce yourself, order food in Russian, speak confidently in several real situations and have a solid foundation for future studies. Also, you will find a lot about culture.

LearnRussianTV is an old YouTube channel that offers many videos on topics that beginner and intermediate students will find useful.

Vocabulary videos like “Learn Russian: 100 Common Names” are a great way to increase your vocabulary quickly. However, there are also many grammar courses, such as “Learn Russian Easy: Past and Future” to give you the skills you need to use your words in grammatically correct sentences.

GLOSS (Global Language Online Support System) is a large database maintained by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center managed by the United States Department of Defense. As you can imagine, Nawonsombayi has resources for learning the official language. In other words, this course is fun!

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GLOSS hosts language learning events and courses in many languages ​​including French, German, Kurmanji and, you guessed it, Russian. In fact, there are over 640 free Russian lessons that focus on listening, reading and writing for free. Plus, you can access all of these courses without even registering!

To search for Russian courses, just click “Russian” in the search box. This will open the entire Russian education directory. If you have a specific activity in mind, you can sort the lessons by skill (1-4), practice (listening or reading), skill (type of exercise) and topic. Topics include social studies, environment, science and more.

Each lesson begins with a previous learning activity. These can be short matching activities or fill in the material by introducing words that can be used in reading or listening.

After reading or listening to this excerpt, there are activities to test comprehension and test the words. This includes matching or filling in blanks and short questions that allow you to write in Russian. GLOSS also includes timely and thorough processing to provide you with clear answers.

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Its main features include grammar lessons and vocabulary lists as well as in-depth explanations of grammar. I mean, who doesn’t need a good, to-the-point explanation of Russian grammar?

Some of these features are classified as “basic” and “advanced”. I recommend “basic” resources for those who have no knowledge of Russian or beginners (A1 to A2) level of Russian, and “advanced” resources for those who are intermediate (B1) or higher. If you click on the two topics on the left side, you can follow the courses according to your level.

For items that are not graded, you can find grammar lessons that cover topics such as plural and declension, word coordination and pronunciation. There are also in-depth pronunciation lessons and vocabulary topics such as food, weather and holidays.

Master Russian also has a list of the top 1,000 Russian words with audio so you can improve your vocabulary. There is also a picture dictionary and a podcast for Russian students. In fact, the list of offers from the Russian Master seems to be growing every day!

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With all these features available, you will have no problem learning Russian. Keep doing it and good luck!

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